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Can we have an honest conversation about phones in the classroom? - A.J. JULIANI. Finland’s Education System Isn’t Perfect — But We Can Still Learn from It. Bright: In America, you and a lot of the teachers you knew were burning yourselves out with overwork.

Finland’s Education System Isn’t Perfect — But We Can Still Learn from It

But in Finland, teachers seemed to take a more relaxed approach. What are Finnish teachers doing to avoid burnout? Timothy D. 10 Education Podcasts for Educational Entrepreneurs Dreamers and Difference Makers. At the beginning of 2017, I decided to expand beyond blogging by also producing and hosting an educational innovation podcast.

10 Education Podcasts for Educational Entrepreneurs Dreamers and Difference Makers

At the time of writing this article, I just finished my twentieth episode. It has been wonderful to connect with a new group of people through this podcast, explore new ideas, refine past ones, meet new people through the interviews, and so much more. Even as I started creating my own podcast, I also rekindled my personal interest in listening to and learning from education podcasts, as well as podcasts about a half-dozen other topics. At the same time, plenty of people ask me about my favorite ones. My answer to that question changes weekly, but this post is my public response to that question. 1. It is one thing to listen and learn from another podcast, but hosting and producing your own takes the learning to entirely new level.

Thinkering Studio: Supporting Self-Directed Learning. Getting Past the Attention-Span Myth (Thoughts on Creative Focus) There’s a common cultural assumption that “kids these days” can’t focus due to screen time.

Getting Past the Attention-Span Myth (Thoughts on Creative Focus)

They simply lack the attention span needed to engage in deep work. But what if that’s not entirely true? What if this generation is capable of reaching a state of creative flow? Listen to the Podcast Just click on the audio below to listen to this Creative Classroom podcast. The Attention-Span Myth A few days ago, I shared the story of how my middle son spent hours lost the creative process of making a sketch animation video. His older brother and younger sister spent hours tricking out the play structure in our yard. What happened when one school banned homework — and asked kids to read and play instead. The way we teach our children is truly crazy. Now I can say it.

The way we teach our children is truly crazy

With my youngest child having safely fled the school system, I can finally say, without fear of jinx or reprisal, that how we educate our kids is insane. It's not the teachers, who show the normal human range from fine to feeble. Not the particular schools, which included public and private, selective and non-selective.

Bored Out of Their Minds. For two weeks in third grade, I preached the gospel of the wild boar.

Bored Out of Their Minds

My teacher, the sprightly Mrs. Discipline, Punishment and Mental Health – Friction Burns – Medium. Is school making our children sick?

Discipline, Punishment and Mental Health – Friction Burns – Medium

Late last year two 14 year old students at a London state school took their own lives within a fortnight of each other. The second child hung themselves by the neck from a tree in a park opposite the school. “It’s a good school, of course, but…” – The Synapse – Medium. 4 Non-Negotiables for Schools – George Couros – Medium. As my daughter just passed her fourth month in this world, it is amazing to see how curious she is about the world.

4 Non-Negotiables for Schools – George Couros – Medium

Her wide eyes seemingly notice everything around her, and watching her try new things, the notion that children are born curious and learners, has only been re-emphasized in watching her development. This has made me think a lot about what I want school to be for her, and for all students right now. This post on “Characteristics of a Great School“, inspired me to try my own hand to solidify my thoughts on the topic. Although many people that I know that become parents, change their views on schools, I think mine have been reaffirmed in what I believe is important. Although I have some ideas below, I would love to hear your thoughts as well. 1. What does the post-truth world hold for teachers and educational researchers?

21st century challenges – Learning {Re}imagined – Medium. Taken out of context, 21st century skills are just meh!

21st century challenges – Learning {Re}imagined – Medium

Let’s face it “21st century skills” are a bit meh! Especially when they have no context. If you work in or around education, attend any education related conference, or have just been following the debates in education for the past 20 years or so you’ll be familiar with the phrase “21st century skills”. Transformation Center. Education is a Team Sport – Medium. Every time I have a speaking engagement or consult, I hope the people that I serve have very high expectations of what I do.

Education is a Team Sport – Medium

Not only do I want them to have high expectations of my work, I want to exceed their expectations. Having extremely high expectations of yourself, can be numbing and discouraging, as you tend to look at little details with a higher significance. One of my favourite quotes that I have heard recently was from former NBA basketball player Jalen Rose; Happiness is a function of expectations. Simply put, the higher our expectations are for ourselves, the harder it is to be happy with a job simply well done. Investing in the Learning Generation – Bright – Medium.

The International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity has done something remarkable: they’ve got people talking about the future of the human race.

Investing in the Learning Generation – Bright – Medium

In this striking report, The Learning Generation, the Education Commission dissects the state of education investing today. We’re investing much too little much too late, and so unevenly that we’re on track to leave billions of children on the wrong side of an species-threatening wealth and opportunity gap. TL;DR: We’re doing education wrong. Stability of human race and health of planet Earth at risk. Moving past the days of the old school yard. My school days left me with a belief that there were ‘smart’ students and the rest of us.

The One Word That Prevents Real Educational Reform From Happening — Modern Learning. Given the common sense arguments for learning that run counter to the current day structures and practices of schools, it would seem that a real rethinking of our education system would have happened long before now. It’s hard to argue that forcing kids to learn the same thing on the same day in the same place at the same pace with other kids their same age from their same neighborhood with the same teacher to be assessed in the same way is built on any sound theory of learning and not instead focused on being as efficient as possible in “delivering” an education to our kids. Kids don’t learn that way before they become school age, and no one learns like that in real life. Imagine, if you can, if we set the same conditions for our adult learning.

9 Elephants in the (Class)Room That Should “Unsettle” Us — Modern Learning. “When I really try to square what I believe about how kids learn and what we practice in our classrooms, it unsettles me.” What A Flat Classroom Really Looks Like. What A Flat Classroom Really Looks Like. What If Schools Had No Rules? It Could Change The Future. — Life Tips. The Alternative. The 13 most innovative schools in the world.

Why we need to pay teachers more. 7 Life Literacy Skills Students Should Have Before Leaving School. There’s More To Education Than Scoring The Highest Marks — The Synapse. The World is Flat: Teachers as Innovators. Jason Ohler - Reinventing Education. My Desk-Free, Student-First Classroom — Bright. My Desk-Free, Student-First Classroom After sixteen years of teaching, I decided to get rid of one of the most basic features of a traditional classroom: desks.

16 Modern Realities Schools (and Parents) Need to Accept. Now. — Modern Learning. 16 Modern Realities Schools (and Parents) Need to Accept. Rethinking Education from First Principles. Rethinking Education from First Principles Elon Musk, Alan Kay, Neil Postman, James Cameron, Seymour Papert and the future of American education. 9 Elephants in the (Class)Room That Should “Unsettle” Us - Will Richardson. If not Gonski funding, then what? School Is Not a Metaphor for Life.