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Includes Docs, Slides, Sheets and forms

G Suite: It is NOT Attached - Teacher Tech. I am trying to break myself of the habit of saying “attached.”

G Suite: It is NOT Attached - Teacher Tech

I am also trying to break myself of the habit of saying “taped” since digital video does not have tape. Saying attached is old school mentality when we used Office and would attach documents… which creates a COPY. This is not how G Suite works. The Attachment Email Dance Ahhhh the bad old days when you would attach something, now there are 2 copies.

G Suite Links G Suite does it differently. Say it with me, the G Suite files are LINKED. Google Classroom NOTHING is attached in Google Classroom. Since files in Google Classroom at LINKED to the document in Google Drive you can edit them at any point. Make a Copy For Each Student Be warned, if you choose “Make a copy for each student” then each student gets a COPY. Outdated Phrases Mike Szczepanik (@MikeSzczepanik) started a trend, let’s make a list of words or phrases we use that are now outdated! Link to the spreadsheet. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2017. Exploring ‘Explore’: How Google works for you and your students. The Explore tool can reduce the time you and your students lose doing mundane tasks.

Exploring ‘Explore’: How Google works for you and your students

That means more time for learning! I can only imagine the hours of time spent tinkering on Google Apps. Slide design. Looking up citation information. Fumbling with creating charts from data. A Step by Step Guide on How to Create Interactive Presentations Using The New Google Slides Features. May 6, 2016 After posting about the new Slides’ Q&A feature, we received a couple of questions regarding its usage.

A Step by Step Guide on How to Create Interactive Presentations Using The New Google Slides Features

So we created this visual guide to walk you through the process of integrating questions in your presentation. But let us firs start with a refresher about what Slides Q&A is all about.This is a new functionality that allows members of your audience to engage with your presentation by asking realtime questions while you are presenting. They can also vote on the questions they want answered the most. To activate this interactive feature in your presentation you need to generate and share a link with your audience so they can access the page where they can write down their questions.

Once a member asks a question, it will show up in the ‘Audience Tools’ section accessible through Presentation view. Google Drive: Embed a PDF - Teacher Tech. 10 Google Drive Activities Teachers Can Do Using Chrome Apps. March 5, 2017 Upon the request of some of our readers here in EdTech and mLearning. we went ahead and created the infographic below which you can download and share in PDF format from this link.

10 Google Drive Activities Teachers Can Do Using Chrome Apps

The visual is based on our post '10 Practical Digital Activities Teachers Can Do on Google Drive Using Chrome Apps'. Each activity is realized through a selected number of Chrome apps. We only featured apps that are integrated with Google Drive. These activities are: Create Visual outlines (mind/concept maps) of complex concepts, ideas and tasksMerge, convert, edit and share PDF documentsCreate and share online presentationsCreate, track and work on collaborative projects in real timeCreate and edit online forms, surveys, spreadsheets, diagrams, flowcharts, and Excel filesCreate stunning visual contentRecord, edit and share audio clips Make and share podcasts and mixesCreate and share videos and animationsEdit, crop, resize and fine-tune images. Google Slides: Can We Now Call It A Video Editor? Are you looking to find the perfect video editor to use with your students?

Google Slides: Can We Now Call It A Video Editor?

As shared last week on TeacherCast, Google recently added a pretty awesome feature in Google Slides that now allows users to create slide decks using videos stored in their Google Drives. As if that feature isn't a total game changer, users can now have additional options when working with video. By right clicking (or double tapping) on the video box, you can open up a new Video Options panel that allows you to edit and trim the video to a desired size. This week, I was working with a teacher on creating visuals for a school assembly.

G Suite Update Alerts: Support for rotated text, accounting number formats, and more in Google Sheets. We’re working hard to ensure that Google Sheets meets your business needs.

G Suite Update Alerts: Support for rotated text, accounting number formats, and more in Google Sheets

As part of that effort, today we’re introducing several enterprise-friendly features that you’ve been asking for in Sheets on the web, Android, and iOS:Rotated text You can now rotate the text in a cell in Sheets (Format > Text rotation). This is especially useful when you need to fit long header names into thin columns, or when you simply want to fit more text on a single screen. Accounting number formats We’re making it easier to read your budgets, expense reports, and other spreadsheets containing monetary amounts by aligning the currency symbols within them (Format > Number > Accounting). We’re also making improvements to the way numbers, decimal points, and repeated characters line up to make them simpler to scan and analyze.

10 Neat Ways to Create Beautiful Google Documents. Do you remember when Google Docs was known as Writely?

10 Neat Ways to Create Beautiful Google Documents

Yeah, that was a really long time ago, but since then, the Google Docs platform has gone from strength to strength. Google is constantly adding new features to its word processing suite, which consists of Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, and Apps Script. Each added feature rounds up its creative capabilities. So, you would be seriously mistaken if you thought that Google Documents was bare-bones, and not for professionals. One Googler’s Insider Guide To Using Google Docs At Work. When Google Docs launched back in 2007, it was a scrappy, lightweight document editor.

One Googler’s Insider Guide To Using Google Docs At Work

Today, it’s a full-blown workplace powerhouse, with all the features you need to create, collaborate, and share your ideas quickly. As a product manager at Google, I've not only helped the team build and develop these tools, but I’ve used them every single day, often to write product requirements docs for our next feature. 10 features of Google Docs you should be using.

Google Docs is packed with powerful tools.

10 features of Google Docs you should be using

Here are 10 that will help you get more out of Google's free word-processing app. 1. Talk instead of type For times when you'd rather use your voice than your fingertips to type, give Google Docs' voice typing tool a try. From the top of an open document, go to Tools > Voice typing. How to Insert Super Cool GIFs in Google Docs and Slides. Pinterest Add Animated GIFs to your Google Presentations and Google Docs!

How to Insert Super Cool GIFs in Google Docs and Slides

In case you haven’t noticed, animated GIFs, those moving pictures that are almost like videos, are ruling the world. How to Make Your Google Presentations Shine. Pinterest I create almost all of my presentations in Google Slides. Google Slides gives me the flexibility I need to be creative, add my own branding, and to share and access from anywhere on any device. Google Sheets: Student Practice Template - Teacher Tech. Google Drive Blog: Grow your ideas with Evernote and Drive. Being able to capture your ideas is a pretty big deal — after all, you never know which one might become the one. But for an idea to really take shape, it often needs context like research, drawings, documents, and photos. An Introduction to Google Docs and Hyperdocs. Flickr photo shared by mrkrndvs under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license Google Docs is the application that Google Apps seems most well known for.

More than just a basic word processor, Docs provides a space to connect and collaborate in real-time (something Microsoft is finally doing with Office 365.) It includes such features as the ability to import and export a range of formats, extend communication through comments and chat, work across platforms, including the ability to work offline, add text via voice, edit Microsoft Word (originally via Quickoffice), as well as build documents and add to a range of templates found within a gallery. 4 New Google Drive Updates Teachers Should Know About. April 3, 2016 Over the last few weeks, Google has been rolling out some cool new features and functionalities to Google Drive. For those of you who haven’t seen them yet, below is a quick overview of the major new releases. Our favourite feature in this collection is number four which allows Drive file owners to set expiration dates for access to files they share with others.

After the expiration is over ,file receivers are denied access. 1- Link sharing on Google Drive. Winter Magnetic Poetry with Google Slides - FREE Template. Pinterest Winter is here! Well, at least for some of you. Things are still pretty warm here in Texas. The wonderful Shannon Miller and Lynn Kleinmeyer asked me to collaborate on the Winter Around the World Project and create a special winter edition of magnetic poetry. It was an honor to collaborate with these dedicated librarians and educational leaders!

The Only Google Drive Guide You'll Ever Need to Read. Google Drive is a fantastic resource for those who need free (or cheap) online storage space. It synchronizes beautifully with Google’s own suite of products, as well as several third-party services such as desktop email client Mailbird, productivity and organization software Evernote, and online communication tool Slack. Here we take a complete look at how to use of the service, as well as offering some hints and tips along the way. Because it's gotta be super easy to share files. When you store your important files somewhere, you want to have peace of mind that they'll be safe and easy-to-access later.

That's why everything in Drive is always encrypted. These Two Buttons in Google Drive Will Help Keep You Organized. Click here to watch this video on YouTube We’ve all been down a rabbit hole when searching for files in our Drive. 5 Great Things You Can Do With Google Sheets. Spreadsheets can be intimidating to a lot of teachers and students. I have to admit that at one time working with spreadsheets was a daunting task for me too. Google Sheets: 3 Add-Ons to Try. Instructional Fluency: 10 Activities with Google Slides.

New technologies are changing the way students learn. These days, those old PowerPoints that we've spent so much time on aren't cutting it. Not to worry. Put your slides to work in new ways. Chromebook Creation: Slides, Thinglink & Snagit - From Greg Kulowiec. This post first appeared on Free Technology for Teachers. With Chromebooks being adopted as the 1:1 tool of choice in schools throughout the country, it is helpful to note that there a number of options that allow for student creation that go beyond the suite of Google tools. One example of this creative potential takes advantage of a staple in the Google Apps library, Slides, and works in combination with Thinglink as well as the Chromebook screencasting option from TechSmith, Snagit. In the image below, the process is outlined where a student could create an image or poster in Google Slides, export the image as a PNG or JPEG file, and then upload that file to Thinglink.

Once in Thinglink, the hotspot tags can be added to include text, links, or even YouTube videos. Below is a final screencast that demonstrates the entire creation process and what a final Thinglink screencast created with Snagit could look like. Learn more about Chromebook Creation this Summer! Related. 5 Ways to use Google Presentations (Slides) NOT as Presentations. Spreadsheets function list - Docs editors Help. Excel vs. Google Sheets: Which One Is Better for You?

The desktop version of Excel has long been the king of the hill when it comes to spreadsheet apps, but Google is making a challenge for the title with Sheets, the spreadsheet tool included in Google Apps. 8 Powerful Extensions to Use on Google Spreadsheet. March 12, 2014 As I mentioned in an earlier post today , Google recently announced the introduction of add-ons to Google Docs and Spreadsheets. 5 Creative Ways Schools Can Use Google Forms (That Aren’t Surveys) How to Create a Rubric in Google Sheets - Video Demonstration. Google Forms: Creating a Rubric. Teaching Writing with Google Docs. 10 Google Docs Tips that Take Seconds & Save You Time. Convert Your PDF’s to Google Docs. Get Draftback to Play Back Google Docs. Keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs - Docs editors Help.

5 Essential Apps for Google Drive. 38 Ideas to Use Google Drive in Class. How To Use Google Voice Commands In Google Drive. Enable Offline Access to Google Drive Documents on Windows PC. Edit Office files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides - Docs editors Help.

How to share - Drive Help. 15 Ways to Maximize Google Drive Productivity. 72 Google Drive Shortcuts You Should Know.