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UK advertising spend passes £20bn as growth hits five-year high. UK advertising expenditure grew at its highest rate since 2010 last year, increasing by 7.5% to £20.1bn, according to the UK’s definitive advertising statistics, the Advertising Association/Warc Expenditure Report.

UK advertising spend passes £20bn as growth hits five-year high

Internet adspend increased 17.3% to £8.6bn, with mobile accounting for 78% of that growth, growing 61.1% to a total of £2.6bn. The UK is comfortably the largest internet advertising market in Europe and ranks third globally, behind the US and China. YSL Opium advert is eighth most complained about. American Apparel Returns to Bankruptcy With Deal to Sell Brand. Does pornography have a place in the PR campaigns of the future? Whether you’re a daily watcher or you rarely indulge, in 2016 porn is becoming more socially acceptable with less taboo and stigma attached to it.

Does pornography have a place in the PR campaigns of the future?

Technology is a major factor, with the increasing internet speeds allowing people to share images and video almost instantaneously. Societally, we’re becoming more open-minded, too. David Cameron legalising gay marriage was a landmark moment, a clear sign of a conscious shift in people’s openness to debate and integrate different sexual preferences. One in three women in the UK watches porn once a week and over a quarter of UK males watch porn daily. Alongside this, the largest pornography site, Pornhub, documented that in 2015 the UK was the second highest in visits (168) per capita in the world to the site, and globally there was 75GB per second of streamed pornographic material.

Separately, it was found that porn sites get more visitors each month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined. Refuelling Diesel: Igniting premium change. Hood By Air: SS17 NYFW. Hood By Air isn’t a brand understood by many.

Hood By Air: SS17 NYFW

Hell, I’m even perplexed by their conceptual design narratives sometimes, and I graduated with a BFA in experimental film studies. But what is uniformly known about HBA is that it’s not simply a brand; in NYC, the brand’s namesake has become associated with a certain lifestyle and carries perhaps one of the most loyal (and brazen) cult followings over any contemporary fashion house around. When Shayne Oliver first launched the label back in the early 2010s, it became an instant favorite among fashion fans and industry professionals all over the globe. Madonna Badger who lost her daughters in Christmas day fire 'doing better' The woman who lot her three daughters and parents in a devastating Christmas day fire is talking about how she is dealing with the grief four years later and a powerful new campaign she has launched in the memory of her three little girls.

Madonna Badger who lost her daughters in Christmas day fire 'doing better'

Madonna Badger appeared on Today Tuesday morning and said she is 'doing better' after the 2011 blaze that took away her entire family, and how she found love again and a new husband when she married her longtime friend in July 2014, Bill Duke. Forbes Welcome. Sex in Advertising – Does Sex Really Sell and Why? You'll hear the phrase often when you enter the advertising industry: But is that true?

Sex in Advertising – Does Sex Really Sell and Why?

Do people really buy a product just because it has sexually stimulating imagery attached to it? Sex in Advertising – Does Sex Really Sell and Why? Sex Sells but Fashion Advertising is Changing. Just as there are trends on the runway (think: Gingham prints, kimono silhouettes, military uniform-inspired garments, navy blue, and summer suede, etc. for Spring/Summer 2015), there are trends elsewhere; such as in fashion advertising.

Sex Sells but Fashion Advertising is Changing

One trend that we are seeing as of late is the so-called "desexualization" of fashion ads, and the inspiration behind this turn towards the less overly sexual is maybe the most interesting aspect, as its source is not singular in nature. In fact, it seems to vary a bit per brand; thereby, allowing us to take a real look into this recently revived mode of selling fashion. Diesel SS16 Campaign. FCUK and Diesel show the risks of being risqué - Marketing Week. Last month French Connection announced it is reviving its nineties logo ‘FCUK’ in its latest campaign.

FCUK and Diesel show the risks of being risqué - Marketing Week

Seen as controversial at the time for all but spelling out an explicit word, the brand now hopes the slogan will reflect “back to the successes of the 90s”. And sales success is something the brand is in desperate need of. Jack Wills advert banned by ASA over inappropriate 'sexualised' images. A “sexualised” advertisement for British clothing brand Jack Wills has been banned by the UK advertising watchdog after being deemed inappropriate for young people.

Jack Wills advert banned by ASA over inappropriate 'sexualised' images

The advert, part of the retailer’s spring catalogue sent out in February, featured images of young people drinking and partying in their underwear. The text underneath stated “Pure and comfortable cottons, or flirty delicate laces, whatever your choice, you can be sure it’s what’s underneath that counts”. Another page, promoting “lounge wear”, featured images of a shirtless male model on a bed with a woman while reading, and a woman wearing a bra with a strap falling off her shoulder. HBA’s Shayne Oliver on the pornography of fashion. Hood By Air makes fashion: XXX, deep-throated, hardcore, penetrative fashion.

HBA’s Shayne Oliver on the pornography of fashion

It’s a genre-specific, boundary-pushing fetish that gets people off. It’s possibly the one show of New York Fashion Week that editors flock to for satisfaction, shock value, and trauma. Being an industry of insecure, needy bottoms, we require that sort of attention. Diesel to advertise on Pornhub, blurs line between fashion and porn. Diesel announced this week that it will place ads for its new campaign on popular porn site Pornhub, as well as YouPorn, Tinder and Grindr.

Diesel to advertise on Pornhub, blurs line between fashion and porn

The Italian retailer joins fashion brands like J.W. Anderson which — with a marketing scheme fit for Zoolander — have already begun to place ads in the riskier corners of the internet. Undressing the Ad – the use of sexualised images in the advertising industry. Share with your network Advertisers have been using sexualised images to sell products since the 1900s and there is no sign of this trend letting up. However, Transport for London’s (TFL) ban on adverts promoting negative body image (think last year’s infamous ‘Are you Beach Body Ready?’ Campaign) and a surge in public backlash are changing the risk profile of this strategy. The ‘Are you Beach Body Ready?’ Media and Clothing Market Influence on Adolescent Girls: Warnings for Parents. Once, slut was one of the most derogatory and insulting epithets that could be hurled at any woman...In today's world, however, both the term itself and the sexual promiscuity it signifies are embraced.

As a headline in urged, 'Be a slut! Be a slut! Be a slut! ' ...Not surprisingly, even young girls have come to embrace the concept to the point that the epithet has become a widely accepted, affectionate term of familiarity among girlfriends (Libeau, 2007, p. 12). 30% of Girls' Clothing Is Sexualized in Major Sales Trend. Almost a third of girls' clothing for sale at 15 major retailers has sexualizing characteristics, a new study finds, a trend that psychologists say can encourage girls to view themselves as sex objects at an early age.

The majority of sexualized clothes also had childlike characteristics, such as polka dots, the research found. Nonetheless, adults in the study rated these childish but sexualizing clothes as just as sexy as clothes with only sexualizing features. "Even though parents might see them as more acceptable [than purely sexy clothes], I'm not sure they're perceived that differently," study researcher Sarah Murnen, a social psychologist at Kenyon College in Ohio, said of the clothes that mixed sexuality and girlishness.

Hyper Sexualisation in the Fashion Industry - The Designers Studio. Look at this picture. It’s basically the same product but they chose to market it differently. And for what reason? Sex sells. We’ve been told that time and time again [thanks Sigmund Freud]. The decline of teen retailers and overtly sexualised branding - Appnova's Digital Marketing Blog< The fall of good old teen retailers Like Abercrombie & Fitch and Aéropostale, American Eagle used to belong to the exclusive club of aspirational teen retailers. But gone are the days of shopping mall-induced teenage consumerism. The Hypersexualization of Young Girls in Advertisements Affects Body Image - Trusted Clothes. THE YEAR: Sex Sells but Fashion Advertising is Changing.

​the line between female objectification and liberation on instagram. You Won’t F’n Believe How Many People Watched Internet Porn In 2015…Seriously, These Numbers Are INSANE. Stop judging women on how they look – it is damaging our children. The largest annual survey into the views of the UK’s girls and young women has revealed that 36% of seven- to 10-year-old girls say people make them feel like the most important thing about them is the way they look.

The Girlguiding Girls’ Attitudes Survey, which saw over 1,500 young people surveyed, also revealed that almost 40% of the same group feel they are not pretty enough, and 25% feel they need to be “perfect”. FASHION OR PORN?: THE HYPER-SEXUALIZATION OF WESTERN CULTURE AND THE COMMODIFICATION OF SEX. Millennials Infographic. Pornhub Released Insights On Millennial Porn Habits And Millennials Have Some Weird-Ass Porn Habits. Last weekend adult video juggernaut Pornhub released a batch of data showing the porn viewing habits of millennials (everyone aged 18-34). Next stop porn? David McIntosh faces Instagram ban with NSFW upload. Why Dating Apps and Porn Sites Will Be a Fashion Mainstay  – Entrepreneurs urged to bid for advertising space on porn websites Pornhub and RedTube. Revealing that the two sites, which are owned by Canadian investment company Manwin, offer “unprecedented global reach and visibility”, Pornhub vice president Corey Price said that its users base have an “electric” mix of demographics.

Fashion or Porn? - AMERICAN APPAREL TRIBUTE EDITION. Your Ad Here: why Grindr, Pornhub and YouPorn are fashion’s new billboards. The relationship between fashion and sex is by now almost an essentialism, but how did a gay hook-up app come to play host to an award-winning designer’s fashion show? Is The Fashion Industry Using Porn? Why a Mainstream Fashion Advertiser Like Diesel Decided to Go Big on Pornhub. This Brand Puts Porn on Hoodies. X-rated: why the fashion industry is watching porn. HBA’s Shayne Oliver on the pornography of fashion. Sex sells: how porn and digital dating transformed an advertising cliché. These Major Companies Are Now Using Porn Sites To Advertise Their Product - Fight the New Drug. Sex Sells? Not According To Madonna Badger 06/21/2016. 6WomenNotObjects. Badger and Winters founder condemns sexist ads with #WomenNotObjects campaign.

American Apparel gets another ad banned by advertising watchdog for sexualising children. American Apparel Embroiled in Legal Battle Over Anti-Objectification of Women Campaign. "The Prevalence of Sexual Imagery in Ads Targeted to Young Adults" by Reichert, Tom - The Journal of Consumer Affairs, Vol. 37, Issue 2, Winter 2003. Badger and Winters founder condemns sexist ads with #WomenNotObjects campaign. We Are #WomenNotObjects. This Is What Those Racy American Apparel Ads Look Like Now - Maxim. Defining Sexually Oriented Appeals in Advertising: a Grounded Theory Investigation by Tom Reichert and Artemio Ramirez. THE EFFECT OF SEX APPEAL IN ADVERTISEMENTS ON ADOLESCENTS-AN ETHICAL QUESTION.

Sex in Public: Women, Outdoor Advertising and Public Policy - Lauren Rosewarne. Ethics in Advertising: Sex Sells, but Should It?" by Blair, Jessica Dawn, Stephenson, Jason Duane, Hill, Kathy L., Green, John S. - Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues, Vol. 9, Issue 1-2, January-July 2006. List of books and articles about Sex in Advertising. 10 Artists Whose Sexually Explicit Works Shocked the World. Oliver Rath Erotic Art – Scandalous, Bizarre and Shocking. Photographing hypersexuality in the home. Illustrating the surreal world of hypersexuality. Kim Kardashian West Bares All In Yet Another Nipple-Revealing See Through Outfit Yesterday. How A Porn Company And A Fashion Brand Shocked New York Fashion Week. Calvin Klein’s hypersexual new ad campaign is creeping people out, just like in the old days — Quartz.

LSN : Micro Trends : The XXX Factor. Fashion v censorship: a history of banned ads. Tom Ford's 20 Sexiest Ad Campaigns of All Time. The race to get raunchy as brands explore Pornhub and Grindr. Seven of the most controversial fashion ads... ever. ‘Sexually suggestive’ Jack Wills catalogue ad banned. The 5 Most Controversial Fashion Ads Ever - Page 4 of 5 - theFashionSpot.

Fashion v censorship: a history of banned ads. Controversial fashion ads. Public morality in fashion advertising: what are the risks? Drapers Denim Report: The ads that rocked the industry. Diesel leads fashion's race to get raunchy. Forever 21 removes ‘rape’ T-shirt from website. Is It OK to Sell Crop Tops to Kids? 10 NSFW Fashion Ads. SHE’S A LADY: A LOOK AT H&M’S NEWEST AD – Albany Student Press. How 'Empowerment' Lost Its Meaning. Forbes Welcome. Forbes Welcome. Forbes Welcome. Forbes Welcome.