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My Administrative Procedures

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USAM 9-112.000 Administrative and Judicial Forfeiture. Merchants Bonding Company | Notary. The Notary Certificate of Default Method. The Notary Protest Method (NPM) is an administrative technique based on the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) that involves the presentment of strictly commercial negotiable instruments to financial institutions such as banks, creditors, mortgage companies, etc. Commercial negotiable instruments include things such as promissory notes, bills of exchange, bonds, and checks. The NPM method provides an administrative, nonjudicial method that uses a notary public to create certified, court-admissible evidence that the financial institution has dishonored a financial instrument that you want them to accept. Statutes exist on the law books in many states documenting and regulating how and under what circumstances this method may be used in several states.

If you go on the internet and search for the phrase "notarial protest", you will find that this is a procedure used all over the world. · Nihil dicit judgment · Default judgment Table 8-2: Responses to a claim under the UCC Also, Ms. 1. 2. 3. 4. Reduce a claim to judgment > 1. uzyskać sądowy nakaz zapłaty 2. dochodzić roszczenia na drodze sądowej. #TL16I: Refusal for Cause without Dishonor -- U.C.C. 3-501. Edited by Frederick Mann© Copyright 1998 Build Freedom Holdings, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Disclaimer: This report is intended purely as a communication of information in accordance with the right of free speech. It does not constitute legal or tax advice. Anyone seeking such advice should consult a competent professional. Readers are specifically advised to pay all legal taxes they are subject to, and to obey all laws to the letter.

Introduction A powerful weapon that can be used for both individuals and businesses to stop terrocrats, including IRS taxtortionists is the "Refusal for Cause without Dishonor - U.C.C. 3-501. " For the technical details, a wealth of examples, and legal citations, I recommend that you acquire Christopher Alan Anderson's The Sovereigncy Package (spelled with a "c") -- This report (TL16I) consists of: 1. 1. (a) An envelope (sent by registered mail, return receipt requested); (b) A letter to Joe Blow, page 1 -- see 4. below; Return for cause | Freedom Documents. Contact Us | The State Office of Risk Management.

Arcviewer/5/LEGAL/2011/09/13/H1315926970146/viewer/file151.pdf. Administrative Procedure Act (P.L. 79-404) :: Georgetown Law Library. NOTICE OF APPEARANCE - SPECIAL DELIVERY. NOTICE OF APPEARANCE 01 22 2014 SPECIAL DELIVERY 0001.