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מתכונים ביתיים למוצרי טיפוח והיגיינה

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6 Ways to Naturally Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs. I share my life with many four-legged friends, owning 2 dogs and fostering at least 2 others at any given time.

6 Ways to Naturally Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

My canine companions make up a huge part of my life so, naturally, I want to care for them…naturally. Like human medications popular dog medications, such as flea and tick preventatives, are full of strange chemicals that could have potentially harmful side effects. If you have little ones running around the house, you don’t want them getting into the medication or touching the dog after it’s applied. Since I foster and have rescues coming in from all kinds of places, I have to be up on the flea care year round. Instead of constantly applying synthetic repellents, there are natural substitutes I can turn to that can help keep the little beasties at bay. Why the ingredients: The essential oils/ingredients used here are all natural insecticide/pesticides, shown to either kill or deter the pests due to their various compounds/naturally occurring chemicals. 1.

You will need… How To Clean Your Home Using Essential Oils. Laurentine ten Bosch, Filmmaker (Food Matters and Hungry For Change) Discover how to make your own safe natural cleaning products with essential oils, and the best essential oils to use around the home.

How To Clean Your Home Using Essential Oils

Did you know that the average American home is filled with thousands of artificial chemicals? Only a small percentage of these chemicals have been thoroughly tested for safety! It’s crazy considering how often we’re exposed to these chemicals, and how little we know about their effects on our health and the environment. Of those that have been studied, at least 150 common household chemicals have been associated with cancer, psychological disturbances, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders and various health issues. Cleaning agents contribute a substantial amount to the toxic chemical load in our home. With so many viable natural cleaning solutions now available, how could the potential (and known) risks of these toxins ever be worth a bleached-clean home?

CLEANING PURPOSE: Mold & Mildew. מדריך להכנת תחליף לאקונומיקה. בריאות ומשפחה כדאי לדעת הומור ופנאי אומנות ובמה רוחניות והעצמה נושאים נוספים בריאות ולייף סטייל כדאי לדעת הומור ופנאי רץ ברשת טיולים וטבע רוחניות והעצמה אומנות ובמה טכנולוגיה אקטואליה וספורט צפית לאחרונה.

מדריך להכנת תחליף לאקונומיקה

Organic Authority - Live an Organic and Healthy Lifestyle! Homemade Natural Deodorant. Using natural products, instead of commercial industrial ones can be a clever and safer way to handle things.

Homemade Natural Deodorant

You can opt for the natural alternative in a lot of domains and with a lot of things. Today, we offer you the steps required for making a DIY natural deodorant. Be warned, this is not an antiperspirant deodorant, but it’s much better in our opinion. Because it will prevent you for smelling as badly, not sweating as much – which is a natural process. Take much care about allergies, to baking soda or any other essential oils, because these are the main ingredients of the DIY deodorant. . • 8 tablespoons of coconut oil; • a bowl; • 1/4 cup of baking soda; • a spoon; • 1/4 cup of arrowroot powder; • a small container with lid; • (optional) any kind of essential oil, i.e. tea tree oil; • (optional) blender; photo source: Organic Beauty Talk and Whole Simple Life Begin with mixing the arrowroot and soda together in the bowl, in same proportions. How the Juice of the Tomato, Cucumber and Strawberry May Be Utilized as Beauty Lotions. Say Goodbye To Underarm Odor Forever With These 9 Effective Home Remedies!

Stop Shaving Shaving it off usually creates problems, because body hair is there for reason.

Say Goodbye To Underarm Odor Forever With These 9 Effective Home Remedies!

Skin is getting irritated when you use lotions and shaving creams. Depilatory cream or razor allows bacteria to grow and thus irritate the skin. The moisture that cause underarm odor or bacteria is absorbed by your hair. Apple Cider Vinegar You can simply a put a splash of lemon juice, a little water and ACV in spray bottle. Natural Soap You can eliminate underarm odor by cleaning the whole body (armpits) with natural soap. Baking Soda. 4 Great Homemade Coconut Oil Products & How to Make Them. Coconut oil is amazing because of its high (healthy) saturated fat content, and its ability to last about two years without ever going rancid.

4 Great Homemade Coconut Oil Products & How to Make Them

It’s also known to carry a variety of other benefits as well, such as boosting your metabolism for weight loss and building up a strong immune system. Did you know that countries with high coconut consumption also tend to have reduced risk for cardiovascular illnesses? DIY: Non-Toxic Full Spectrum Coconut Oil SunscreenHealthy Holistic Living. Your sunscreen may be doing more harm than good.

DIY: Non-Toxic Full Spectrum Coconut Oil SunscreenHealthy Holistic Living

Some popular brands of sunscreen contain chemicals that may be toxic to you and your family. Vanderbilt University says that some of these chemicals may produce a carcinogenic reaction when exposed to sunlight. Vanderbilt goes on to note that proof of such a reaction is still under investigation. Benzophenone, benzophenone-3, avobenzone and oxybenzone, chemicals contained in many sunscreens, are just a few of the chemicals that researchers suspect of releasing free radicals into the skin when exposed to ultraviolet light. According to common sunscreen ingredients are suspected or known carcinogens and/or hormone disrupters, including diethanolamine, triethanolamine (DEA, TEA), padimate-o, octyl dimethyl PABA, benzophenone, oxybenzone, homosalate, octyl-methoxycinnamate (octinoxate), salicylates, and parabens.