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Paul Rousso Studio - Welcome - a piece for pop.jpg. Street -  Locatelli Steve. GALLERY – - KIDULT - Mademoiselle Maurice. ZAVEN NAJJAR - PHARAPOPS. Khaled Hafez. Untitled - bunny M. Dead queen catherine. san francisco, ca; new york, ny; denver, co new york, ny (december 2012 & march 2013)

Untitled - bunny M

PEINTURES. Spray Can Art. Reso graffeur français emblématique du "Wild style" est originaire de Toulouse.

Spray Can Art

Présent dans nos villes depuis plus de 20 ans, ses pièces souvent imposantes, alternent entre lettrages, personnages et scènes réalistes. Artiste reconnu et respecté, son travail est régulièrement mis en avant par la presse spécialisée. Toujours actif, autant par la quantité que par la qualité de ses pièces, Reso est un nom incontournable de la scène graffiti. Au delà de ses visuels, par son engagement et son authenticité, il est aujourd'hui une figure phare des rencontres urbaines.

E.L.K. Unurth. Artist FILFURY. Blog - Borondo. 'SHOW' is the mural realized during ArtRepublic in Jacksonville, Florida (USA) during November 2016.

Blog - Borondo

The artwork is realized with acrylic on wall. Photo coverage is by Iryna Kanishcheva "All that once was directly lived has become mere representation. " The Society of the Spectacle, Guy Debord 1973 "Sacrum Fieri" is the artwork realized for DesOrdes during September 2016 inside the high school 'IES Maruxa Mallo' at Ordes (SP). The mural is realized with acrylic on wall. ‘PSYCHE’ is the mural realized at ASALTO in Zaragoza (SP) during September 2016. 'WILKOMMEN' is the artwork realized for Project M/9 “Colors”, curated by Justkids and StreetArtNews for URBAN NATION, during June 2016 in Berlin (D).

"PORTALS" is the artwork realized at Mural Social Club in Kiev (UA) during May 2016 and is inspired by the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. Dispatchwork - Jan Vormann. Truly Design. Home / ezk streetart. Welcome - JonOne. 10 Street Artists You Should Roam The World For. Sometimes, the way that street art is reported would make you believe that it was only Banksy creating fascinating, funny and thought-provoking street art.

10 Street Artists You Should Roam The World For

However, as this list shows, artists from Asia to America are using graffiti for their own ends. Whether they are making political statements or simply brightening up towns, discover 10 street artists from around the world whose work you must see. See No Evil. Siggi Eggertsson, l'illustrateur 32 bit - Beware Magazine. Siggi Eggertsson vient de mettre à jour son portfolio, l’occasion pour nous faire parler de cet artiste que nous apprécions particulièrement.

Siggi Eggertsson, l'illustrateur 32 bit - Beware Magazine

Rappelez-vous nous vous en avions parlé ici. Il nous semblait naturel après tant de temps de faire une piqure de rappel sur son style si particulier. Siggi aurait pu être créateur de jeux vidéos, certes, mais il a choisi d’être illustrateur. An Interview with Moroccan artist Rocko. Fusing ancient Arabic scripts with modern Western strokes, Moroccan native Rocko has fashioned a distinct aesthetic that has been increasingly making its way onto NYC walls.

An Interview with Moroccan artist Rocko

We were delighted to have the chance to meet up with him this past weekend. When did you first get up? Liam Brazier Illustration & Animation. Instagram photos and videos. Pichi&Avo: Graffiti Art x Greek Mythology. Share on: 0 total shares Classical art lives on, even in graffiti.

Pichi&Avo: Graffiti Art x Greek Mythology

That might be a bit of a surprise, but characters from Greek Mythology are softly shaded with spray paints and traditional tagging added here and there to compose various murals. It’s all brilliantly done by Pichi&Avo, the duo from Spain who met in 2007 and since then became great friends and collaborators. They’ve been traveling all over Europe to paint iconic pieces, such as their biggest one including Greeks and a Trojan (like Homero, Achilles, and Menelaus) painted on shipping containers at the Rock Werchter festival in Belgium. Street Art. Banksy à Gaza: le street-artiste dévoile trois nouvelles œuvres (et un mini-d... Le street-art de Roti ! A découvrir aujourd’hui, Roti, un artiste de rue français de 23ans qui opère dans l’ombre.

Le street-art de Roti !

Pour lui le street-art est une manière d’offrir gratuitement son art au public mais aussi et surtout de s’en rapprocher en égayant leurs vies ! Je vous laisse apprécier… Studio Hush. Sollier-gallery. ICY AND SOT. Real Life Instagram. Advertising & editorial images in studio & on location - Joseph Ford overview. Art Gallery Dubai. Oddly Head : PRINTS. Odeith Graffiti Artist - Lisboa Portugal. Home / Skull Cap. FAILE. Tour Paris 13.

Graffiti General. Street Art News. Invader - Home. Mike Giant Home. LEVALET - Street-art et Graffiti. ACCUEIL LEMOUVEMENT.EU STREET ART. Cut-It-Out Stencils — Home. Le Street Art rencontre la Peinture Classique.

Marco Battaglini. Very nearly almost. StolenSpace Gallery presents ‘Rise and Fall’ a satirical solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Meggs.

very nearly almost

Following his residency and sold-out show at Inner State Gallery in Detroit last September, where he painted his largest mural to date at over 6,000 square feet, Meggs continues his perpetual fascination with dualism, urban decay, and finding beauty in tragedy. ‘Rise and Fall’ toys with current fractures in the social fabric of urban society, such as imploding over-indulgence, fallen idols, and the detriments of pop culture. “Through all of the manufacturing and consumerism, we have moved away from more genuine, simple ideals such as community… and perhaps things that are better for us,” Meggs explains. “You begin to realize the discontinuity of certain childhood idealisms when you become an adult.” In ‘Rise and Fall,’ Meggs combines light and colorful imagery with his unique, expressive, and energetic style. Opening February 6 at 6pm.