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Silk – Interactive Generative Art. 424299784_300069_paul-himmel.jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 479 pixels) Natsumi Hayashi: Levitating Self-Portraits. Photographer Natsumi Hayashi has an inspiring diary of self-portraits capturing her levitating(in the moment that is).

Natsumi Hayashi: Levitating Self-Portraits

It’s addictive to go through all the photos which renders her like a magical character in a video game floating everywhere. This would be an incredible coffee table book. Awesome work Natsumi. I’d love to levitate with you sometime on Tokyo =) Look at some many of my favorites after the jump. via This entry was posted on Sunday, February 20th, 2011 at 7:44 pm and is filed under art, entertainment, fun, ideas, information, inspiration, style, thoughts, wacky. Wall.jpg (JPEG Image, 960 × 624 pixels) Sculptures Popping Out of Paintings. Oh, to have been in Tokyo in June!

Sculptures Popping Out of Paintings

Shintaro Ohata just finished up a solo exhibition at the Yukari Art Contemprary in Tokyo, Japan. This Hiroshima, Japan-born artist is known for his ability to show us everyday life in a cinematic way. He captures light in his paintings, showering the world, as we know it, with carefully placed strokes of it. "Every ordinary scenery in our daily lives, such as the rising sun, the beauty of a sunset or a glittering road paved with asphalt on a rainy night, becomes something irreplaceable if we think we wouldn’t be able to see them anymore," he told Yukari gallery.

"I am creating works to capture lights in our everyday life and record them in the painting.” More than that, this artist has a unique style. Straight from the Yukari gallery, here's a sample of his stellar work. Sculpture in the Gibbs Farm. Source: link Gibbs Farm is an unusual setting for a sculpture collection.

Sculpture in the Gibbs Farm

The North Auckland property is dominated by the Kaipara Harbour, the largest harbour in the Southern hemisphere. Walking the land visitors can appreciate how each artist has come to terms in their own way with the gravitational pull that is exerted on everything as the mountains roll into hills and slide into gullies and slope down towards the wide flat expanse of the Kaipara harbour.

Street Art Utopia’s Best of 2011. I couldn’t help but direct everyone to fellow public art loving blog Street Art Utopia as they have compiled a pretty decent list of the best street art of 2011.

Street Art Utopia’s Best of 2011

If you are just getting into the wonderful world of pasting, spraying or making the streets a more creative place, this list is a great place to start (short of Wall and Piece). One of the best things about this genre is it’s diversity – you can decided what you find gimmicky/twee or meaningful and awe-inspiring. Street art has always been the public’s voice, and the art world has yielded success to those with great ideas and a call for change. More from the list after the jump! Judith Ann Braun's Fingers Are Magical. With an art career spanning more than three decades, Judith Ann Braun has tested the limits of her artistic musculature. She began as a self-described “realistic figure painter,” and worked through the struggles common to anyone who endeavors upon an artistic pursuit, that of searching for one’s own voice in the chosen medium. Fast forward to the 21st century where the evolution of Braun’s work has brought us to the Fingerings series, a collection of charcoal dust landscapes and abstracts “painted” using not brushes but her fingertips.

Braun has a specific interest in symmetry, as evidenced by the patterns she follows in a number of the Fingerings pieces as well as work in the Symmetrical Procedures collection. Her fingerprints are obvious up close in some of the paintings, though a step back and the grandeur of Braun’s imagination sprawls into a landscape of soft hills, overhanging trees, delicate florals, and a reflective waterway. Share With Your Friends. Paper_mosaic_octopus_by_chronoperates-d4i27ze.jpg (JPEG Image, 900 × 1350 pixels) - Scaled (41.

眼技_来自櫻桃小丸子的图片分享. Nighthwk.jpg (JPEG Image, 1234 × 673 pixels) - Scaled (85%) Book Of Art. January 18th, 2011 Books of Art by Isaac Salazar, a simple idea well executed.

Book Of Art

Tinymediaempire. 45 Awesome Abstract Textures. Finding that perfect texture for your design can be quite the search, and also quite time consuming.

45 Awesome Abstract Textures

To help you out a bit we’ve browsed through the large collection of textures over at deviantART and picked out some abstract textures. These can inspire you in making your own ones or you can use them. Just make sure to click on the images to go to the originals and read if the artists behind them have any restrictions or require credits first. F E R I C. - STREET ART UTOPIA. More info.


More info. More Banksy on Street Art Utopia. More info. Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial by `Hellobaby on deviantART. MAIN : Marion Bolognesi. The drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Yarn meets potholes: a different kind of street art. Koalas to the Max dot Com. Neonflames. Art1. Line | shape | value | color | space | texture | balance | contrast | repetition | emphasis | unity | art techniques.


Art from melted crayons.