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3D Models

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BadKing » 3D Models – Free 3D Models and 3D Tutorials. Free 3D Models,CAD Models And Textures Download. Free 3D Model Search Engine. Sketchfab - Your 3D content online and in VR. Ultimate #Beefy4D Cinema4D Character rig! Fully rigged #Beefy4D character for cinema 4D The original Character and rig was made by Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin .

Ultimate #Beefy4D Cinema4D Character rig!

I then pulled out the mesh and handed it over to Bret Bays . He did a great job of setting up all the joints and controllers. I then finalized the rig, set up zero transforms, so you can easily reset your pose. Modified the rig colors a bit. Hint: Bind “reset psr” to an easy shortcut if you haven’t yet If you use him and post somewhere make sure to tag him as #BEEFY4D Get the Cinema4D rig of Beefy here: Unlock this exclusive content by using one of the sharing buttons below. too intrusive or unfair? Realbook preset – the best book rig for C4D. In the following links you will find two videos, without audio, illustrating the functionality of my book rig preset.

Realbook preset – the best book rig for C4D

Realbook V.2 – available Now (25 August 2015) the Realbook V.2 is available, so I added the follow demo video that explains the new features: Realbook V.2.1 – upgrade A little but very important upgrade for the Realbook preset. New features in Realbook V.2.1: Torsion control added to each page for much more control. Realbook V.2.2 – upgrade Real Book V.2.2 is available With this version it is possible to use a mograph multi-shader, so now you can add textures at once to all the pages.

Since this version it is required the Mograph module, but the multi-shade works only with R13 and above. Another modification was done: now the base of the spine is automatically disabled when the hardcover is enabled. All Media Is Not Created Equal - Out Livin' Life. Free 3D Models Stock 3DS Max Artist Downloads Humans Anatomy Cars Tutorials.

Octane Render Pack - Rainasawrus. 7 Flares Twitter 3 Facebook 4 7 Flares × Octane Render Pack is a Cinema 4D .lib4d file with Materials and HDRI files .

Octane Render Pack - Rainasawrus

Every material has been designed for high quality photo realistic renders, that will make your motion design work and product pack shots look the best in the world. There are every possible material styles available for any look you would like to get in place. You will need the octane render standalone and the octane render cinema 4d plugin , which can be purchased here

F=7&t=29638 scene files used in the video are also included. Most scene files were rendered between a time frame of 8 – 10 seconds per frame, on average. Compared to other render engines, octane render will make your renders look outstanding in a very short time, and allow post processing within Cinema 4D, reducing your work flow time, and increasing your productivity. Octane Render Plugin for Cinema 4D is in beta, and is being developed by - aoktar. Freebies » RenderKing - Cinema 4d and After effects tutorials, preset, models and plugins presented by Alessandro Boncio.

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Freebies » RenderKing - Cinema 4d and After effects tutorials, preset, models and plugins presented by Alessandro Boncio

3D Models. Evermotion – Archinteriors vol. 31 Scenes 1 to 5 Continue Reading 3D Scan Store – Female Visualisation Characters Continue Reading Evermotion – Archmodels vol. 150 Continue Reading.

3D Models

Free 3D models - Free Cinema 4D models. 3D Model Downloads - Many Free! - on 3DVIA. PAY PHONE CABIN, - 3D Model. Retro Bike 3D Model. Free C4D R13 SSS Jelly Beans Model. BlenderNation. Free 30 000+ 3D models. Download without registration - Infographiste 2D,3D,Animation. Voici mes tout premiers scripts d'animation, ils sont en quelques sortent l'ancêtre de mon projet Biped.

Infographiste 2D,3D,Animation

Au courant de l'année 2003, je devais animer des personnages pour des projets d'animations chez Tolito productions, comme (entre autres) le Captain Krash. N'existait à l'époque aucune solution potable pour animer les personnages dans Cinema 4D, mise à part la lourde et contraignante technique des Softs IK du module Mocca. J'avais mis à profit mes connaissances en animation anciennement acquises avec 3DS Max pour pouvoir penser et réaliser des expressions dont j'avais besoin pour faire mes animations. Pour tenter de rendre l'animation accessible aux débutants, j'ai mis tout ça sous forme de ToolKit assisté par des vidéos qui vous expliqueront de A à Z comment monter votre propre personnage aisément animable dans vos projets. Pour commencer... Tout d'abord, pour commencer il vous faut télécharger le fichier d'archive contenant tous mes scripts sous forme de plusieurs scènes séparées.

Models. RenderStuff, free 3d stuff library. 3D Models, 3D Modeling Textures and Plugins at TurboSquid.