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Tutorial: How to Become a Star by Landing Coveted Speaking Gigs & Gaining New Business | MarketingSherpa. Every marketer making the conference circuit rounds each year has probably watched industry experts deliver keynote speeches or serve on panels and thought, "How can I get executives from my company on this stage next year? " That’s because in-person speaking engagements are one of the most effective ways to generate leads at industry events, according to data from MarketingSherpa’s new Business Technology Benchmark Guide. With that in mind, we put together this Tutorial on how to develop a speaking engagement strategy, land a spot at your targeted events and give a speech that will make a lasting impression. Plus, we tell you what you need to do to make the most of your networking potential. Lining Up a Speaking Gig: 4 Goals and 6 QuestionsBefore you hit the speaking circuit, you need to understand what you hope to gain from each appearance and how they will fit into your overall marketing strategy.

Four common goals cited by marketers pursuing speaking opportunities are: Goal #1. . #1. . #1. Top Youth Speakers of 2015 | Best Motivational Teen Youth Speaker. Who Are the Top Motivational Speakers for 2015 Conferences and Conventions | Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau. How To Pitch & Win Conference Speaking Gigs: An Insider's Guide. Each month I get a number of cold-call inquiries, seeking advice and back-channel connections to help them get speaking gigs.

I take each one seriously because in 2007 I recall seeking the very same sort of input. Bill Hartzer, already an experienced online marketing conference speaker, told me to simply to pitch, that it’s a level playing field, there are no “special ins,” just to keep trying. He was right. My experience over the years since then has almost always been that the best pitch wins. We decided to follow our recent study of women online marketing speakers with immediately actionable advice, a road map, if you will, to support anyone interested in growing their speaking career. Without any further ado we’ll dive right into Q & A! AimClear: Offer an idea or two to support aspiring speakers. Greg Jarboe: There are two successful strategies for becoming a speaker. Matt Siltala: My first piece of advice would be to get over your insecurities this instant. There you have it. How to: Land a Speaking Gig at the Conference of Your Dreams. UPDATE: INBOUND's 2015 Call for Speakers has now come and gone.

We were looking for exceptionally well prepared, proven speakers for five of INBOUND's eight stages, and we hoped experienced speakers will consider applying. This call included Bold Talks, our Executive Track, Ideas and Experiences, Hacks, Tips and Tricks, and our Partner Track. Hopeful for next year or another event altogether? All the advice below stands. How Can You Improve Your Chances for Any Gig?

Rather than prattle on and on about what we're specifically looking for, we thought this would be a great time to get really real with all the aspiring (and experienced) speakers out there about how to go about landing any speaking gig. SHORT VERSION: Work really hard, show up, and be humble. LONG VERSION: Read this post, do the stuff in it, and then work really hard, show up, and be humble. Most of all, remember: we are talking about YOU onstage at the event of YOUR DREAMS. Ready? 1. Begin with the end in mind. 2. Be Prepared.

Kevin Bacon Earns $70,000 as Schools Pay Stars to Talk. (Corrects title for Marie Sheehy in third-to-last paragraph in story originally published Sept. 22.) Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Hundreds of University of South Florida screaming students rose as the 56-year-old actor took the stage to discuss philanthropy, social engagement and the pastime he inspired: “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” “It’s 1994 and I’m just out there minding my own business, making movies and trying to support my family and all of a sudden people start talking to me about this game,” said Bacon, best known for his role as a dancing rebel in the 1984 film “Footloose.” “It had taken off as this drinking game spreading across campuses, and I thought I was going to be responsible for all this young alcoholism.” The crowd laughed as Bacon paced in black jeans and a black leather jacket, telling jokes and doing impressions. Bacon collected $70,000 for the April lecture at the Tampa campus.

Kirk Out Florida schools paid more than $2 million, including $65,000 for former U.S. Pricey Cameo. Youth Motivational Speaker Fees & How Much You Should Plan To Pay | Jeff Yalden. Jeff Yalden at a recent High School Assembly This is a touchy subject and one that I will probably be criticized over. Speakers fees range from donations to six or maybe even seven figures per keynote address. I work in education as youth motivational speaker, therefore, I will talk about only what I know. In 19 years, I have addressed every teen audience a speaker can speak to. I have addressed High School Assemblies, Middle School Assemblies, Teen Conferences, Leadership Conferences, Teacher In-Services, Staff Trainings, Prisons, At-Risk Teens, and every audience that I have failed to mention too.

Every one of these audiences have paid me to speak to their teens. When I coach other teen speakers on how much to charge I always say this, “You charge based on the value you think you bring to your audience.” The reality is that we are nothing more than a teacher, but we can get away with a lot more than a teacher can. I think it depends on a few things: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Motivational speakers in high demand can see lucrative pay days. Mike Marchev is a motivational speaker, has been for more than 20 years. He just doesn't want to encourage you to get into his business. Angela Jimenez/For The Star-LedgerPrior to winning "The Apprentice" in 2005, Randall Pinkett said he earned $2,500 to $5,000 a speech.

Now, he makes as much as $30,000. "My competition is anybody with a mouth," the Colonia resident said last week. "Everybody thinks they can do this. " Sure, getting paid thousands of dollars -- in some cases tens of thousands -- to talk for 45 to 90 minutes sounds like a pretty easy gig. But it's not just a matter of stepping on stage and recounting that against-all-odds catch you made in high school. Marchev and others say public speaking requires more than just the ability to talk, and relatively few people earn a living working solely as motivational speakers.

Added her husband, Gil, who has spent 40 years in the entertainment and public speaking business, "We are growing and not only us; the industry is growing. " Welcome to Forbes. Average Salary of a Motivational Speaker. The Ultimate Guide To Keynote Speaker Fees - Keynote Speaker. Written by Evan on Sunday, August 19th, 2012 with 0 comments Since the amount of money that keynote speakers charge seems to be a closely-guarded secret, I thought I would demystify it.

First of all, a keynote speaker can ask for any amount they feel their time is worth; but in almost every case, their fee falls into a certain rubric, which I have attempted to create below. NOTE: If you work with a speaker’s bureau, expect to pay 2-3x the speaker fee you would pay if you talked to the speaker directly. Free. For smaller events, a more modest fee is acceptable, especially if travel is covered. $3,000 – $5,000.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you. Brad Montgomery - Connecting happiness at work to bottom line success. He’s Guaranteed? What?! In Brad’s words: “Here’s my policy about my motivational speaking: if you don’t like what I do for your organization,I’ll give you your money back. Simple, huh? I’ve been professionally speaking for over 20 years. Yes, I have had wild programs. Yes, I’ve had some hilarious and weird stuff happen on the platform. But I’ve NEVER had a client ask for their money back. To be honest, if I were planning a meeting or convention, knowing that I could re-coup a lousy speaker’s fee would be the LEAST of my worries.

All I ask from you is that you set me up to succeed. What else does Brad do besides Keynote? Most of Brad’s clients and up hiring him to do the keynote plus at least one other offering. A few of Brads offerings include: Breakouts/concurrent sessions Networking How-To Team building session Master of Ceremonies {Brad’s the king!) The best place to start is to have a conversation with us about your goals for the meeting.

Brads a “CSP.” What about Audio/Visual Stuff? How I turned a $2,500 speaking fee into $33,000...... & how YOU CAN TOO! By James Malinchak Recently, I mailed out 74 letters to student conference coordinators and received four paid speaking engagements. Not bad for only a total cost of about $44.50. It's easy to do when know what to mail, who to mail it to and when to mail it. Getting booked to speak at these four conferences was nice, but that's not even the best part....... One of the conferences I was booked to speak at only had a budget of $2,500 for a keynote speaker. When I learned there would be 3,000 students and 400 advisors I immediately accepted their budgeted fee because I knew of the potential.

Most speakers would simply accept the speaking fee, sign the contract then move on. Smart business-people try to make as much profit as possible from every transaction. Let me explain exactly what I did to illustrate how I turned that $2,500 into about $33,000! Let me share some financial numbers with you: Total Revenue: $18,000 Total Cost: $ 4,400 ======================= Book PROFIT: $13,600.