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Escape Games Lycée

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GENIALLY DE REVISIONS GRAMMATICALES. NASA (Physics & English) EG that needs to be explored 2de EURO? Weightlessness training room,Monitoring room,Cupido Study Room,Main control room,Ps : Don't forget your "portfolio", a rough paper, and your calculator...

NASA (Physics & English) EG that needs to be explored 2de EURO?

,Well done! You've made it to the audition studio! ,Congratulations! You have just been called in to the NASA for the casting session that will allow you to take part to "GENESIS PROGRAMME SEASON 2". Can you see the building behind? The foundation of the USA by claire.mourterot on Genially. Click on the numbers on stars to learn more about the foundation of the USA,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,Pacific Islands,Where did native Americans come from ?

The foundation of the USA by claire.mourterot on Genially

,Europe,Question 1,Asia,buffaloes,red cedar trees,fish,What did plain Indians hunt ? ,Question 2,measles,small pox,chicken pox,Question 3,When the Europeans arrived, there were about one million Native Americans, but after their arrival many of them died. Which disease is responsible for that ? EG en Frs sur les musiques Afro Américaines.

Cheat for Paul's secret Escape Game. Escape Game de Révision des bases de collège. Tu as fini de fouiller les toilettes et récolté tous les codes,Tu as fini de fouiller l'appartement d'Emily,Tu as fini de fouiller le bureau de Paul,Tu peux reprendre le jeu à trois endroits différents à condition d'être arrivé.e.s au bout,Take a penand your notebook!

Escape Game de Révision des bases de collège

Be ready to take as many notes as possible. The Handmaids Tale Escape Game. Pirates EG - Reality & Fiction. ,,Each time you'll complete a task, you'll be given part of the coordinates of the place where my treasure's hidden !

Pirates EG - Reality & Fiction

On the following pages and once you have answered the questions, click onthis buttontokeepgoing ! ,,First let's find the best ship for our quest ! Lockdown 2nd à modifier (?) Start working on some vocabulary,VOCABULARY,Séquence 2nd - Les univers professionnels, le monde du travail,START ,Lockdowns and the American Mind,You are a French journalist hired by the Michigan Daily to write an article explaining your point of view.

Lockdown 2nd à modifier (?)

,write an article,Final Task,D’un pays à l’autre, d’une culture à l’autre, les professions diffèrent parfois, comme la perception du monde professionnel, de la notion du travail ou les conditions d’emploi.Comment concilier la qualité de vie au travail avec les exigences économiques ? ,Les univers professionnels, le monde du travail,Axe,The “American Patriot Rally” was organized in response to a vote being debated in the state legislature Thursday 30th April 2020 on whether to continue Michigan’s state of emergency, which was declared March 10 to address the coronavirus pandemic.The Republican-held legislature ultimately voted to revoke the emergency declaration Thursday 30th April 2030 as protestors looked on.

Improve your comprehension by K.T. on Genially. Gothic escape game Dracula vampire. Voici mon EG 'Dracula' pour clore la séquence sur le roman (travail ici : 3eme/dracula ) OU s'amuser un peu avant Halloween.

gothic escape game Dracula vampire

Les élèves disposent d'une fiche de travail qu'ils doivent absolument compléter ( Fiche E.G. dracula.pdf Fiche eg dracula.docx) pour pouvoir récupérer le premier mot de passe au musée de Dracula ainsi que pour se faciliter la tâche lorsqu'ils sont dans le château. Ils vont reconstituer la biographie de Bram Stoker, travailler la métonymie du gothique, compléter une mindmap sur Dracula, notamment. Une séance unique d'une heure est prévue pour réaliser ce travail. Une autre fiche d'activité pour cet Escape Game a été réalisée par Nathalie Abbruciati (ac. Are you an adventurer? About AUSTRALIA but not an EG. Are you an adventurer?

Are you an adventurer? About AUSTRALIA but not an EG

Lycée Martin V - Mrs Gerard Start. Adventurers (Present Perfect + Superlatives) BLACK HISTORY IN THE US - part 1 - SLAVERY by on Genially. Part 1 - SLAVERY ( Fabienne BAZZICONI - académie Aix-Marseille ) Listen From Africa to America Slavery in America started in the 17th century and was abolished in 1865 when the Civil War was won by the North.

BLACK HISTORY IN THE US - part 1 - SLAVERY by on Genially

The first Blacks in the USA came from Africa , that's why they are called "African Americans" . In America The slaves were sold and bought at public auctions like cattle The families often lived together but they could be separated too.In the South , many slaves worked in their masters' large plantations , in tobacco and cotton fields .In 1860 , there were around 4 million slaves in the Southern states. Slaves were forced to work from sunrise to sunsetPlantation owners often hired overseers to manage the slaves in the fields .

In the North , they usually worked in smaller farms . The colonies established laws regarding slaves called "slave codes". Escape from Slavery - the Underground Railroad In the 19th century , slaves used a secret network to run away to Northern States or Canada . BLACK HISTORY IN THE US - part2 - SEGREGATION by on Genially. BLACK HISTORY IN THE US - part 3 - CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT by on Genially. Part 3 - Late October 1966: Huey P.


Newton and Bobby Seale founded the Black Panther Party (originally the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense) a violent self-defense revolutionary party. This picture shows the Black Panthers' method of forming an organization to fight for black people. Watch Martin Luther King became the national face of the Civil Rights Movement. Part 3 - Late October 1966: Huey P. The problem we all live with-study of a painting.