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1993053_32621192034. DxO - Simply Better Images. You Can Now Buy A Mini-Airstream Trailer For $35K. Airstream, the company behind the iconic "silver bullet" trailer, has just released a new lightweight trailer model called Basecamp.

You Can Now Buy A Mini-Airstream Trailer For $35K

Small and sleek, it's perfect for towing behind a small SUV. And at $35,000, it's a lot more affordable than the classic Airstream. It's like a tiny house on two wheels. Basecamp is just over 16 feet long and weighs 3,000 pounds. Contrast that with the company's classic trailer, which is more than 31 feet, weighs 7,300 pounds, and starts around $135,000. Basecamp, which sleeps two people, seems custom-built for tech-dependent millenials. The trailer's design takes advantage of every inch of space, with many features having multiple uses—the shower head can be used outdoors to wash off equipment or dirty feet; the sink and stove fold down for more counter space when they're not being used.

[All Photos: courtesy Airstream] Quality Outdoor Products. Geneva Sound Systems – WorldRadio. The Geneva WorldRadio is a contemporary take on the classic world receiver: a radio that could receive all available radio stations of their time, using broadcasting technologies such as FM, longwave, and shortwave.

Geneva Sound Systems – WorldRadio

Today, popular local radio stations are mainly broadcast over FM and digital radio, while international and special interest stations are broadcast over the Internet. The new Geneva WorldRadio provides complete access to today’s radio stations, as the classic world receiver did for previous generations. Connect the Geneva WorldRadio using the built-in wireless Bluetooth receiver with an Internet-capable device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and you can stream all available Internet stations.

The Geneva WorldRadio features a high-performance audio system that plays mid and high frequencies with absolute accuracy, and produces warm, rich bass below 80Hz. ÉPICERIE AMÉRICAINE en Ligne: Acheter Produits Américains - Import USA. Normann-Copenhagen. Cable iPhone pratique et coloré - La pieuvre à lunettes. Jump from Paper Bags and Satchels - Perfect for iPad/Tablets / Home.

Configurez la valise que vous souhaitez - Calibag. Dollar Shave Club. Razwar - quality shaving products fair prices. Luxury Watches & Jewelry. ROMAIN JEROME., montres de luxe, montre suisse, horlogerie - montre horlogerie -, synthèse luxueuse de l'horlogerie et des montres de luxe - montre horlogerie. Achat/vente de bijoux, objets deco, art antiquites - Musées du Monde. Wall stickers, Wallpaper, Beanbags, Handbags, Jewellery, Unusual Presents & more. Shop Cool Material – Gifts for Men. iPad 2 Zeta cases. Google Glasses. Bijoux en cuir, bijoux olivb.

RVCA. Danny Fuller Talks Chanel 09.28.2012 What Youth was at the RVCA the office recently and ran into Danny Fuller .


They asked him about his whole deal with Chanel and how it came about, pretty funny story. Check it out: Collected Thoughts with Danny Fuller. Sage Vaughn x Ace Hotel x 42 Below 09.28.2012 ANP Artist Sage Vaughn hooked up a wall for the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, video by Juxtapoz mag , check out their site for photos. Pioneer: Tommy Guerrero 09.28.2012 Transworld Skateboarding did a full interview with ANP Artist Tommy Guerrero .

Josh Harmony Magnified 09.28.2012 Thrasher Magazine posted the footage of Josh Harmonys hubba photo in the new issue. Megan Whitmarsh Here Comes Purple 09.26.2012 ANP Artist Megan Whitmarsh will be presenting a solo exhibition titled 'Here Comes Purple' from Sept 22nd - Oct 20th at the New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles, the opening reception is Sept 22nd from 6–9pm. Cory Kennedy Big Mac Trick 09.26.2012 Alex Knost Loose in San Sebastian 09.26.2012. Uah - Le concept store de l'Asie gourmande et créative d'aujourd'hui.

Le concept-store mode et design de produits avant-gardistes pour homme et femme - L'AvantGardiste. Tianjin Flying Pigeon Cycle Manufacture Co., Ltd. Etsy. NIXON Watches. Manufactum.

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