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An Odd Hypothesis About Bubbles Could Finally Lead to Nuclear Fusion. The Alaskan Town Living Under One Roof. Thousands of Fish To Be Freed From Abandoned Mall Fish-Hell. Archeologists discover mythical Tomb of Osiris in Egypt. It Took 25 Hours of Continuous Concrete Pouring To Build This Aquarium. 1,400 Free Ebooks and Movies For Your Kindle or iPad. This is how professional designers create their logos.

I'll always been a "jack of all trades" guy, and I've never said no to trying out new projects. So a long time ago I was referred by someone by word of mouth that I could help design a logo. I had never done it or even tried. Regardless, I took a laptop, a 27" LCD, mouse keyboard, my pencils, paper pad, and a wifi hotspot. It was just a couple guys who did "event promotions" for clubs and the like. But as he said, it's just part of what happens. This was the end result of that first time, they just removed the dark shading around the L & P.

They could have inverted the black lettering outside the ring, but by then I was no longer involved. Flagged. 7 Famous Fictional Places You Can Explore With the Oculus Rift. The Tech That Will Kill Passwords Dead. Unreal in-game footage makes GTA V totally look like a parallel reality. It's getting closer to the uncanny valley, but thankfully it's not there yet. In particular how people move is still pretty different from real life. It looks like these are much lighter and weaker beings living on a world with much lighter gravity.Down on earth, we have to compensate our movements (if you lift an arm, you have to tense leg and body muscles and lean slightly in the other direction), and move to minimize physical stress.

Most people also have some physical defects or peculiarities making them subtly different from others. Anything from one leg being a fraction of an inch shorter to a sore shoulder. These ragdolls don't have these problems. I wish they would focus more on gameplay than visuals. Flagged. We're Running Out of the Nuclear Fuel That Powers Space Travel. What If We Dressed Like Our Social Networks? The definitive answer to why we must invest in pure science research. Why Earth isn't flat and why you wouldn't fall off of it even if it was. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. You referring to the idea that the world is flat and to simulate 'flat' gravity the entire plate needs to be moving "up" ? Flagged Well The Earth Plate™ would have to maintain a constant accelleartion of 9.8m/s² So the equation you would look for (if the Earth Plate™ was 6000 years old) is: vf = (9.8 m/s2) * (1.8934x10^11s) Plugging all that into Wolfram (Because I'm a lazy bum) gives us: 1.86x10^12 meters per second...or 6190c, and we're still speeding up :D Thanks.

How the World's Top Assault Rifle Is Rebranding As a "Weapon of Peace" Names and faces of celebrities combined in a series of hilarious mashups. AURORAGOLD: How the NSA Gets Inside Every Cellphone Network in the World. Watch a woman show what 100 years of beauty looks like in 1 minute. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. Any decade is better than the 80's. I've always thought that decade was esthetically the worst. The fashion totally sucked! The hair styles for males and females were beyond bad. Movies though were original, exciting, and memorable: Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Return of the Jedi, ghostbusters, princes bride... Flagged I would also add the 80's music was pretty great as well. How the Higgs boson made reality possible and how it can destroy it all. Super Glue's Got Nothing On This Liquid Plastic You Harden With UV Light. This High Speed Camera Tracks Light Bouncing Off a Mirror at 100bn FPS.

Scientists Created a Room Temperature Superconductor With Lasers. Why Orion's launch is the best news for humanity in a long time. 35 of the best space movies mashed up in one hypnotizing video. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. The shot of Saturn in Interstellar accompanied by no music/sound was simply breathtaking. EDIT: I don't believe they showed it as it's not shown in any of the trailers. Flagged. 10 Reasons Our Universe Might Actually Be Virtual Reality. Graphene Body Armor Will Be Twice as Good as Regular Bullet-Proof Vests. Scientists Have Invented a Time Cloak That Makes Events Disappear. The most extraordinary and inspiring vision of the future I've ever seen. Chart: Which country has the world's largest army throughout history? Hypnotizing geometric GIFs to twist your mind. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. Now that you're hypnotized, send me all your money.

Flagged Can't... fit... money... through... modem. "Now that I'm baptized, send you all my honey... " Future Elevators Will Use Maglev to Go Up, Down—and Sideways. Scientists say these mysterious shrimps may hold keys to alien life. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. There are no approved replies for this post. To see additional replies that are pending approval, click Show Pending. Warning: These may contain graphic material. What Is the Outernet and Is It the Future of the Internet? The gates of hell just opened in Russia (again) Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. Wow. And here in America we have a pesky thing called "regulation" to keep us from getting the gates of hell open despite having towns named after devils.

Flagged. Google Just Gave You a Good Reason to Quit Spotify. Comet landing live coverage: Commands sent for lander separation. This is one really damn cool visual effect. Who Designed the Blanket That Practically Every Newborn Gets Wrapped In? Mystery spy spaceship lands on Earth after record 675 days in orbit. Recommended by Jesus Diaz This is now Earth's largest ship—so big it can lift oil rigs off the sea Ambition is the new sci-fi movie I didn't even know I wanted to see Glorious lunatics overdrive toaster to make toasts in under 10 seconds Mystery spy spaceship lands on Earth after record 675 days in orbit Spectacular comet will engulf Mars this Sunday in historical event Human stupidity gone viral makes for brilliant organ donor ads Man spends two years building amazing megacity in Minecraft The destructive low-cost precision of the Excalibur artillery shell Sleeping sperm whales look so eerie and magical Saturn moon looks like a wasp nest and it may freak some people out Hilariously silly Spaghetti Western takes staring duels to the extreme Amazingly thrilling video of F-18 fighters with ambient sound Video: Marine survives Taliban sniper headshot thanks to helmet The magnificent science fiction art of Steven Messing I Can't Stop Looking At This Post About Ratter Expand Thanks for that.

Wow. Short film: Machines keep on fighting a war even though everyone is dead. Recommended by Casey Chan Chainsaw artist transforms a log into Groot from Guardians of the… How the addictive magic material known as bubble wrap is made Insane car crash somehow barely avoids hitting a group of bystanders Every single couch gag from 25 years of The Simpsons at the same time Short film: Machines keep on fighting a war even though everyone is… The weirdest things women used as contraceptives throughout history How pieces of wood turn into a skateboard Hot air balloon flies underground into Earth for the first time ever Hearing the sounds of paragliding is breathtaking Which brand of chips has the most chips in a bag of chips?

I'm not sure bike rides can be more epic than through the Isle of Skye Short film: A stick figure drawing destroys the computer that drew it Motorcyclist misses his superman seat grab trick and flies into the… Seeing peanut butter jars get filled makes me want peanut butter on… Why David Fincher might be the best director in Hollywood today. Anti-trolling animation left me speechless. Recommended by Omar Kardoudi The art of zoom in movies summarized in one cool mashup Anti-trolling animation left me speechless The most iconic photos in history recreated in impressive live action If Michael Bay directed a Bond movie it would be like this crazy TV ad Skiing over Hawaii waves looks like a lot of fun Stunning ad: The epic power of water This is how the best bagels in the world were made back in 1979 This cool music video is a psychotic merciless version of a Disney… The importance of physical contact captured in a beautiful video Musicians take the place of Never Ending Story actors in surreal video I wish these endurance tests to buy a pickup truck were real I wish these were real dollar bills because they are brilliant Music video: A futuristic dystopian world that is not too far from… This is the most bizarre Simpsons' couch gag ever Peregrine falcons dive faster than skydivers and here's the proof This is how medieval knights fought inside their clunky armors.

Brilliant Packaging For Invisible Clear Tape Makes the Box Look Empty​ Here's how all the Pixar movies are connected in one universe. I'm a huge fan of this theory. Ever since I saw the nascent version on Cracked's After Hours a couple years ago, I've been tickled by the idea of the Pixar movies somehow being linked together. Not to the point where I actually tried to account for all the movies, of course, but still. I enjoy it when people make these funny/weird connections to explain continuity between disparate films. (The exception being the Tommy Westphall Universe, which I think is just stupidly overreaching. If they contained Tommy's world to just the shows created by that guy, I'd be fine with it.)

Short film: A lonely robot looking for friends is not what it seems. Recommended by Casey Chan Good night, Amsterdam Jumping on a trampoline has never looked this cool Short film: A lonely robot looking for friends is not what it seems The eyes of animals look a lot like alien worlds Turning a chunk of wood into something beautiful is satisfying to watch Guy removes harness to walk on a narrow plank in the sky Tiny hamster eats tiny hot dogs faster than any human can Skateboarding through 5000 balloons looks like a whole lot of fun All of Harry Potter summed up in one giant comic strip This video of a crowded intersection makes me hyperventilate Making snowboards by hand is a beautiful process We are just an infinite video game in the hands of some alien The collapse of the USSR left behind a haunting post-apocalyptic world A beautiful visual diary of Asia in slow motion Making noises and sounds like a foley artist looks like a lot of fun Speed painting video shows all the stages of a woman's life in 4 minutes 10 movie myths that can never actually happen in real life.

The Alley Cats of Japan Look Pretty Badass. Kawaii! Even the ugly ones are cute. Cats gained my love when mine jumped from a tree to my arms when he was a cub. That was around 10 years ago... The cute bastard is sitting next to me at the moment, haha. Hell I even have his only surviving grandson living with me D: At last, Mars Curiosity finally reaches its destination.

Old black and white photos come alive in disturbing ghostly GIFs. Extremely rare case of woman with no cerebellum puzzles doctors. Pixlr, a Great Online Photo Editor, Is Now Free on the Desktop. How to Do Hyperlapse Photography on a Budget. Watch How "Electronic Makeup" Completely Transforms This Model's Face. How Bad Is California's Drought? This Bad. Mysterious Sinkholes Are Forming Near the Site of This Rising Supertall. The evolution of video game controllers in 16 cool photos. New pictures and video show interior detail of the Siberian hole. This Abandoned Warehouse Is Full of Live Jellyfish.