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Top 20 Music Video Sites for Your Reference. 4 Supercharged Tips To Getting The Most From Your Music Video. Raindance has been promoting music video and music video directors and producers since 1995.

4 Supercharged Tips To Getting The Most From Your Music Video

Some of the most interesting filmmaking is coming from the world of pop promos and music videos. An interesting trend has been developing over the past few years: many independent filmmakers are getting their start making micro budget music videos. These 59 blogs will listen to your song, guaranteed - DIY Musician Blog. How can I promote my music video online for free? A band manager is mainly responsible for taking care of 'business' for the band. That business however, is not limited.

Before rushing into that career, make sure that you have the necessary skills for the job. Who doesn't like free stuff? I know I do. Still, we have all heard that the good things in life are never free. We Recommend – Radar Music Videos. Increase your fanbase with LoudUp LoudUp is a music social network helping independent artists to make the right connections.

We Recommend – Radar Music Videos

Connect with producers, venues, musicians, and studios, find other bands to gig with, promote your music and upcoming gigs, and increase your fanbase. Visit website Fluence helps promote your videos to a larger audience Use Fluence's new platform to access a global network of curators, tastemakers, bloggers, experts, journalists, agencies, and other trusted sources who are looking for music and video to work with and will help promote your video or give you constructive feedback. "Fluence has been amazing on taking my Radar commissioned video "Nostalgia" to another level by exposing it to otherwise almost inaccessible industry gatekeepers, who then went on to share it and review it through their own platforms" ~ Pedro Meirelles (Electronic/Classical Composer) See what the platform can do for you.

Visit website Tradiio: Get New Fans and Earn Valuable Rewards Visit website. Fluence - People-Powered Promotions. The Big List of Sites to Submit Your YouTube Videos - Carey Martell. You’ve just posted your recent YouTube video masterpiece.

The Big List of Sites to Submit Your YouTube Videos - Carey Martell

You’re super excited about how this creation you’ve worked so hard to make is now ready for the world, and you wait in anticipation for legions of people to comment telling you how great your video is…. …Except you don’t get more than a few dozen views. After three days. Submithub. Music Blogs. In memoriam: Andrew Patner.

Music Blogs

Contact — MGA. Chic & Artistic meet with Capitol's Colin Wyatt. Disposable Film - Film Submissions. Judges Disposable Film Festival's esteemed panel of judges includes: Ben Aston Ben is a 29-year-old, London born filmmaker, raised in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Australia and Bath.

Disposable Film - Film Submissions

His first stab at directing was a puppet show at the age of 11 that lasted so long as to require an intermission. It had dinosaurs. Business Club Royale Business Club Royale is a production company in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. William Caballero William D. DANIELS is comprised of two guys named Daniel [Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan]. Clement Deneux Born in 1982 in France, Clement began his creative career by studying graphic design. E.J. E.J. Bianca Giaever Bianca Giaever is a public radio producer and filmmaker. Jamie Heinrich.

Music Blogs That Want YOUR Music! Getting your music heard is hard.

Music Blogs That Want YOUR Music!

Getting your music heard by the right people is even harder. You hear so many blogs, journalists and other industry big names complaining about unsolicited PR emails from bands, so its difficult to know where to tread. This is why we have set up this blog post, containing info and links to all the influencial sites and blogs who not only accept these emails but welcome them.

Just a word of warning, though before you get emailing. Never, under any circumstances send a group email. Below is a list of blogs that are accepting submissions. Aurgasm Aurgasm is a must-stop destination for passionate music lovers around the world. Aquarium Drunkard Aquarium Drunkard is an audio blog with reviews, interviews, features, mp3 samples and sessions. Submit Your Video - Amped Sounds Magazine. FAQ. How do I upload a video or song?


Log in,then on your account page click "my profile".Then click on the "videos" or "sounds" option on the top of the page underneath the social media icons. Then, click on "upload" which will prompt a dialogue box that asks to either create a new album (which you need to select who can view public or private) or add to an existing album (creates one by default for you). Click continue, then choose the uploader option (flash, embed etc). Then upload your file.100 meg limit Why didn't I receive a confirmation email?

Log In to Roxwel. Register. Self-Promote And Distribute Your Music Video. The following article is an excerpt from “Your Band Is A Virus – Expanded Edition”, and it covers 17 ways to self-promote and distribute your music video…if you must.

Self-Promote And Distribute Your Music Video

I add in the “if you must” because if you’ve put in the time, energy, and funds usually required to create a professional music video, you should put the same care into promoting it, and that means outsourcing, unless you plan to do all the work yourself. Videos - AboveTheLine.TV. "above the line"- a Hollywood term for creative talent including directors, producers, actors, and writers AboveTheLine.TV is the social community for music video directors, the music video production community at large & music video fans.

Videos - AboveTheLine.TV

The site was created in association with the multi-platform reality show, "Above The Line: The Search For America's Next Music Video Director. " » How To Music Video Wire – Director Nigel Dick Discusses Writing A Successful Music Video Treatment.

» How To Music Video Wire –

A veteran of more than 240 music videos, 18 documentaries and feature films. MusicDishTV.