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Great Learning is an ed-tech company which provides numerous of programs under career critical competencies for example Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Machine Learning and much more. Great Learning majorly focuses on forming programs that are industry-relevant, creating learning experiences that assist the candidates to learn and apply their knowledge in such areas.

Great Learning — Two Major Advantages of Acquiring Training in Data... Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning certification. The University of Texas at Austin Rankings.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning certification

Data Science Certification. The class comprises of professionals working with some of the leading organizations across different domains.

Data Science Certification

Most of our candidates are from the technology sector, followed by BFSI, consulting, manufacturing, and others. Work-ex Distribution The PGP- management candidates come with a wide range of work experience from 4 to 10+ years. The class consists of CXOs, CEOs, Vice Presidents, Business Unit Heads, mid-level managers, and young professionals bringing in their unique experiences to the fore. Four Major Types of Business Analytics Programs Popular Today. Posted by greatlearning1 on September 23rd, 2019.

Four Major Types of Business Analytics Programs Popular Today

Top 10 Books on Artificial Intelligence for Beginners. Reading Time: 4 minutes Top 10 Books on Artificial Intelligence for Beginners Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm.

Top 10 Books on Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Almost every industry across the globe is incorporating AI for a variety of applications and use cases. Some of its wide range of applications includes process automation, predictive analysis, fraud detection, improving customer experience, etc. Major Tasks Conducted through Machine Learning Algorithms. Major Tasks Conducted through Machine Learning Algorithms Machine learning is one of the most important methods of data analysis.

Major Tasks Conducted through Machine Learning Algorithms

It also is considered to be a branch of artificial intelligence, which is based on the notion that machines are able to develop the ability to learn and identify patterns from data with absolute minimal human intervention. People can pursue machine learning courses to learn about this increasingly popular system. Innovations like self- driving cars and practical speech recognition have become possible owing to the system of machine learning. Tasks conducted through machine learning The system of Machine Learning is extensively used by multiple business organizations of the modern world. This system especially comes as a huge advantage for companies that specialize in digital technology. A Refresher on Building a Career in Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a flourishing domain of computer science.

A Refresher on Building a Career in Artificial Intelligence

This sphere focuses on the creation of machines that have the capacity to work and react intelligently, without human intervention. Learning, problem-solving, planning and speech recognition are some of the activities that computers having artificial intelligence are designed to do independently. Artificial intelligence is essentially the science that makes it possible for computers to learn from their very own past experiences, adjust to distinct new inputs, and subsequently perform certain human-like tasks. Deep Learning Courses Online - Great Learning. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning certification. Know About Data Science Course in Detail. Data science is one of the hottest topics of the century, revolutionizing all the sectors around the world.

Know About Data Science Course in Detail

It is defined as a combination of mathematical tools, algorithms, business acumen, and machine learning techniques, used to find hidden insights or patterns from raw data, which are used in taking major business decisions. A data analyst mainly deals with both structured as well as unstructured data. It also involves predictive analytics. Thus, data science is all about the present and the future. Using data science, various findings are being done out of historical data too. Importance of the courses: Data Scientist Course in Gurgaon - Great Learning. Gurgaon, the IT hub of North India, is home to numerous companies.

Data Scientist Course in Gurgaon - Great Learning

Because there are umpteen career opportunities in the city, people from different states of India relocate to Gurgaon. Major Job Roles in the Field of Data Science. The modern-day economy largely leans towards the sphere of data analytics.

Major Job Roles in the Field of Data Science

The demand of expert professionals who can both efficiently mine and interpret data has increased considerably in the contemporary corporate world. Such professionals are known as data scientists. Key Positions Available in The Business Analytics Sphere. Key Positions Available in the Business Analytics Sphere Business Analytics is a process that uses evidence-based data, as well as certain quantitative techniques to aid in efficient decision making and business modeling.

Key Positions Available in The Business Analytics Sphere

The sphere of business analytics involves various technologies, practices, and skills that would be necessary for the systematic investigation of the past performance of a company. This is done to gain insight about company performance, as well as to drive business planning. Key Positions Available in The Business Analytics Sphere Aug 28, 2019 | Publisher: greatlearning | Category: Other | | Views: 1 | Likes: 1 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page. All You Need to Know About the Progressive Field of Machine Learning. By Diya Hadden Blogger Machine learning is one of the most important methods of data analysis and is known to automate analytical model building. It is a distinct branch of computer science, and is majorly based on the idea that machines can develop the ability to identify patterns from data and learn from it, and subsequently make decisions without any human intervention.

Key Job Positions in the Domain of Cloud Computing. Posted by greatlearning1 on August 13th, 2019 Cloud-computing basically refers to the on-demand availability of computer system resources, without any kind of direct active management by the user. These resources largely include data storage and computing power. The system of cloud computing is now commonly used in organizations across the planet. Key Benefits of a Business Analytics Certification Course. Deep Learning: Popularity and Applications. Deep learning can be referred to as a machine learning technique.

This technique is basically used to teach computers to do certain tasks that come naturally to humans. Deep learning is considered to be the core technology behind driverless cars, as this advanced technique enables them to recognize a stop sign, and even distinguish a pedestrian from a tree or lamppost. The deep learning technology is quite popularly used for the voice control function found in diverse consumer devices like tablets, smart TVs, mobile phones, as well as hands-free speakers.

With the growing popularity of these devices, the demand for candidates having adequate deep learning training has also increased in the IT sector. 20 Ways Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Transform Marketing. Marketing initiatives and practices are becoming highly data-driven in today’s scenario and this is mainly due to the radical digital transformation that has swept across every major industry.

With a huge amount of data being generated every second, it becomes necessary to invest in advanced technologies that can efficiently manage, analyze, and reap maximum insights out of this data, namely Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Apart from analyzing and decoding data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning have a wide range of use cases and applications that can immensely help marketers communicate and advertise better. According to a recent survey by QuanticMind, 97% of industry experts believe that AI will play a massive role in the future of digital marketing.

Data Science Courses and Training Classes Online at Great Learning. Important Tasks and Duties of a Data Scientist. Important Tasks and Duties of a Data Scientist The demand of well-trained and skilled data scientists has considerably increased in the IT industry over the recent years. From major corporates in Silicon Valley to start-up organizations, data scientists are highly sought after by companies of all scales and sizes. This factor makes pursuing an online data science course and subsequently making a career in this domain quite a prudent move for young individuals interested in joining the IT sector. How do you become a Chief Data Officer?

Data has become the backbone of businesses around the world. Enterprise data is an organization’s most crucial resource because it helps in intelligent decision making and provides insights on how to improve business outcomes. Gathering, analyzing, and applying data wisely are helping business operations increase productivity and enable a better customer experience. Machine Learning Courses and Training Online at Great Learning.

Career Opportunities after Business Analytics Course. 5 Career Options for an Artificial Intelligence Majors. The workforce requirement in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry is expected to increase by 2.3 million job openings by the year 2030 and according to reports generated by leading technical researchers, 83% of companies that use AI technologies confirm that AI is already contributing to the creation of new jobs. Study of the discipline. Reasons to Consider Data Analytics Certification Courses. Guide to Start a Career in the Field of Artificial Intelligence. All across the globe, Artificial Intelligence (AI) field has been growing its reach to diverse business verticals.

Tips for making a successful career in Machine Learning. Everywhere you look, be it emails or smartphone applications, machine learning is in play. Importance of Machine Learning in today’s Business. 3 Reasons to Enroll in a Certification Course of Cloud Computing. Cloud computing is one of the technologies that are ruling the market nowadays. Different Job Profiles after Completing Data Analytics Certification. 5 most promising roles for Artificial Intelligence in India. There is a massive demand for skilled AI professionals right now in India, and there is a lack of talent that can fill these roles. 76% of companies feel this lack of talent is hindering their ability to implement AI.

For working professionals looking to meet this supply-demand gap, it might be confusing to choose the right aspect of AI to specialise in, owing to the broad nature of this domain. So we’ve put together this list of the most impactful, high-demand roles that are available right now. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but a collection of roles that are most likely to be highly impactful on the growth of the AI industry, as well as offering high growth opportunities for professionals engaging in it. Online Cloud Computing Courses, Training and Certification at Great Learning. 8 Ways a Data Scientist adds value to an Organisation. Payment Options – Online PG Program in Business Analytics (PGP-BABI Online)

Great Lakes’ Online PG Program in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence (PGP-BABI Online) provides you with the ultimate payment flexibility so you can plan your year with us without having to worry about financing options. Our program offers the following payments flexibility: Easy Installments – After the initial admission fee payment, we divide the rest of the course fee into 3 equal installments to minimize your burden of one-time payment. In essence, you pay the fee in a total of 4 installments. Easy Payment Options – Haven’t got the time to visit a bank? Or Can’t find your checkbook? With the online PGP-BABI’s flexi-payment options, you no longer need to wait for a fulfilling and rewarding career in Business Analytics. Cloud Computing Online Training and Certification Courses at Great Learning. 5 Reasons Why Businesses are shifting to Cloud Computing.

Career @ Business Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning Great Learning. Jaipur Off Page Work From 3 May 17. Jaipur Off Page Work From 3 May 17. 5 Ways Analytics is Taking the Aviation Industry to New Heights. Benefit of Cloud Computing Courses. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that cloud computing has a huge demand in the market. Organizations are constantly on the lookout for professionals who have sound understanding of the working of cloud computing services. Also, many companies are going for cloud services, and in the process, they are bringing down the dependence of in-house IT facilities and relying more on cloud service providers. Candidates looking for job opportunities in the cloud computing field have to project their expertise with the process, and a certification is an ample proof of that.

What is Business Analytics? From manual effort to machines, there has been no looking back for humans. In came the digital age and out went the last iota of doubt anyone had regarding the future of mankind. Business Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning, Robotics, and Cloud have revolutionized the way we look, absorb, and process information. The Perks of Choosing Data Science as a Career Option – Great Learning. What is Business Analytics? Business Analyst (Analytics) Online Training at Great Learning.