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Interesting Search Engines. Currency Converter. TimeTicker and the time tickers... 30 Best Online Dictionaries and Thesauri. RefSeek's guide to the 30 best online dictionaries, thesauri, and definition aggregators.

30 Best Online Dictionaries and Thesauri

Listings are judged by authority, coverage, usability, and utility. Directory and search engine for acronyms and abbreviations. - Acronyms - Also see: Acronym Finder Dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations. - Acronyms Aggregator of definitions, encyclopedia entries, and language translations. - Aggregator Cambridge Search multiple dictionaries from Cambridge University Press.

Legend sentence examples. Simple Truths International - Movie Library. Handout: Problem Solving Questions. The following is a series of questions presented under a number of categories that help to analyse a given problem.

Handout: Problem Solving Questions

The set of questions can be used in a handout for people who want to explore a given problem. The questions help delegates to consider different aspects of the problem and create a structured approach in asking the right questions. You can also use this handout in problem solving exercises or as an extra training resource that can be made available to delegates while going through another exercise when addressing problems. Instructions: For each question, consider the contrasting opposites and see where your problem lies. Then add more details as necessary to define the problem further in relation with the opposites mentioned in the question. Definition of the Problem How would you define the problem? Commission vs. Are you doing something wrong, or are you failing to do something? Major Issue vs. Is the problem actively causing issues or is it just a source of irritation? Top 5 Most Commonly Misused Phrases. Looking like a fool is never fun.

Top 5 Most Commonly Misused Phrases

Many non-native speakers of English try not to speak the language as much as possible in order to avoid making mistakes and embarrassing themselves. But what they may not realize is that native English speakers themselves make ridiculous mistakes in English that are probably more embarrassing than making a simple grammatical error. Let’s take a look at some of the most common incorrectly used expressions and learn how they should be used. 1. 25 Digital Tools For Better Tutoring. Like other areas of education, tutoring has seen some radical changes in the past decade courtesy of new and increasingly innovative technologies.

25 Digital Tools For Better Tutoring

50 Incredibly Useful Links For Learning & Teaching The English Language - Teaching a new language to non-native speakers may be one of the most challenging educational jobs out there, so ELL teachers can use all of the help they can get!

50 Incredibly Useful Links For Learning & Teaching The English Language -

Thankfully, many excellent resources for ELL and ESL exist online, from full-service websites to reference tools and communities, all designed to make the task of educating ELL students just a little bit easier and more effective. We’ve scoured the Internet to share 50 of the best of these resources, and we hope you’ll find lots of valuable content and tools through these incredibly useful links for ELL educators. Websites Resource tools, printables, and other great stuff for ELL educators are all available on these sites. Articles & Advice Check out resource lists, journal articles, and ideas for best practices in ELL on these links.

Organizations Take advantage of the great opportunities and resources available from these organizations that benefit ELL teachers. Learning Resources Teaching Resources Reference. Clouds Over Cuba. Moodstream™ by Getty Images. Video Interviews. 10 Types of Wordplay. Information aesthetics - Data Visualization & Information Design. Reviews - Rotten Tomatoes. Favorite Resources. Nonsense Websites that are Amazingly Entertaining. The revolving internet, constant dullaart 2010. The Museum of Me. 'I read it to Diana's coffin and heard a whisper' August 31 1997 started for me long before dawn.

'I read it to Diana's coffin and heard a whisper'

News of Diana's crash was followed by mounting concern, and then confirmation that reports of a broken leg and mild head wounds had been wildly optimistic: the girl I had grown up with, and known for all of my life, had been pursued into a tunnel in Paris, and had been killed. That day of family devastation and worldwide shock ended for me with a flight from Cape Town to London, an overnight journey spent with a box of tissues in one hand, and my address book in the other: if grief was to deprive me of sleep, then I was determined to befuddle the pain by tackling distracting practicalities. One of the questions I set myself was: who should give Diana's eulogy? I went slowly from A to Z, but drew a blank. Arriving in England, I called my mother: "It's got to be me, hasn't it?

" Watch Seeds of Freedom: narrated by Jeremy Irons. Schedule a Class. Popplet. A Rainbow Is A Song: The Wild, Curious & Wonderful World of Synesthesia. What's the Big Idea?

A Rainbow Is A Song: The Wild, Curious & Wonderful World of Synesthesia

On a late winter day in 1922, the sound of a gun shot resounded with a loud boom in the hills surrounding the house of three-year-old Edgar Curtis. The sound itself wasn't out of the ordinary, since the Curtises lived near a firing range. What was extraordinary was the question the boy turned to ask his mother: "What is that big, black noise? " A few days later, when his mother was putting him to bed, Edgar heard the chirping of a shrill cricket and demanded, "What is that little white noise? " For Edgar, low, rhythmic notes were dark in color. Gabo’s Wild Ride: The Incredible Adventures of Gabriel García Márquez.

Nobel prize-winning author Gabriel García Márquez blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. Top 100 Most Beautiful British Slang Words and Phrases. The Vocabula Review - Best Words. The How-to Manual That You Can Edit. News, Sports, Email, TV Listings, Videos - Road Runner.