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Excel. Empathy. Empathy. Tao Te Ching. How To Get Wireless Passwords At Airports When They Don't Have Free Wifi - foXnoMad. The list of passwords in this post is now in app form, WiFox is available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon. Arriving at an airport without free wireless – or the even more frustrating free-if-you’ve-got-a-local-number and email access (no I don’t, I’m traveling dammit!)

– makes it seem like you’re flying around the world in 1999. First, avoid the initial shock of being subjected to a layover without wifi by checking whether or not your connecting airports offer free wireless. Now that you know, for better or for worse, it’s time to prepare yourself digitally and physical to get online on your down time. Use Foursquare Tips The popular location-based social network foursquare (where you can find me as well) is primarily used through its mobile app, however the web-based version is full of searchable tips from users.

Get Password Tips On Your Phone – Both the free 4sqwifi (iOS) and Venue Spot (Android) apps filter foursquare wifi-related tips automatically based on your location. Informative Video on the Pineal Gland & Activating Your Third Eye. 10 Facts About The Human Body. Skills for Future Jobs. Cozy Outdoor Fireplace Hut is a Warm Glowing Play Place. This artful outdoor fireplace from Haugen/Zohar Architects is integrated with a nearby playground, allowing families a chance to duck in and take the chill out of a cool evening playtime.

Cozy Outdoor Fireplace Hut is a Warm Glowing Play Place

The fireplace, built on a playground in Trondheim, Norway, is a wonderfully whimsical structure that provides a place not only to warm up, but to spend time telling stories. Its unique shape is reminiscent of traditional Norwegian turf structures, with a hole at the top for the smoke to escape. A concrete base provides a seating area all around the fire, encouraging bonding over scary stories or tall tales. Kids are encouraged to play in the structure, giving it a triple life as a decorative structure, a functional warming-up space, and an extension of the nearby playground.

The architects, faced with an extremely limited budget, found an inexpensive building material at a nearby construction site. Information. Why Animals "Adopt" Others, Including Different Species. A feel-good tale of sperm whales "adopting" a deformed bottlenose dolphin made an Internet splash this week . The story resonated with readers, including Reddit commenter Fallapoo , who said: "I see a Disney movie in the works. " But the marine mammals aren't the only ones that form odd alliances, experts say.

Such adoptions are relatively common among domestic animals, and occasionally seen in the wild, according to Jenny Holland, author of the 2011 book Unlikely Friendships . ( Read a Q&A with Holland about her book .) Some examples include a dog that nursed a baby squirrel as part of her own litter, captive apes that treated cats like infant apes, and a dog that watched over a baby owl , Holland said by email. Subterranean Ant Cities are Far More Complex than Anyone Thought Possible. Ants Are Capable of Changing Their Priorities. Ants are highly social and they must work together to provide food and shelter for the entire colony.

Ants Are Capable of Changing Their Priorities

It has recently been discovered that there is no set hierarchy on the importance of these aspects, as ants are capable of learning from previous experience to assess a current situation and determine what is most important at that time. Takao Sasaki and Stephen C. Pratt from Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences have published their findings in Biology Letters. The study was focused on Temnothorax rugatulus, an ant species native to the west coast of North America, stretching from British Colombia, Canada down to Arizona in the Sonoran Desert. Ants have many options to consider when looking for a new place to live. While house-hunting, humans may have to tradeoff between things like yard size and proximity to a highway.

This level of intelligence has not been previously described in ants. Why do honeybees love hexagons? - Zack Patterson and Andy Peterson. Your first 3d printer. Custom Printing. Cover - eZine SBR. Voor iedereen die betrokken is bij SBR, is er nu het eZine SBR.

Cover - eZine SBR

Dit online magazine houdt u op de hoogte van ontwikkelingen binnen SBR die van belang zijn voor bedrijven en overheden. 29 Incredibly Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier. Geocube - The world of Geography at your fingertips. Tips. Banned Apps Live Here. Getting things done.

Japanese-Inspired Shoes That Wrap Around Your Feet. Store bought shoes rarely fit perfectly, and bespoke options are too expensive for many.

Japanese-Inspired Shoes That Wrap Around Your Feet

Italian shoe maker Vibram, more commonly known for its military footwear, has come up with a solution to this problem with its Furoshiki Shoes. Furoshiki (風呂敷) are a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used for transporting goods and were first used in the Edo period to carry clothing while at the public baths. Furoshiki shoes, created by Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto, have no laces and instead wrap around the foot–hence the name–fastening with velcro.

Vibram calls it the first ever “wrapping sole.” These novel shoes can be bought from the Japanese Vibram store for about $140 USD, and come in at least five colors. Store bought shoes not always fit perfectly. A–Z Index. CK-12 Help Center. OPEN SOURCE.