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.NET Design Patterns in C# and VB.NET - Gang of Four (GOF) - Design patterns are solutions to software design problems you find again and again in real-world application development.

.NET Design Patterns in C# and VB.NET - Gang of Four (GOF) -

Patterns are about reusable designs and interactions of objects. The 23 Gang of Four (GoF) patterns are generally considered the foundation for all other patterns. They are categorized in three groups: Creational, Structural, and Behavioral (for a complete list see below). To give you a head start, the C# source code for each pattern is provided in 2 forms: structural and real-world. Structural code uses type names as defined in the pattern definition and UML diagrams. Cheat Sheet : All Cheat Sheets in one page. Stop Comparing JSON and XML - DZone Big Data. JSON or XML?

Stop Comparing JSON and XML - DZone Big Data

Coding Resources. Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous. Automatic PHP Regular Expression Building Part 1: Introduction to the PHP Regex Advanced Package - PHP Regex Advanced package blog. Contents Introduction The Beginning Problem The Concept of Meta Regular Expression Matching The PHP Advanced Regex package Conclusion Introduction.

Automatic PHP Regular Expression Building Part 1: Introduction to the PHP Regex Advanced Package - PHP Regex Advanced package blog

How does the Free Trial work? : Digital-Tutors Helpdesk. Code Snippets. Android. Concepts in Programming with Scratch. PHP 7 Nested Anonymous Classes Tutorial - PHP Classes blog. Contents Introduction Return the Anonymous Class Visibility Private Means Private Conclusion Introduction.

PHP 7 Nested Anonymous Classes Tutorial - PHP Classes blog

Tutorials for SVG, VSAM, COBOL, XSD, XPath, Redis, XSLT, Java XML, VBA, JFreeChart, Lucene, Selenium, DTD, Powerpoint, Tcl/Tk, XML, Software Engineering and many more latest technologies. Top 10 Ways to Teach Yourself to Code.

Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes. Learn to Code. Websites for Learning Programming. A Web Development Roadmap for Beginners. Leer (gratis) programmeren op deze 7 websites. Our Mailouts. Android* - Services to Test Your Android Apps on Intel Devices. Thinkful. Vogella Tutorials. Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming. Graph Computation, Layout, Algorithms for JavaScript. Training videos, books & free excerpts - Crane Softwrights Ltd.

The materials found in the products listed below are the basis of hands-on training delivered publicly and privately by licensees around the world.

Training videos, books & free excerpts - Crane Softwrights Ltd.

Special note regarding the hyperlinked PDF files: The 1-up versions of the books are bookmarked, extensively indexed and hyperlinked. Every page has hyperlinks into the index at the bottom center. Every page number in the index is hyperlinked into the body of the text. Links to external specifications bring up a browser window navigated to the section cited. These features make these books indispensable aids to navigating the external publications. 1. Tuts+ Code Learning Guides. Expert Cheat Sheets & Tutorial Guides for Developers. DZone. We’re not sure whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but today’s mobile users are a hard crowd to please.


When they begin interacting with an interface, they very quickly lose patience with anything even slightly below standard, and can have little interest in learning to use confusing or unpredictable UIs. If you’ve ever found yourself so enraged with an app you’re ready to throw your phone against the wall, you’ll understand the need for creating interfaces which are user friendly. We see enterprise apps make the same mistakes time and again - navigation is confusing, inputs and outputs are unclear and users end up feeling alienated from the product. Common data visualization errors include:

AJAX Tutorial. Bootstrap Toolbox - Tools, Utilities, Generators and Templates. Ever since it was initially released, Bootstrap has taken the internet by a storm.

Bootstrap Toolbox - Tools, Utilities, Generators and Templates

It keeps growing in popularity with each passing day — and why shouldn’t it be popular? After all, where else do you find a responsive framework with such an extensive library of pre-styled components, and a community that offers many, many extras and addons? In this collection, we have put together some of the best Bootstrap resources.


Tutorials for App Inventor 2. How to share data between stored procedures. An SQL text by Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP.

How to share data between stored procedures

Most recent update 2013-11-02. Introduction This article tackles two related questions: Infographic: The Entire JavaScript Language in One Single Image. Chinese-based developer Yusheng, has created a nice graphic that assembles the entire JavaScript programming syntax into one single all-encompassing image.

Infographic: The Entire JavaScript Language in One Single Image

Regardless of what the TIOBE Index says, JavaScript, and not Java, is the hottest programming language right now. This popularity was won very hard, having to fight through a period where the language seemed to have stood still with no new features being released for a period of four years. Despite this, developers rushed to the language, mainly due to the technologies being developed on top of it, and more specifically Node.js. If today some of you want to delve into JavaScript in the upcoming future, there are many tutorials you can find online, all great resources for learning the language's fundamentals from the ground up in a matter of days. But if things are constantly escaping your memory, Chinese-based developer Yusheng has assembled a nice mind map of the entire JavaScript language syntax, complete with code examples.

Not the usual suspects: 10 plucky programming languages on the rise. A New Programming Language That Can Shape Our DNA. Scientists have studied the behavior of complex biological molecules such as DNA for decades.

A New Programming Language That Can Shape Our DNA

Now they are moving to being able to control that behavior in test tubes and inside cells. Last month, a team led at the University of Washington announced they had devised and successfully tested a programming language that can guide the assembly of synthetic DNA molecules into a circuit that can perform a task, just as a software developer would write code to send commands to a computer. Learn to Code: Programming Tutorials and Resources. Getting started with HTML5 Everybody's talking about HTML5, understand how to use some of it's best features. Learning jQuery with Street Fighter Gain a basic understanding of jQuery and how to use it on your own projects. jQuery-ajaxTransport-XDomainRequest. jQuery. JavaScript Best Practices Part 1. Javascript Best Practices, Part 1 Make it Understandable Choose easy to understand and short names for variables and functions.

Bad variable names: Also bad variable names: incrementerForMainLoopWhichSpansFromTenToTwenty } createNewMemberIfAgeOverTwentyOneAndMoonIsFull Avoid describing a value with your variable or function name. JavaScript Best Practices Part 2. Optimize Loops Loops can get terribly slow in JavaScript. Pyjs.


MiniBloq. The most brilliant and simple WordPress tutorials.