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The Cloudy Logic of "Political" Shootings - James Fallows - Politics. After this horrible news from Tucson.... ... let me amplify something I said half-coherently in a live conversation with Guy Raz on All Things Considered a little while ago.

The Cloudy Logic of "Political" Shootings - James Fallows - Politics

My intended point was: The Shorty Awards - Honoring the best of Twitter and social media. Untitled. ANTANANARIVO, Jul 29 (IPS) - Brigitte Rasamoelina and Yvette Sylla are women with two different approaches to politics in Madagascar.


One formed a political party, while the other decided to legalise her organisation as an association. But both women are considering running in Madagascar's November elections. But they know that it will not be an easy road. "We'll have to be assertive and prove ourselves," they each confided separately to IPS. MOMocrats™ Crooks and Liars. Letter to Sarah From the Netherlands « Malia Litman's Blog. June 17, 2010 Dearest Half-Term-Ex-Governor Palin: I have a dear friend who lives in Louisiana, but is originally from the Netherlands.

Letter to Sarah From the Netherlands « Malia Litman's Blog

Her name is Doortje (meaning “Gift of God”) Van Dijk (meaning of “Dike”). Bear in Denali National Park. Michelle Kraus: The Politics of Distraction: The Arizona Immigra. The Politics of Distraction have proven very effective for the GOP yet again.

Michelle Kraus: The Politics of Distraction: The Arizona Immigra

It was sheer brilliance to use the Palin wannabe, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. She broke open immigration reform and, once again upset the proverbial apple cart this week. Check her out on national television complete with her pearls, hair and righteous indignation. Watch out! On Burning Sea Turtles Alive. It's been difficult to find any hard evidence that turtles were indeed burned alive.

On Burning Sea Turtles Alive

There haven't been reports of charred shells or eye-witness accounts of seeing actual turtles on fire. That said, the Los Angeles Times yesterday corroborated part of Ellis's account: "But the burn operations have proved particularly excruciating for the turtle researchers, who have been trolling the same lines of oil and seaweed as the boom boats, hoping to pull turtles out of the sargassum before they are burned alive... Yet in one case, the crew had to fall back and watch as skimmers gathered up a long line of sargassum that hadn't yet been searched--and which they believe was full of turtles that might have been saved.

" Petty Officer Crystal Kneen from the Deepwater Horizon Joint Information Center in Houma, Louisiana, said that she didn't know of any turtles harmed by the burn.