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Ad Watch: Proposition 46 backers hide the ball in first TV ad - Capitol and California - The Sacramento Bee. Supporters of a Nov. 4 ballot initiative are airing a television advertisement featuring Tennessee Dr.

Ad Watch: Proposition 46 backers hide the ball in first TV ad - Capitol and California - The Sacramento Bee

Stephen Loyd. The measure, Proposition 46, would require random drug and alcohol testing of doctors and increase to about $1.1 million the state’s $250,000 cap on medical malpractice awards. Loyd, a former addict who went on to become acting chief of medicine at Mountain Home VA Medical Center in Tennessee, has become a fixture of the proponents’ campaign, speaking with opinion-makers on the need for doctor drug testing. Here’s the text of the ad, followed by analysis from Christopher Cadelago of The Bee Capitol Bureau: Loyd: “I’m a doctor of internal medicine with something terrible to admit. Analysis: The initiative’s proponents are presenting just one of the measure’s three prongs: random drug and alcohol testing.

The 500,000 number cited in the ad is a stretch in more ways than one. Using text on the screen, the ad also contends that nearly 1 in 5 will have substance abuse problems. The Cloudy Logic of "Political" Shootings - James Fallows - Politics. After this horrible news from Tucson.... ... let me amplify something I said half-coherently in a live conversation with Guy Raz on All Things Considered a little while ago.

The Cloudy Logic of "Political" Shootings - James Fallows - Politics

My intended point was: Shootings of political figures are by definition "political. " That's how the target came to public notice; it is why we say "assassination" rather than plain murder. But it is striking how rarely the "politics" of an assassination (or attempt) match up cleanly with the main issues for which a public figure has stood. There is a longer list of odder or murkier motives:- Leo Ryan, the first (and, we hope, still the only) Representative to be killed in the line of duty, was gunned down in Guyana in 1978 for an investigation of the Jim Jones/Jonestown cult, not any "normal" political issue. - Sirhan Sirhan horribly transformed American politics by killing Robert F. . - So too with Arthur Bremer, who tried to kill George C. That's the further political ramification here. The Shorty Awards - Honoring the best of Twitter and social media.

Untitled. ANTANANARIVO, Jul 29 (IPS) - Brigitte Rasamoelina and Yvette Sylla are women with two different approaches to politics in Madagascar. One formed a political party, while the other decided to legalise her organisation as an association. But both women are considering running in Madagascar's November elections. But they know that it will not be an easy road. "We'll have to be assertive and prove ourselves," they each confided separately to IPS. "There are very few women in decision-making bodies" in the Indian Ocean's big island, said Sylla. In Madagascar, the political world is still dominated by men. The situation was hardly better under the regime of former President Marc Ravalomanana. "There were few women in the leadership of the party," she said, adding that "it was not for lack of skills, or will or values.

" Rasamoelina, however, called her party Ampela mpanao politika (AMP - Women in Politics). This membership figure is one that Sylla cannot compete with right now. MOMocrats™ Crooks and Liars. Letter to Sarah From the Netherlands « Malia Litman's Blog. June 17, 2010 Dearest Half-Term-Ex-Governor Palin: I have a dear friend who lives in Louisiana, but is originally from the Netherlands.

Letter to Sarah From the Netherlands « Malia Litman's Blog

Her name is Doortje (meaning “Gift of God”) Van Dijk (meaning of “Dike”). Before lapsing into a coma, Doortje asked me to write to you to explain a few things. Doortje has been afflicted with PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) since September of 2008. Doortje’s, last words before falling into a state of unconsciousness were, “Sarah Palin is a dumb ass”. In case Doortje ever regains consciousness, I seek divine intervention, praying that you will refrain from uttering another word about the oil spill in Louisiana. I know that you said in your book Going Rogue that you were an expert in energy, and I know John McCain agreed. In your recent interview with Bill O’Reilly, you suggested that there were two points you would make to President Obama, if anyone asked for your input.

Dikes were never built to address any type of oil spill. Kindest Regards, Bear in Denali National Park. Michelle Kraus: The Politics of Distraction: The Arizona Immigra. On Burning Sea Turtles Alive.