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Planning to take your faithful BlackBerry along on a trip to the United Arab Emirates? Think again. The showdown between the Middle Eastern nation and the makers of the popular electronic devices escalated Monday, with Research in Motion (RIM) assuring its customers that it would not alter its security methods, while the United Arab Emirates said its BlackBerry ban, though it won’t cover phone calls, also will apply to Americans and other foreign visitors. The State Department on Monday said the impending ban sets a “dangerous precedent,” a statement that prompted a volley back from the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Washington. The dispute started Sunday, when the United Arab Emirates government announced that it would block RIM’s service to the half-million local users, citing the company’s repeated failure to comply with national security rules. UAE rules set off BlackBerry storm UAE rules set off BlackBerry storm
According to the Wall St. Journal, “more than 25,000 adults in the U.S. are victims of GPS stalking annually, including by cellphone.” The article notes that a cell phone account holder can track everyone on the account. Cell Phone Stalking Cell Phone Stalking
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Update: Ex-Hacker Denies Alleged WikiLeaker Gave Him Classified Documents | Threat Level Update: Ex-Hacker Denies Alleged WikiLeaker Gave Him Classified Documents | Threat Level An Army intelligence analyst who is charged with leaking classified documents to the secret-spilling site WikiLeaks also allegedly sent classified documents to the hacker who turned him in to the feds, according to a friend and associate of the hacker who helped connect him with federal agents. Note: Adrian Lamo has now denied this. See the update at the bottom of this post. Chet Uber, director of Project Vigilant, the volunteer, non-profit arm of a corporate security firm, was one of the first people former hacker Adrian Lamo called after Army private Bradley Manning contacted him and disclosed that he had leaked classified documents and videos to WikiLeaks. If Uber’s claims about the documents are true, this would be the first indication that Manning had sent Lamo classified documents.
AFCEA International - The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
Nieuws - Bij wellicht de meest omstreden demonstratie op hackersconferentie Defcon is getoond hoe mobiele telefoons zijn af te luisteren met eenvoudige middelen. Een arrestatie dreigde. Op de Defcon hacking conferentie in Las Vegas stond hacker Chris Paget afgelopen zaterdag ingedeeld om live te laten zien hoe mobiele telefoons makkelijk zijn af te luisteren. Gsm afluisteren kan nu heel goedkoop Gsm afluisteren kan nu heel goedkoop
Obama Signs Law Authorizing Suppression of Torture Photos « The Washington Independent Among other things in the Homeland Security appropriations bill President Obama signed into law yesterday is a provision that authorizes the Defense Department to continue to conceal photos of the torture and abuse of detainees by U.S. forces. The American Civil Liberties Union had specifically sought those photos, and sued to get them, among other documents relating to detainee abuse, in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. The exemption signed, however, is much broader than simply the photos sought in the lawsuit. Obama Signs Law Authorizing Suppression of Torture Photos « The Washington Independent
Pentagon bars staff from visiting WikiLeaks The U.S. armed services are issuing internal messages to all personnel barring them from visiting the WikiLeaks website, which recently posted 77,000 classified diplomatic and military messages on the long war in Afghanistan. Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman confirmed Thursday for The Washington Times that all four services “have put out such messages” after The Times had obtained copies of Navy and Marine Corps messages banning troops from accessing WikiLeaks. Mr. Whitman later told The Times that the Army and Air Force had not yet issued such statements. The orders seem to be the most far-reaching effort by the Pentagon in its ongoing effort to stop the release of classified information. The military is telling the troops they cannot even view what is publicly available, even though the WikiLeaks documents are on hundreds of websites. Pentagon bars staff from visiting WikiLeaks
TNO testte bodyscanners met opslag naaktbeelden | AMSTERDAM - Bij het testen van de bodyscanner blijkt TNO ook een variant met opslag te hebben onderzocht. Foto: ANP Dat erkent woordvoerster Mirjam Snoerwang van de luchthaven Schiphol tegenover BNR Nieuwsradio. Eerder zei de woordvoerster nog dat de apparatuur niet geschikt is voor de opslag van afbeeldingen. Dat houdt ze nog steeds vol, omdat de opslagapparatuur niet in het bezit van de luchthaven zou zijn. Ook benadrukt ze dat de bodyscanner niet op een netwerk is aangesloten. TNO testte bodyscanners met opslag naaktbeelden |
Government-Sanctioned Assassinations - Video -
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Pentagon's DARPA Unit Goes Wiki With Crowdsourced Tech Project CULTURE - Printemps de Bourges 2014. 3e album, ça y est c'est le temps de la reconnaissance, on nous demande notre avis sur le rock français. Ce jeudi 24 avril, on va jouer le même soir que Fauve et Detroit, a priori les 2 grands noms qu'on verra dans tous les festivals cet été. Cheveu Trio de musiciens post-rock TECHNO - L'ère du numérique s'impose aujourd'hui dans notre vie quotidienne et dans les programmes de l'Education nationale. Le potentiel éducatif de ces nouvelles technologies est indéniable, mais quels sont les risques? Pentagon's DARPA Unit Goes Wiki With Crowdsourced Tech Project
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English libel law is becoming a global disgrace Jo Glanville, Director English PEN: Our libel laws allow the rich and powerful to silence their critics and stop the general public from receiving vital information in their interest. We need to reform our libel laws now to protect the freedom of speech of every citizen. Kirsty Hughes, the CEO of Index on Censorship: Libel Reform Campaign - Free Speech Is Not For Sale Libel Reform Campaign - Free Speech Is Not For Sale
There’s already debate about whether Wikileaks’s release of 92,000 classified documents on the war in Afghanistan was more of a milestone in the annals of national security and the press than the 1971 leak of the Pentagon Papers, the U.S. government’s classified report on the Vietnam War. It’s clear enough, though, that today’s technological landscape severely limits the government’s range of options to fight back against such leaks, but also provides a range of tools to protect against future ones. Confronted with the release of classified documents on the Wikileaks website–followed by nearly as many news reports on the phenomenon–the U.S. government’s reaction was calculatedly mild. Technology Review: Technology Lessons from the Wikileaks Saga
Op zoek naar verzoening De militaire junta van Birma (Myanmar) heeft voor 2010 verkiezingen beloofd en de start van een verzoeningsproces. Maar het is inmiddels al duidelijk dat de generaals niet van plan zijn de macht terug te geven aan het volk. Daarom gaat verslaggever Z (codenaam) van de oppositiezender Democratic Voice of Burma op zoek naar voorbeelden van democratisering en verzoening in andere landen.
United States Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina : Press Room WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today said the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) court challenge to the regulation restricting their ability to contest the Obama Administration’s authorization of a ‘Kill or Capture’ policy against Anwar Al-Awlaki should be rejected. Graham further stated that the Treasury Department should reject the ACLU and CCR request for a license to provide legal services to Al-Awlaki’s benefit. Al-Awlaki, a radical Muslim cleric with strong ties to Al-Qaeda, is believed to be hiding in Yemen. Al-Awlaki is an American citizen.
WikiLeaks in Baghdad One by one, soldiers just arriving in Baghdad were taken into a room and questioned by their commanding officers. "All questions led up to the big question," explains former Army Spc. Josh Stieber. "If someone were to pull out a weapon in a marketplace full of unarmed civilians, would you open fire on that person, even if you knew you would hurt a lot of innocent people in the process?" About the Author Ryan Harvey
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