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Team - X Blades Racing - The World's Leading Drone Racing Team. Flying Labs – WeRobotics. CRRTT - Freelance Creative Developer. Pitch for Investors @DronePort. Are you active in the drone sector and looking for funding, partnerships or clients?

Pitch for Investors @DronePort

Sign up for Pitch for Investors @DronePort On October 16, 2019 we will give you the opportunity to pitch for the drone industry (LRM, EUKA, DronePort, Liof (Euregio), etc.). Accelerate your growth process cycle by bringing you into contact with the right people. Which companies can register? European Consortium Will Address Drone Traffic Management - DRONELIFE. As commercial drones take flight more and more across Europe, regulators are joining forces with UAS companies to establish standardized drone rules and traffic management best practices across the continent.

European Consortium Will Address Drone Traffic Management - DRONELIFE

A group of 13 public and private organizations recently created the SAFIR consortium to “demonstrate integrated Drone Traffic Management for a broad range of drone operations in Belgium” with the hope of spreading the process throughout the European Union. According to the consortium’s website: “SAFIR will carry out multiple studies and demonstrations for drone operations that are viable, robust and ready-to-implement throughout Europe.

These demonstrations will include surveillance flights (including container terminal inspection, oil spill inspection) in the Port of Antwerp, parcel delivery, medical inter-hospital transport, high voltage line mapping and pylon inspection. The regulations state: European Consortium Will Address Drone Traffic Management - DRONELIFE. European Consortium Will Address Drone Traffic Management - DRONELIFE. With Drone Deliveries on the Horizon, Europe Moves to Set Ground Rules. The Safir project is happening at a transitional moment for the European Union’s commercial drone industry.

With Drone Deliveries on the Horizon, Europe Moves to Set Ground Rules

The European Parliament and Council just expanded the bloc’s regulatory authority to include all civil drones, and the European Commission is completing a harmonized set of rules for drone use. The Gatwick shutdown, which affected the travel plans of more than 140,000 people days before the Christmas holiday, “opened our eyes” to the importance of the European Commission’s regulatory work, Mr. Brussels Airport. Brussels Airport “At Droneport, Brussels Airport Company has the opportunity to be in very close contact with all drone related industries, with involved government agencies and key users and be at first hand aware of ongoing trends and technological improvements!

Brussels Airport

“ As a national airport located in the heart of Europe, Brussels Airport is the ideal gateway to Brussels, Belgium and the rest of the world. Brussels Airport is simultaneously a city in itself, bustling with activity, innovation and engagement. If we want to reach our ambitious destination by 2040, we need a foolproof accounting system and financial strategy.

Our Finance & Strategy team looks after the scheduling, budget, scope and quality of all our projects and activities. Strategic planning. Scaling Responsive Animations. Easily manage projects with Scaling our websites and applications so that they look great on every screen can be difficult.

Scaling Responsive Animations

A big portion of that difficulty can be trying to get specific components, particularly ones that have pieces that have to stay a certain size (like animations), to look good regardless of the screen size. In this post, we'll cover how to help keep our responsive animations sized the way we want them. Before we get into specific techniques, there are a couple basic guidelines we want to keep in mind: Relazione Generale.

Master Plan dell'aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli Capodichino - Documentazione - Valutazioni e Autorizzazioni Ambientali - VAS - VIA - AIA. Info Societarie - NAP. GE.S.A.C.

Info Societarie - NAP

S.p.A. – Gestione Servizi Aeroporti Campani – è stata costituita nel 1980, a maggioranza pubblica, su iniziativa del Comune di Napoli, della Provincia di Napoli e dell'Alitalia (la quota di quest'ultima è stata successivamente rilevata dalla SEA di Milano). Nell'agosto del 1997, gli enti pubblici azionisti hanno ceduto alla BAA, gruppo inglese leader nel mondo nella gestione aeroportuale, ognuno, il 35% delle azioni in proprio possesso. f8f757e1 efbf 45f7 a354 9a19f493b75f. 2019 Investor Deck HFin bond. Showcase Pages. About us - Airobotics. Drone Technology & Education. NEW APPLICATIONS & OPPORTUNITIES FOR UAVS.

Exhibition The Commercial UAV Show offers a range of outstanding opportunities for manufacturers and solution providers.


These include senior sponsorship packages and variety of exhibition booths on a large floor plan. If you are looking to engage with and influence the UAV community, then this is your best ROI opportunity in 2019. The exhibition floor offers over 120 booths. Top Commercial Drone Events Of 2019. Check our 50+ list of the top commercial drone events of 2019.

Top Commercial Drone Events Of 2019

Which events will you visit this year to keep you updated on the latest technology, develop your professional network and increase your sales ? The commercial and civil UAV market is still booming even if at a slightly slower pace than originally predicted but new products and new applications are still emerging. 5+ years in and the first bloom of drones has faded and we are now looking at drone technology as another tool in the toolkit, focusing more on how they aid data acquisition. We have said goodbye to some early companies and have seen urban mobility rise. The Drone Racing League Simulator on Steam. FLY THE WORLDS FASTEST DRONESHome to the fastest drones on the planet, the Drone Racing League is proud to offer players the most electrifying FPV drone racing experience ever: the DRL Simulator!

The Drone Racing League Simulator on Steam

RACE KILLER TRACKSRace on supercharged tracks, designed by the pros, for the pros, and master the skills that could take you to the big leagues! That's right! The best DRL Simulator pilots compete for a chance to take on and stun real world champions, in real life Drone Racing League events! FEATURES• Customize and optimize your drones in the garage• Real-time multiplayer• Freestyle mode • Race real-life DRL courses based on current and previous seasons• Learn new skills and practice them using the training mode• Explore original maps• Compare your times against your rivals on our leaderboards• Face your opponent's ghost drones• Watch your performance with our advanced replay systemDo you have what it takes?

World Air Sports Federation. Drones: Reporting for Work. Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2019 - 2024) Market Snapshot Fastest Growing Market: Asia Pacific. Boxpark Croydon / BDP. Area: 2622.0 m2 Year: 2016 Photographs: Nick Caville More Specs Less Specs Text description provided by the architects. BDP’s £3m Croydon Boxpark opens. The scheme forms part of the £1 billion mixed-use Ruskin Square development next to East Croydon station and was built in partnership with the council, Schroders and Stanhope. Built from 96 shipping containers, the stacked boxes create a dining space focused on small independent traders and builds on the first Boxpark which opened in Shoreditch in 2011.

Boxpark Croydon by BDP Source: Nick Caville Architect’s view Our design creates a semi-enclosed market hall – like Covent Garden or La Boqueria in Barcelona – so it has a central focus to the scheme with the units arranged around it, as well as outdoor terrace spaces. Shipping containers are an intrinsic component of the Boxpark brand. Boxpark Croydon. Amazon has patented a drone skyscraper designed for city delivery. Image courtesy of the United States Patent Office The massive online retailer company Amazon, which recently acquired the grocery chain Whole Foods for $13.4 billion, is attempting to push even further into the future of internet commerce.

The company has recently patented a “multi-level fulfillment center for unmanned vehicles,” or in simpler terms, a drone skyscraper. As discovered, while patents do not necessarily mean this tower will be created, the plan has detailed sketches showing a giant beehive from where drones would fly in and out. Image courtesy of the United States Patent Office Designed for densely populated areas, the tower would have robotic arms that would be able to grab drones from the sky.

Last spring, 6sqft wrote about a similar project that reimagined New York City’s tallest and most expensive tower, 432 Park Avenue, as a terminal for drones. [Via] #Dronestrategy ITALIAN Travel Drone Strategy  #Dronestrategy ITALIAN Travel Drone Strategy #Dronestrategy ITALY What should you know if you want to fly your DRONE IN ITALY Location :Italy , Rome, from 2013 to 2019 Well , as you can see in the above object I flew with a Drone in Italy from a long time In this years many things are changed , DJI and in general speaking , Drones are became more smart and their abilities more advanced , sensor , flight controls cameras , IMU , Geofencing , double GPS and so … even the safety level has been improved …

Robotics Competition. STEAM Education - Tello EDU Programmable Drone - DJI. Poste Italiane, nuovi impegni per i piccoli Comuni. Visualizzazione database operatori professionali droni e UAV, riprese aeree - DronEzine. Drone building houses. Amazon And Google Delivery Drones Will Likely Fly In Europe First - Urban Drones. No results found. Home » Droneport. Droni e mercato. Federazione italiana volo drone. Cosa significa UAV? - Dronizionario. APR, SAPR e Aeromodello: cosa sono e quali sono le differenze? - Riprese aeree Drone. Iniziare a pilotare dei piccoli droni può portare a moltissime soddisfazioni e, allo stesso tempo, anche alla voglia di approfondire la materia.

Per questo motivo tanti vorrebbero conoscere più a fondo gli elementi cardine della gestione di un drone, come accade, ad esempio, per la differenza APR e SAPR. Queste due sigle sono davvero onnipresenti nel mondo dei droni, e capire a che cosa si riferiscono può diventare essenziale, soprattutto per non sbagliare i propri acquisti. You can stay the night in a restored World War II air control tower in the Scottish Highlands. Attention history nerds (said with love) and anyone who fancies escaping to the Scottish Highlands.

Assegno di ricerca “Educational for Drone – e Drone” - Settore Scientifico Disciplinare: ING – INF07 Misure elettriche ed elettroniche - Codice UGov IST78. Game Of Drones 2019. Corso Pilota Droni – DroniHub Droni, accessori Dji e corsi Enac. 12 Top Drones With Excellent Cameras, GPS, Autopilot And Low Prices. The top drones reviewed here all have excellent 4k cameras, GPS and autopilot systems giving you many options when it comes to flying, aerial filming and photography. These latest drones also have incredibly low prices due to the competition in the drone sector. 5 Steps for Entrepreneurs with an Idea, but No Funding. Every business starts with an idea. Whether you have an idea for a great new product or a service that will revolutionize an industry, your inspiration is a great start.

10 Ways to Find Investors For Your Startup. Liquid Telecom - A look inside the world’s very first droneport. Investor presentation final 15 2 2011. 30 Legendary Startup Pitch Decks and What You Can Learn From Them. What is a Pitch Deck – Pitch Deck Template. DronePort - EBST. Guy Kawasaki - The Only 10 Slides You Need in Your Pitch. Mercato: Droni sempre più in alto tra le preferenze dei consumatori - DronEzine. Droni e mercato. The Drone Market and Industry Trends.