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Web development (Codes)

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Top 50 Free Open Source Classes on Computer Science : Comtechtor. Computer science is an interesting field to go into.

Top 50 Free Open Source Classes on Computer Science : Comtechtor

There are a number of opportunities in computer science that you can take advantage of. With computers increasingly becoming a regular part of life, those who can work with computers have good opportunities. You can find a good salary with a program in computer science, and as long as you are careful to keep up your skills. Here are 50 free opencourseware classes that can help you learn more about computer science: Introduction to Computer Science Learn the basics of computer science, and get a foundation in how computer science works. Introduction to Computer Science: Learn about the history of computing, as well as the development of computer languages. Comprehensive Computer Science Collections.

Creating a picture gallery with HTML5 canvas - Ubelly. Displaying pictures in a gallery is something that so easy to do with one of the many jQuery Plugins, but what if you want to use the HTML5 canvas tag?

Creating a picture gallery with HTML5 canvas - Ubelly

Capital FM recently created a HTML5 showcase page called Be A Star and at the bottom they show off a rather fancy image gallery. The gallery uses HTML5 canvas and below I’m going to show how you can create something like this yourself. If you want to see how they also used CSS3 check this post out. The canvas tag is like a bitmap, once we draw an image on the canvas we can’t go back and query that image to obtain it’s properties. Unlike DOM objects we can not simply animate them by altering their x and y coordinates.

Introduction to Algorithms - Download free content from MIT. Beginning Game Development: Part VIII - DirectSound. Welcome to the eighth article on beginning game development.

Beginning Game Development: Part VIII - DirectSound

We have spent a lot of time working with the graphics capabilities of DirectX. We also covered how the DirectX API allows us to control input devices. Now we are going to look at another facet of DirectX, the ability to control sound devices. This capability is found in the DirectSound and AudioVideoPlayback namespaces. Sound in Games Sound creates an ambiance in a game that provides for a more immersive game experience. Sound effects also provide the same audible cues we expect in real life, such as the direction and speed of a person approaching us based on the volume, direction, and frequency of the footsteps. 7 Reasons You Should Use #Hashtags In Your Tweets - The Link Medic - Free Blogging Resources. A hashtag is simply a keyword marked by the # symbol in front of it.

7 Reasons You Should Use #Hashtags In Your Tweets - The Link Medic - Free Blogging Resources

In some geekier circles it’s known as an octothorp, which might be good to know if you’re appearing on Jeopardy. Java Programming Cheatsheet. This appendix summarizes the most commonly-used Java language features in the textbook.

Java Programming Cheatsheet

Here are the APIs of the most common libraries. Hello, World. Editing, compiling, and executing. Built-in data types. 5 Great Resources To Learn How To Code. However, more often than not, there seems to be a problem of actually finding good content online that can teach you to code.

5 Great Resources To Learn How To Code

Experimenting with a language can only get you so far. To master it, you need to have proper guidance from people who actually know what they are talking about. The Shapes of CSS. 30 HTML Best Practices for Beginners. The most difficult aspect of running Nettuts+ is accounting for so many different skill levels.

30 HTML Best Practices for Beginners

If we post too many advanced tutorials, our beginner audience won't benefit. The same holds true for the opposite. We do our best, but always feel free to pipe in if you feel you're being neglected. This site is for you, so speak up! With that said, today's tutorial is specifically for those who are just diving into web development. Without further ado, let's review thirty best practices to observe when creating your markup. 1: Always Close Your Tags Back in the day, it wasn't uncommon to see things like this: Notice how the wrapping UL/OL tag was omitted. Better 2: Declare the Correct DocType When I was younger, I participated quite a bit in CSS forums. Validate the CSS file. "The DOCTYPE goes before the opening html tag at the top of the page and tells the browser whether the page contains HTML, XHTML, or a mix of both, so that it can correctly interpret the markup. " Real-time HTML Editor.

Show Me HTML. Am I Human? How to Defend Your Web Forms from Spam Bots Using Javascript. What’s the ideal check to protect your web forms from spambots?

Am I Human? How to Defend Your Web Forms from Spam Bots Using Javascript

No one really likes having to copy squiggly letters from a CAPTCHA image, but is there a better alternative? The ideal check would be one that most people don’t ever notice, but which effectively keeps out all spambots. In this tutorial, I describe a technique that uses Javascript to recognise human activity based on screen events, which works very well for us. In a discussion on Scratch Forums on the merits of CAPTCHA, one of our members suggested a possible alternative that detected JavaScript events (mouse events, keystrokes) to show that it’s a human completing the form. I took on the challenge of creating a simple JS-based alternative to CAPTCHA, which I’ll explain below. High-level Requirements Am I Human? Training, Videos, Tools, Resources, Learning.

PHP for Beginners: Building Your First Simple CMS.