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Read Now (moonee valley regional lib) SLV State Library Vic I audio and video. National Library of Australia I Audio. Podcasts of Interest – Circulating Ideas. Banned LibraryThe Banned Library contains information about the worst books that have been challenged or banned from schools, libraries, or your own backyard.

Podcasts of Interest – Circulating Ideas

Bellwether FriendsJust a couple of podcasting librarians, talking mostly about pop culture. Better Library LeadersHosted by Dr. Sarah Clark, Better Library Leaders is a podcast designed to explore the elements of great libraries and great library leaders. Beyond the StacksA podcast exploring interesting and unexpected career paths for librarians and information professionals. Book Club for MasochistsBecoming better library staff by reading books we hate! Book SquadOnce a month, the librarians are in, with their favorite recommendations in Two Book Minimum, a toe-to-toe discussion on a book or topic in She Said/She Said, as well as news from the book world, updates from Lawrence Public Library, Audio Reader programs, and beyond. Cardigan RippersTwo librarians who love romance. i like big booksA podcast about novels that go on forever. Circulating Ideas – the librarian interview podcast. 5 Thought-Provoking Podcasts Every Librarian Should Listen To.

Late to the podcast game?

5 Thought-Provoking Podcasts Every Librarian Should Listen To

Here are some of our quick recommendations for where to start! From librarians, for librarians. 1) Cyberpunk Librarian Hosted by Daniel Messer, the Web Content Manager for the Maricopa Country Library District — that’s in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, by the way — the Cyberpunk Librarian podcast explores ideas, trends, and other relevant topics for technologically minded librarians who are high tech but have a low budget. Links: Check out Episode 46 – Minecraft for Librarians – it’s a great starting point for the uninitiated who want to get on the Minecraft bandwagon.You can listen to the podcast on YouTube and access the resources mentioned in each episode on their website.Read more about Dan here. 2) T is for Training In their own words, T is for Training is “an informal podcast dedicated but not obsessed with training in libraries”.

Timing-wise it might be complicated since they’re in the US, but you can call into the show! 3) LibUX 4) Open paren. Technology Podcasts for Librarians – Library Technology Launchpad. Just in the past few months several new technology podcasts have launched which are useful for any librarian interested in technology.

Technology Podcasts for Librarians – Library Technology Launchpad

A few address library technology topics specifically, while others cover general technology that has relevance to libraries. Here are some of the best technology podcasts for librarians. Library Technology Library 20/20: A Podcast about the Future of Libraries Follow along with Charlie Bennett as he talks through the renovation and modernization of the Georgia Tech Library as an example of the future of libraries, especially with the use of technology. The Library Pros This new podcast (since March) is produced by Chris and Bob, a technology librarian and an “Information Technology professional” who cover new technology applicable to public libraries. LibUX Covering all aspects of the library user experience. Listen on Google PlayListen on iTunesListen on SoundcloudListen on Stitcher. The Complete Guide to the Best Library Podcasts – Super Library Marketing: All kinds of marketing ideas for all kinds of libraries.

The Wonderful World of Library Podcasts. By Gwen Vanderhage, MLIS Pod·cast (ˈpädˌkast) Noun A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

The Wonderful World of Library Podcasts

Verb To make (a digital audio file) available as a podcast. I am an avid podcast consumer. Guess what? Here are some of my favorites. By far the coolest show I have listened to is Lost in the Stacks from WREK, the student radio station at Georgia Tech. Technology Podcasts for Librarians – Library Technology Launchpad. BOOK RIOT. Turbitt & Duck – Purveyors of Cultural Expertise & Library Sass to the Discerning Connoisseur since 1885. GLAM Podcasts – Turbitt & Duck. CardiCast – newCardigan. Circulating Ideas – the librarian interview podcast. The Librarian Is In Podcast. Ann Arbor District Library.

Fri, 09/07/2018 - 10:47am For more than fifty years, Paul Simon has spoken to us in songs about alienation, doubt, resilience, and empathy in ways that have established him as one of the most beloved artists in American pop music history.

Ann Arbor District Library

Songs like “The Sound of Silence,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Still Crazy After All These Years,” and “Graceland” have moved beyond the sales charts and into our cultural consciousness. But Simon is a deeply private person who has resisted speaking to us outside of his music. He has said he will not write an autobiography or memoir, and he has refused to talk to previous biographers. Finally, Simon has opened up—for more than one hundred hours of interviews—to Robert Hilburn, whose biography of Johnny Cash was named by Michiko Kakutani of the New York Times as one of her ten favorite books of 2013.