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A Hand-Coded Designer CSS UI Kit. Web UI sets have been around for ages, but this takes things a step further.

A Hand-Coded Designer CSS UI Kit

This free UI Kit is coded by hand using HTML5 and CSS3 so you can easily drop these elements into any project you're working on. This code is made to take advantage of modern browsers and to degrade gracefully in older versions of internet explorer, so no matter what your client or visitor is using they will be see an excellent design. Most major web elements are included -- buttons, tables, headings, etc -- and each of these is done in six color variations.

LESS « The Dynamic Stylesheet language. Less Framework 4. I called Less Framework "a CSS grid system for designing adaptive websites".

Less Framework 4

It was basically a fixed-width grid that adapted to a couple of then popular screen widths by shedding some of its columns. It also had matching typographic presets to go with it, built with a modular scale based on the golden ratio. Sprite Cow - Generate CSS for sprite sheets. Formalize CSS - Teach your forms some manners! CSS-Tricks.