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Free Super Awesome Vector Clothing Round-Up. Creative Strawberry Pictures. If you’re searching internet to find some ideas how to photographs strawberry, you are on the right place.

Creative Strawberry Pictures

You can try chocolate covered strawberries but they will not be delicious as pictures we collected bellow. Strawberries have amazing red color and that make them perfect object for creative design and photography. Digital Photography goes on new level with this delicious nature beauty. 35 Quality Business Card Design Templates for Free! Resources December 28, 2011 Though gadgets exist these days with features that aim to replace this basic promotional medium, old school printed business cards are still relevant, even important, for branding and advertising your identity.

35 Quality Business Card Design Templates for Free!

A well-designed and effective business card can be an excellent marketing tool for any business of any size. Today we are showcasing 35 examples of quality business cards and also giving you some links from where you can download these beautiful business card templates for free. If you’re in need of a business card for yourself or your client, you may be able to find a cool template that will meet your needs or at least serve as a starting guide that you can edit. Links for Creatives from Creatives. Where to Find the Perfect Logo Inspiration. These days there are many places to find inspiration for your next logo design.

Where to Find the Perfect Logo Inspiration

Rather than look around the web yourself, there are places that do the job for you. This is why I have compiled a list of the best places to find logo inspiration. Logo Pond Logo Pond offers an extensive gallery of logos with pieces added each day. A Guide to Preparing Files for Print.

With this guide, we are going to examine ways to prepare files for print, covering applications in the Adobe Creative Suite.

A Guide to Preparing Files for Print

The examples used are for InDesign, but can apply to Photoshop and Illustrator. This is a basic guide aimed to help people just starting out in the print design business or are looking to learn more about preparing files better to send to press. Understand the Basics With most print jobs, you should have specifications to adhere to. These specs work for preparing advertisements, brochures, business cards, and other printed mediums.

CYMK vs RGB A lot of the colors you create in RGB mode are not achievable using standard four-color process printing. Some exceptions are tradeshow signs or large format prints, but the best way to know for sure is to check with the printer. 15 Excellent Free Fonts for Graphic Designer. 85 Free High Quality Silhouette Sets. Initially silhouette was applied on portraits or pictorial which were be used for thin black card.

85 Free High Quality Silhouette Sets

But nowadays, we can easily find silhouette images in many media forms like artworks, illustration, photography, movies, graphic design or even fashion and fitness. Modern designers use silhouette to create dramatic effect in many art works because silhouette emphasizes the outline and view of an object. The mystery of silhouette objects create a space for viewers’ imagination. How to make a professional logo design, web logo design, internet branding.

The Golden Arches. The Swoosh. The Shell. How To Create a Retro Badge/Emblem Style Logo. The retro style badge/emblem of logos is a hot trend at the moment, and it’s no surprise why – They’re super cool!

How To Create a Retro Badge/Emblem Style Logo

We’ve already looked at a showcase of retro and vintage style logos based on circular motifs, now let’s build our own. We’ll put the basic structure together in Illustrator, then give it that aged vintage appearance with some finishing touches in Photoshop. The logo we’ll be creating is for the totally fictional Powerhouse Gym (although I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a gym somewhere with this name!). It combines many of the typical traits of this retro/vintage theme with alternating rings of black and white as well as fine details such as the stars and dots. The text and tagline follow the circumference of the circle while the icon sits bang in the centre and gives visual feedback as to what the logo is promoting.

View the retro/vintage logo design. 5 Tools For Creating Your Own Infographics. Five years ago, almost nobody knew what the heck an infographic was.

5 Tools For Creating Your Own Infographics

(I sure didn’t, and I was a graphic design major in college at the time.) Now that the infographic craze has saturated us with new visual knowledge (and marketing gimmicks), something interesting has happened: The creation of infographics has become democratized. No longer is the act of creating a visual data story confined to professional designers using professional tools like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Now anyone with a data set can build an infographic. Web Design Ledger. 599 shares. 20 Questions To Ask Clients Prior To Designing A Logo. Before starting any project it’s essential to get the right preliminary information from your clients.

20 Questions To Ask Clients Prior To Designing A Logo

This will help pave the way to a successful project, assist in bringing client’s vision into perspective and build a lasting relationship. Many of the questions below will also help in putting together an accurate quote for your client. Things such as deadlines, usage, etc. should take into account pricing. Free vectors, photos and PSD Downloads. Graphics Design and Web Inspiration Resources - GraphicsBeam. 10 Awesome Infographics for Graphic Designers. As a graphic designer, you’ve probably designed at least a few infographics for your clients – or even for fun.

10 Awesome Infographics for Graphic Designers

You can create (and sell) infographics for any topic or industry, which means infographics can be a lucrative source of income. Some designers make a full-time living designing infographics alone. Download Free Brushes for Photoshop. Abduzeedo Design Inspiration & Tutorials. Articles - Six things to keep in mind when designing a logo.

Layers Magazine « The How-to Magazine for Everything Adobe. 55+ Questions to ask when designing a logo. Your daily dose of design tips and inspiration. 50 sites to find free stock images. : Lots of images, orgnized in different galleries.

50 sites to find free stock images

Dexhaus : Good site with excellent photos.Kavewall : images and textures.Digital Dreamers : Different falleries.StockVault : Very well-known, and very good of course.FreePhotosBank : Good choice. FreeDigitalPhotos : Lots of photos.Cepolina : Many free images availables in different formats.TurboPhoto : Simple and efficient! FreeStockImages : Beautiful website, awesome content. DeviantArt : Another well-known site with images, photo and Photoshop brushes. DreamsTime : Hi-Res pictures.Unprofound : Many, many, many, images! Free vectors, photos and PSD Downloads. Very Icon, Free Icons, PNG ICO Icons,Vista Icons Search AND Download.

The Ultimate Collection Of Photoshop Custom Shapes. Advertisement Photoshop users are able to benefit from the vast amount of high-quality resources that are freely available to the community. Brushes get a lot of attention, but custom shapes are also extremely useful in the right situations. Finding a custom shape that has already been created can save you some time and headaches in your design, and fortunately there is a very wide variety of custom shapes available. This post highlights 80 different sets of custom shapes (over 2,500 individual shapes) in several different categories. If you plan to download and use any of these shapes be sure to check to terms and conditions set by the creator of the shapes. 1. Download our Free Templates! If you’re having trouble setting up your own design files, then you can use our setup templates. UPrinting’s print templates help you set up proper bleeds and margins for your single-page prints, folded cards, multi pagers, large format prints, and mailers. Design Seeds®: For All Who Love Color. Color Palette Generator. 10,000 Gradients by ~InfinityStyle on deviantART. Free Vectors, Free Vector Art, Vector Graphics - Vectorportal.

Free Vector Graphics and Vector Art for download. Free Vector Art & Graphics. Free Vector Files: Silhouettes, Outlines, Cutouts, Shapes. Royalty Free Vector Art, Vector Graphics & Clipart. 40 Retro and Cool Pop Cultural Vector Resources. Retro(ism) is a cool, cultured and at times humorous representation of pop culture design from the 1930s through to the 1980s.

Free Download: 85 Vintage Vector Ornaments + 110 Vector Decorations - Creative Commons License. Free Grunge Vector, Textures, Backgrounds, Photoshop Brushes. Free patterns from Patternhead. Download free vector images, illustrations, files. 46 Excellent Free Vectors by  40 Free Vector Graphics for your Print Media Designs