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Fibonacci Tree. AnnMarie Thomas: Hands-on science with squishy circuits. Online » A-Z of Electronics. Educational Resources for Studying Graphic Design - Noupe Design Blog. Feb 14 2011 One of the greatest things about having access to the Internet, is the educational opportunities that it affords the public.

Educational Resources for Studying Graphic Design - Noupe Design Blog

People in all professions have the ability to expand their knowledge base through the wealth of information being shared via the Internet, and the same holds true for those who are studying graphic design. Science Toys. Common Errors in English Usage. Ballistic Flight Equations. The study of model rockets, the flight of a baseball, or the "bend" of a soccer kick are excellent ways for students to learn the basics of forces and the response of an object to external forces.

Ballistic Flight Equations

A ball in flight has no engine to produce continuous thrust and the resulting flight is similar to the flight of shell from a cannon, or a bullet from a gun. This type of flight is called ballistic flight and on this page we present the equations that describe ballistic flight. Chemical Crayon.

Odd categorization, I know, but if kids can actually learn something useful whilst coloring, why not? – gawinkworth

Paula Golden: Keep Science Fairs Alive. Science fairs, those time-tested incubators of future American scientists and engineers and a national fixture for generations, are in trouble.

Paula Golden: Keep Science Fairs Alive

Recent stories in major metropolitan newspapers across the country have reported that science fairs are being threatened with extinction when local sponsors drop out. In Los Angeles, the California Science Center is looking to find a sponsor for its annual California State Science Fair after a major corporate sponsor dropped out. Cool math Lessons - What's a Fractal? How fractals are created with math. 200 Free Online Classes to Learn Anything. Sir Ken Robinson. Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms. Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity.