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RASON Analytics API: Restful Analytic Solver Object Notation - Spreadsheets are dead, long live reactive programming environments! Spreadsheets are dead, long live reactive programming environments! Birth ... In 1979, Dan Briklin and Bob Frankston created VisiCalc the world's first spreadsheet software. VisiCalc was an immediate success, became the Apple II's "killer app" and was credited by Steve Jobs with propelling the first explosion in personal computing. Ted Nelson, an internet pioneer, described the paradigm shift that the spreadsheet interface created, VisiCalc represented a new idea of a way to use a computer and a new way of thinking about the world. Visicalc on the Apple II. Five years later, in a high school on the other side of the world, VisiCalc was the first computer program I ever used. But, also like may other scientists, I grew frustrated with the restriction of Excel and the copy-and-paste workflow that seems to go with it. ... death?

Almost forty years on from their birth, spreadsheets are experiencing a midlife crisis - a crisis of confidence, a crisis of reputation. Spreadsheets are opaque. 20 best JavaScript charting libraries. A quick note before we start: I have covered top 20 libraries below. It might get little confusing when you try to pick one for your project as there are many factors to consider.

So here is something for help – a small guide on factors to consider while choosing a JavaScript chart library from the makers of FusionCharts (covered at #2 below). It explores 14 different factors that go into making the decision in good depth, and is one of the best resources on the topic. Every business is turning to data analysis for important decisions. In fact they’re usually swimming in data, wondering what to make out of it. With the advent of big-data, good old spreadsheets and charts just don’t cut it anymore. Businesses have been asking for better ways to visualize data, ways that are preferably interactive and allow them multiple perspectives. JavaScript charting libraries have emerged as the most powerful tools for visualizing data in the form of beautiful, easy to understand, interactive charts. JavaScript Chart Fiddles. Gallery · mbostock/d3 Wiki. Wiki ▸ Gallery Welcome to the D3 gallery!

More examples are available for forking on Observable; see D3’s profile and the visualization collection. Please share your work on Observable, or tweet us a link! Visual Index Basic Charts Techniques, Interaction & Animation Maps Statistics Examples Collections The New York Times visualizations Jerome Cukier Jason Davies Jim Vallandingham Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation Peter Cook Charts and Chart Components Bar Chart Histogram Pareto Chart Line and Area Chart Pie Chart Scatterplot and Bubble chart Parallel Coordinates, Parallel sets and Sankey Sunburst and Partition layout Force Layout Tree Misc Trees and Graphs Chord Layout (Circular Network) Maps Misc Charts Miscellaneous visualizations Charts using the reusable API Useful snippets Tools Interoperability Online Editors Products Store Apps.

Diagramming Components for HTML5/Canvas, by Northwoods Software® GoJS is a feature-rich JavaScript library for implementing interactive diagrams across modern web browsers and platforms. GoJS makes constructing diagrams of complex nodes, links, and groups easy with customizable templates and layouts. GoJS offers many advanced features for user interactivity such as drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste, in-place text editing, templates, data binding and models, transactional state and undo management, palettes, overviews, event handlers, commands, and an extensible tool system for custom operations. GoJS is pure JavaScript, so users get interactivity without requiring round-trips to servers and without plugins. GoJS normally runs completely in the browser, rendering to an HTML5 Canvas element or SVG without any server-side requirements. GoJS does not depend on any JavaScript libraries or frameworks, so it should work with any HTML or JavaScript framework or with no framework at all.

When upgrading to a newer version, please read the Change Log. Data Visualization with Javascript. Diagramming Components for HTML5/Canvas, by Northwoods Software® JavaScript HTML5 Diagramming Library Component. Raphaël—JavaScript Library. Processing.js. Incremental Delaunay Triangulationby Jeonggyu Lee An interactive implementation of incremental Delaunay Triangulation algorithm. My Life Aquaticby David Leibovic, Sunah Suh A shared aquarium Source code Circle of Fifthsby Shelley Marshall Create, transpose, and change a chord progression by using the circle of fifths, and play the progression. 2011 Advent Calendarby Nikolaus Gradwohl An advent calendar built with Processing.js 3D Sketchesby Andor Salga A collection of 3D sketches by Processing.js' 3D developer PJS in CoffeeScriptby David Guttman A tutorial showing how to write Processing.js sketches in CoffeeScript, a language that is compiled into Javascript Flight of the Navigatorby The Mozilla #audio team Fight of the Navigator is a demo showcasing the power of WebGL and Audio API Pew Pewby Nightmare Retro Asteroids clone written in Processing.js Flockingby Harry Brundage The math behind flocking algorithms coaltrace.js byTrevor Bedford Evolutionary simulation.

Twitter Flowby Sandro Paganotti AFL Flagsby P5Pby Fizz. D3.js - Data-Driven Documents. 16 Javascript Libraries for Visualizations on Sigma js.