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Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Are H&M’s High-End Marketing Tactics Paying Off? PARIS, France — At the beginning of Paris Fashion Week, a horde of prominent fashion editors, critics, and celebrities gathered in the gardens of the Museé Rodin to witness the return of a brand that had not staged a catwalk show in eight years.

Are H&M’s High-End Marketing Tactics Paying Off?

A winding path, illuminated by candlelight, led to an enormous marquee tent, ornately decorated to resemble the interior of a mansion, laden with vintage-inspired chaise longues, tables and other seating areas. A runway snaked through the chambers. Was this the scene of a storied fashion label’s return, perhaps Schiaparelli’s re-launch? No. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Get the inside scoop and the latest H&M News. Untitled. Untitled. Mintel identifies four key UK consumer trends for 2015. Looking ahead to 2015, Mintel’s Senior Trend Consultant Richard Cope discusses the four key UK consumer trends identified by Mintel for 2015 - and what this will mean for both consumers and brands in the year ahead.

Mintel identifies four key UK consumer trends for 2015

Get Smart The world of synced devices, home appliances and wearable technology will start to mainstream, as trusted retailers and manufacturers move in to the market and convert consumer appetite into action. “Smart devices – from watches to ceiling fans – appeal to consumers because they save time and money, promise convenience, control, knowledge and self-analysis. What’s changing is that this is no longer the domain of start-ups offering home hub hardware – the major players are now embracing the trend and raising consumer confidence in it. Retail Forecast for 2018 - Centre for Retail Research, Nottingham UK. Retail in 2018 - Shop numbers, Online and the High Street The Centre for Retail Research published its analysis of how UK retailing will have changed by 2018 on 28 May 2013, entitled Retail Futures 2018 forecasts that by 2018: Total store numbers will fall by 22%, from 281,930 today to 220,000 in 2018.

Retail Forecast for 2018 - Centre for Retail Research, Nottingham UK

Job losses could be around 316,000 compared to today The share of online retail sales will rise from 12.7% (2012) to 21.5% by 2018 or the end of the decade. There will be a further 164 major or medium-sized companies going into administration, involving the loss of 22,600 stores and 140,000 employees. UK retailing has the highest proportion of online retail sales, so what happens here is being closed watched by foreign observers as Britain becomes a test bed for retail innovation. Alexander Wang x H&M a sell-out across the world. Fashion Jobs in London and Fashion News in the UK Fashion jobs, Fashion news and all other possible Fashion information fashion professionals need.

Alexander Wang x H&M a sell-out across the world

Fashion design jobs in the UK and a Fashion News archive and links to international fashion jobs. Fashion designer, store manager, design assistant, fashion manager, fashion buyer, fashion marketing, stylist, junior stylist, pattern maker, pr executive, product developer and many other fashion jobs in the UK. H&M SWOT analysis, Porter's Five Forces, PESTEL analysis by Jakub Jarlaczyk on Prezi. Store Wars: H&M and New Look. Each week we are looking at two shops competing in the same sector (on the high street or online) and reviewing what they are offering customers: from how helpful the staff are, to the best bargains currently on offer.

Store Wars: H&M and New Look

Our review will be based on a visit to stores on the same high street or in the same shopping centre, so it will be just a snapshot of how the retailer is performing in a particular place. I order to get a better idea of which retailers are delivering and which are falling short, we would like you to tell us about your experiences in your local branches of the same shops. Some weeks, both stores we visit may do a good job, other weeks there will be one that stands out as being much better or worse. Your reviews will help us discover if this is a national trend or just a problem with the particular branch we visited. Alksne: H&M STUDIO AW15. Before we'll know it, the summer will be over and autumn will be here.

Alksne: H&M STUDIO AW15

Have a sneak peek of what's hitting the stores in couple of months at H&M ! I know, I know, an absolute photo overload, but hey I wanted to show you as much as possible! :) Anyway, this year sport and futurism were the themes at the H&M Studio show for autumn/winter 2015. In this collection you can find zip-up jackets, coats and slender pants, lurex knits and dresses, hooded anoraks and zip-fronted jumpsuits, slip dresses and silk blouses. Basically everything! Hennes & Mauritz AB. Untitled. H&M Conscious Exclusive Spring 2015 with Olivia Wilde.

Olivia Wilde has been named as the face of H&M’s Conscious Exclusive campaign for 2015.

H&M Conscious Exclusive Spring 2015 with Olivia Wilde

Actress Olivia Wilde is doing her part to help promote environmentally sustainable fabrics with her new H&M Conscious Exclusive advertising campaign. The capsule collection features organic materials as well as recycled wool, Tencel and recycled sequins. Untitled. H&M skips agencies, tasks Elle magazine to create its first Aussie ad. H&M is launching its first Australian created brand campaign since launching in the region as a retailer this year.

H&M skips agencies, tasks Elle magazine to create its first Aussie ad

But instead of tasking an ad agency to create the work, it has partnered with Bauer's Elle magazine to launch a campaign, as well as native content series. The retailer, which has four Australian stores, is planning another Sydney store later this year in the CBD. It has appointed Stellar PR to work on the launch and events strategy. Sustainability. We are seeing positive developments on many fronts.


In 2014, we started to test the so called Fair Wage Method, developed by the independent Fair Wage Network, in three role model factories (, two in Bangladesh and one in Cambodia. These are factories where we have a five-year commitment and 100% of the capacity so we can have time to test this method and create best practice examples for our suppliers and our entire industry.)

Although it’s still early in the process, the results are promising. Overtime has been reduced by over 40%, wages have increased, pay structures have improved just as the dialogue between the management and workers. Are H&M’s High-End Marketing Tactics Paying Off? Responsible marketing. H&M’s advertising campaigns are produced internally at our Head Office in Stockholm, Sweden by the marketing department in co-operation with creative professionals located in the major fashion hubs of the world.

Responsible marketing

The campaigns are designed to be clear and simple and aim to inform our customers of what is new at H&M. All of the campaigns show the season’s designs and the price of the clothes pictured. The advertisements that we produce are largely identical in all of our markets, but the media strategy is adapted to local requirements and conditions. Each season we strive to feature models with different looks, styles and cultural backgrounds to advertise our concepts for women, men, teenagers and children.

Models are selected in collaboration between internationally recognised agencies and our own representatives. H&M encourages consumers to 'Go Green, Wear Blue' with its Conscious Denim line. “We're so excited about Conscious Denim at H&M. We've worked hard to reduce the environmental impact from the washing processes alongside using materials that are more sustainable,” commented Helena Helmersson, head of sustainability at Swedish fast-fashion chain H&M on the label's newest line. The new Conscious Denim line is part of H&M's Conscious collection and the label's ongoing efforts to create a more sustainable textile production chain.

It is the first time that the Swedish fashion retailer has ensured the washes used on its denim have been graded to assess their environmental impact. Whilst developing its latest Conscious line, H&M referred to criteria set by Spanish denim consultants Jeanologia to ensure the denim washing processes, including and energy consumption, met H&M's sustainable standards as well as Jeanologia highest requirements. The end result is a full collection of denim pieces for men, women and children in deep indigo tones.

Fashion on the British high street: the winners and losers. Zara: going up At the top of the game when it comes to fast fashion, Inditex – the group that owns Zara – is just as swift with its thinking. Its expansion into international markets is serious, with more than a third of its sales this year coming from China and the US, up 29% from a year earlier. Online now accounts for an increasing amount of sales, with 1.3 million people visiting the site every day. Zara's USP is a high turnover of stock that is fashion-aware but never too out there, priced affordably but not cheap as chips. It's a formula that has contributed to Inditex's recent 17% rise in sales figures. Whistles: going up. H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB, HM B:STO forecasts.

High-street highs: 10 years of H&M designer collaborations. How to shop designer collaborations like a pro Designer collaborations on the high street have been part of my professional life for a decade now. Their timings and life cycle – from rumour and announcement through to the 9am scrum and the inevitable eBay flipping – are as much a part of fashion’s calendar as the twice-yearly catwalk schedule. Why H&M Is Fine With Lower Profit Margins - Businessweek. Karl-Johan Persson is the 39-year-old chief executive officer of H&M (HMB:SS), the Swedish company that’s trying to remake fast fashion after profiting handsomely from it for years.

Persson’s grandfather founded the company in 1947. Now it’s the second-biggest apparel retailer in the world after Inditex (ITX:SM), which owns Zara. “We want to offer low prices and good quality,” Persson said at a conference in New York on Thursday. Confessions of an H&M Addict. For those of us without much money but with a love of dressing up, H&M is our mecca. But anything that looks that good on you and doesn't cost much must be part of some deal with the devil, right? Especially if the tag says "Made in Cambodia. " What does that $14 shirt really cost? Forbes Welcome. Clash of the Fashion Titans: H&M vs Forever 21. H&M's 'Biggest Store Ever' Feels Like a Full-Fledged Department Store. Fashion Law is now a thing you can study. H&M collaborates with Humane Society International, says no to animal cruelty... H&M is launching a beauty range. When H&M announce something big, people pay attention. H&M drops supermodel-heavy summer campaign.

See Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn get fitted for Balmain x H&M. New pics have been released of the Balmain x H&M collab. If you, like everyone else, have been waiting for another look into the Balmain x H&M collaboration, drop everything. Since the news of the collaboration broke at the Billboard Music Awards, flanked by Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn, we haven't seen another peek since. Balmain x H&M's 99-piece collection has been leaked.

H&M's latest campaign features the hijab, a transgender model and an amputee ... H&M has added to its global status with the introduction of an impressive new video for its latest campaign. H&M: Product Strategy. Product H&M proves to be good at producing cheap products of reasonable quality, inspired by the latest catwalk trends. HM Way_en. H&M worldwide. Clash of the Fashion Titans: H&M vs Forever 21. USP & Competitors. Econsultancy. Polyvore: Discover and Shop the Latest in Fashion, Beauty and Home. Celebrity Gossip Entertainment News Celebrity News Can Feminists Like Fashion? - Forbes. Céline 2012 Runway Feminism and fashion have always had a rocky relationship, a point hammered home in an article in Ms. magazine’s January issue, “If The Clothes Fit: A Feminist Take On Fashion.” The piece explores the tumultuous role that fashion has historically played in gender politics—both serving as a medium for the advancement of women, and as a weapon of restraint.

It’s hard to deny the key role that fashion has played in the women’s movement. The Ms. article points to New York City women garment workers in the early 20th century who wore hats to signify that they were earning their own money, and thus financially independent. Women in the 1980s adopted a male style of dress (ties, tailored skirt suits, shoulder pads) in order to gain a foothold in the male dominated world of business. That being said, feminist notions that fashion can be destructive, certainly didn’t come from thin air.

Fortunately, fashion in recent years does appear to be moving in a feminist direction. Debate: Does Fashion Have A Place In Politics? Mail Online. Christian Louboutin. I-D. 10 Influential Fashion Designers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of. It’s curious to wonder why some designer’s legacies are preserved and others fall to the wayside. Is it the lack of PR, no heir to the design house or were they just bad designers? While certain designers of the past are remembered today for their ingenuity or are attributed with the "invention" of a particular garment, such as Mary Quant and the miniskirt, scores of designers--like Redfern, Lucile or Mainbocher--who were widely influential in their time have seemingly been forgotten.

The task of resurrecting these legacies thus falls upon the fashion historian, so sit back for a mini fashion history lesson of 10 fashion designers you've probably never heard of but should definitely know. For more fashion history by Part Nouveau, click here. London Fashion Week Unique Show. Fashion Shows: Fashion Week, Runway, Designer Collections. Style Bubble - BOXPARK Shoreditch, London: Pop-Up Shopping, Events & Food. The Sartorialist.

Ethics and sustainability. Home - BBC News. European Fashion Designers. All-TIME Top 100 Icons in Fashion, Style and Design. BoF - The Business of Fashion. How to Make Your Blog Post in WordPress SEO-friendly. CR Fashion Book.