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Behold: San Francisco in the 22nd Century

The History Channel sponsored a City of the Future contest for architects to show us their vision of Utopian metropolises from 2108, and the winner for the San Francisco version was IwamotoScott Architecture, conjuring up these wild hallucinations of a city run by geothermal power and tapping water from the city’s ubiquitous fog. IwamotoScott envisions the city as Hydro-Net, using “Geothermal Mushroom” structures to extract heat and water from deep in the earth, and whimsical “Fog Flowers” to render moisture from the air and grow algae, which would then be turned into hydrogen for fuel. Zipping through underground tunnels are hydrogen-fueled hover cars, coursing through the multi-use veins of this future city that’s learned how to live without fossil fuels. Hope it’s earthquake-proof. Check out the astonishing illustrations of the future world in the gallery below.

IwamotoScott Architects on Flickr, via History Channel and Inhabitat. 1233853797A4Zf2dd. We Have Signs. Silence. 35 Surreal Examples of Multiplicity Photography - Noupe Design Blog. May 27 2010 Multiplicity is a photography technique in which the same person is photographed from different angles and directions and then the bunch of photographs are digitally re-mastered in Photoshop showing clones of the person doing different things all in one photo.

35 Surreal Examples of Multiplicity Photography - Noupe Design Blog

Today we present 35 Surreal Examples of Multiplicity Photography to inspire you. Photography and Photoshop go hand in hand. Multiplicity Photography is the real test of your patience as you may have to work for hours to get the right shots mainly because of different angles, props and clothes used in pre-production. And finally when you have the images, you have to work on different techniques (blending, layering, curving etc) in Photoshop to paste all the images in one single photo. Surreal Examples of Multiplicity Photography what you don’t know can indeed hurt you Wet Willy Multiplicity Multiplicity, falling Creepy Multiplicity uh.. thats MY glass, silly.. Multiplicity – Guest Room Macbook B-Boy multiplicity. Cool Photos and Artworks for Your Inspiration #10. Nk_dali_philippe_halsman_eye_prism. Gallery - 08012009. 489This is the marvellous Tyla, who took her own picture.

Gallery - 08012009

She invited members of the Flickr FGR group to take part in SOTM and there were over 150 pictures posted in the SOTM Flickr group within a few hours as a result. She wrote :”Mr F (my Business Studies teacher in secondary school) would always do two things: 1) come in hungover Sunday morning and tell us to sit quietly while he slept on his desk (I grew up in Dubai so Thu and Fri were my weekends and somehow we weren't bothered by the fact he was often still drunk first thing in the morning). "2) throw your exam paper at you and tell you that very thing! No one is perfect that's why pencils have erasers. That's probably the only thing I learnt in my 'O' level Business Studies class... "We all make mistakes and just as long we learn from them it's alright. Tuomas Korpi. Moodstream™ by Getty Images. Viewing Entry - 'SOCIETY'. G A L L E R Y.

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