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Como fazer chips de frutas secas - Carol Magalhães. Adoro chips de frutas secas.

Como fazer chips de frutas secas - Carol Magalhães

Patron Flor Sencilla. Comenzando con un anillo mágico vuelta 1 : 2cad, 13pa en el centro del anillo, cerrar con un pb. vuelta 2 : 1cad, (1pb, 3cad, 1pb, 1cad) en el mismo punto, *saltar 1 punto de la base, (1pb, 3cad, 1pb, 1cad) en el mismo punto*, repetir ** 5 veces, cerrar con un pe. vuelta 3: 1cad, (1pb, 1pma, 4pa, 1pma, 1pb) en cada espacio de 3 cad alrededor, cerrar con un pe.

Patron Flor Sencilla

Needle Felting Instruction: Bunny Puff Episode 1, Body Head and Legs by Sarafina Fiber Art. DIY Needle Felting Faces. Dimensions - Felted Characters. Create a Felt Flower. Create a Felt Flower. Felt Making Tutorial. How To Felt. Felt Making Demonstration. Feltmaking for Beginners. PERLES EN LAINE FEUTREE. Beginning Basic Weave. Beginning Basic Weave. Weaving on a Cardboard Loom. Soumak Weaving for the Beginner. Let's spend a few moments thinking about Soumak tapestry weaving in a broad sense.

Soumak Weaving for the Beginner

Its a centuries old finger weaving technique which is not in the least "high tech". That is, very little equipment is needed to make a start. Other forms of tapestry weaving may require an elaborate "cartoon" or design drawing that is placed behind the warp and followed very carefully. You certainly don't have to work that way with Soumak. I have always taken the approach of seeing what develops as the work progresses. Do not be discouraged by the comments of others about your work. Please notice that the hand spun yarn I have used in the photos is very heavy and the colours are quite odd, even for me. After tying a secure knot (I like to use a square knot) and streching the warp tightly over all of the nail heads and then tying off at the opposite end, use a tapestry needle (or your fingers) and weave two rows of crochet thread at the bottom and top of the frame. Embroidery and Tapestry Weaving by Grace Christie.

Embroidery. I've been playing with pretty threads this week.


Gorgeous silk and cotton and rayon, and the loveliest textured linen to work on. I work back stitch and chain stitch and french knots and crosses. Tone on tone or bright splashes of colour. This is a tapestry sampler - a little square worked on canvas that can be sewn into a pincushion or sachet. It came from the studio of Jane van Keulen - a textile artist who hand dyes a range of beautiful threads. Such a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

Pin by ABG (aka Hobdid) on Bayeux Tapestry. Something FineSomething Fine. Me and my Mum met in Winchester last week – it’s sort of the mid way point between my house and my sister’s house so we often do day trips there.

Something FineSomething Fine

I do like Winchester. I think I have found my favourite retail shop too – The Hambledon. I’ve used pinterest to pin a few pics from their website as I just love their homewares, particularly their Scandinavian posters. Whilst mooching in the Charity shops there, My mum picked up this book on Bargello and commented that it looked like the tapestry in our lounge (I think this is the third time I’ve used my tapestry in this blog – sorry!).

Well, I was very intrigued as I’ve never heard of bargello before. Looking through the book there is defiantly a resemblance. 6 Ways to Macrame. ATRAPASUEÑOS O MOVIL COLGANTE. TAPIZ EN MACRAMÉ. Después de varios dias de estar dedicada a mi "INTERCAMBIO A LA CARTA" organizado por EMILIA del blog PUNTO DE ENCUENTRO,a quien agradezco la posibilidad de participar en él;hoy me dispongo a retomar el blog con un tapiz en macramé ,que aunque no estoy del todo sastifecha con el resultado final ,quería publicarlo porque el paso a paso puede serle útil a alguien los nudos estan en otras entradas de este blog y pueden buscarlos en "etiquetas"/macramé.


El primer paso es cortar los hilos cuatro veces mas largos que la medida final que tendrá el tapiz. Montarlos en un soporte con el nudo alondra. Agregar un hilo auxiliar y tejer a lo ancho de todo el trabajo el nudo cordón ó festón . Tomamos de a 4 hilos y hacemos nudo plano o chato. Intercalamos otra hilera de nudo plano. Macramé. Tapiz - Videos más relevantes. Tapiz de Överhogdal.

Tapiz - Videos más relevantes

Utilísima Bien Simple, Nova, Tapiz tejido, Marian San Martín. How To Make A Wire Headband. Gathered Flower Purse by Sew Dang Cute. Hi!

Gathered Flower Purse by Sew Dang Cute

I'm Tam from Sew Dang Cute. I guess as way of introduction, I am a SAHM mom to three beautiful children - 2 girls and 1 boy, ages 4, 3, and 1. I'm lucky enough to be married to my best friend. We love spending time outdoors and take every opportunity we can to do fun, family outings. Some of my hobbies include sports and athletics. When Kari first asked if I would be a creative guest, I immediately said "Yes! " Just to show you a better idea of the size, here's me holding it. I love the bold, turquoise color. It's a big, spacious bag with a side pocket to hold those items you don't want to dig around for (i.e. cell phone, keys, etc.). Let's get started. 1. So when you unfold the fabric, you'll get your piece. CABOCHON ROSE HANDBAG. ‘Cabochon Rose Handbag’ This little evening handbag resembles a corsage and is carried on the wrist.


It can be made up in colours and fabrications to compliment the lady’s dress. Dimensions: approximately 6 ½” in diameter X 1½” deep [16.5 cm X 4cm ] Construction Method: Turned finish – this method may be recognized by noting the lack of machine-stitching that is visible at points of assembly on the exterior side of the bag. Hip pouch sew-along, day 3 of 3. Welcome to Day 3 of the Hip Pouch Sew-Along!

hip pouch sew-along, day 3 of 3.

Almost there! Let me know how it's going for you! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Supply List (previously posted)Hip Pouch Pattern PiecesDay 1: Pattern Cutting, Interior Pocket, Back Lining Panel, Side Panels & Back Fabric PanelDay 2: Front Panel - Fabric and Lining, Zipper InstallationDay 3: Attaching All Panels, Webbing- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - At this point, all of our panels are sewn. From top to bottom, we have a back lining panel with a pocket, a front zipper panel with both our main fabric and lining fabric and, finally, we have a back fabric panel with our side panels attached. 1. 2. 3. 4. Homemade Gift Basket Ideas for Every Occasion. Wholesale 5X Fashion Fuctional Pocket/Card Holder/Wallet/ Money Clip/Passport holder/organizer bag Free Shipping. 5X card holder wallet purse money clip passport holder travel organizer bag passport folder free shipping Features: size:approx 130 x 250 x 20 mm(1-2cm error) material:polyester color:blue,green,grey,wine red,rose can be used as passport holder,card holder,travel organizer bag,et. Fanny pack. We love Engineered Garments, so it pains us to say this, but this is a bad idea. It’s almost impossible to make a belly-side pouch attractive, even when you’re working with the most respectable fabrics in the world. You can cover it in tweed and call it a “waist bag,” but it’s still a fanny pack. Sorry gents, but we’re not buying it. Untitled. Free pattern and Directions to Sew Your Own Kid's Hip Pouch or Fanny Pack for Boys or Girls or Adult Wear Around the Waist Camera Case.

Manualidades Gratis. ¡ LIBELULA COLORISTA ! Mi pequeña libélula colorista ha encontrado otra ubicación! Esta vez ha sido sobre el bolsillo delantero de un bolso de cintura negro. Un pequeño encargo navideño que me encantó realizar! Me gusta mucho su colorido, y aunque no se aprecie bien en las imágenes tiene algunos colores metalizados, no muchos, sólo para dar un ligero toque y resaltar algún detalle. Como reciclar un pantalon de cargo. Tienes un pantalon de cargo que està en desuso porque tiene manchas que no salen o porque quedaron chicos o muy grandes? Entonces esta propuesta te puede interesar, la tela de estos pantalones es una tela excelente para realizar bolsos tipo bandolera o morral con un bolsillo en el frente para guardar el celular. Es muy sencillo de realizar en unos pocos pasos tendras un morral comodo y fashion. Bolsito de cintura. How to Make Fabric Flowers. Wondering how to make fabric flowers? There are many designs around, and it all depends upon the look you want to achieve.

I personally love this simple design, which is super easy to make and so versatile. - StumbleUpon. How To Make A Bridal Bouquet With Feather and Fabric Flowers. Can't find your favorite colors and flowers for your dream wedding bouquet? Why not make your own hand made flower bouquet? That's one less worry from your bridal bucket list and you get to give a special touch on your wedding! This tutorial is about how to assemble a Rustic Wedding Bridal Bouquet using the Feather and Fabric Flowers from one of my instant download tutorials here at Jewel Box Ballerina.

This will help you add some personal touch to your bouquet. This is also a fun activity to do with your bridal entourage on your shower. Materials 2 Fluffy Focal Flowers, Berry Stem 40 Filler Flowers (20 for each color) 12 Bent Feather Stems Floral Tape, Hot Glue, Ribbon, and a Fabric Strip. Making fabric flowers - tutorial addendum: how to make rounded petals. - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS. Alright, here's a photo step-by-step of the flowers I made yesterday. Hope they don't take too long to load! 1. Two piles of cut squares. They measure 6x6cm, and the finished flower diameter is about the same: 2. 3. 4. 5. 1 lot of petals, trimmed to size (petal length is 3cm): 6. 1/2 the petals threaded together, stitch point is at 2cm from the tip of the petal: Tutorial: Flores de Tela. Video Craft: How to Make a Fabric Flower.