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Today “Web” is very different from what it was few years ago. It is better, but far more challenging – you can no longer ignore things like usability, information architecture and design. That’s why wireframing has received so much attention lately. Wireframing allows you to visually illustrate layout of fundamental elements in the user interface. It also acts as a way to communicate with clients and other stakeholders (content creators, designers, developers, etc). Furthermore, wireframing enables you to consider changes, user paths, and new requirements. Guidelines, Tools and Resources For Web Wireframing Guidelines, Tools and Resources For Web Wireframing
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Every web designer and developer should have a good and reliable wireframe (mockup or prototype) tool at there disposal. The importance of such a tool differentiates amongst web designers and developers, some use them, some don’t. Personally, I use them. 10 Completely Free Wireframe and Mockup Applications : Speckyboy
Using SketchFlow to Create Better Prototypes Using SketchFlow to Create Better Prototypes Posted by on Apr 29, 2009 Sections Process & Practices , Architecture & Design ,


Mockingbird Save time and money. Decide what to build before sinking resources into it. Mockingbird makes planning fast and effective and keeps your project on track. Satisfy clients. Communicate with and present to your clients using clear mockups.

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Pick "Illustration" or "Pencil" to create a new iPhone Mockup: If you're interested in usability, check out my new book.Designed for Use: Create Usable Interfaces for Applications and the Web v0.7 alpha target platforms: firefox, safari, chrome, ie8 or newer Disclaimer: Any creation of a mockup through this website happens at your own risk. iPhone Mockup
Mockup Screens - Make Exciting Software Presentations Mockup Screens - Make Exciting Software Presentations For Independent Consultants... If you are independent consultant or developer, then MockupScreens allows you to prepare bids and proposals much more quickly than you can do today. If you can develop and submit an additional proposal every three months, this piece of software will pay for itself immediately. Or if You Work for Corporate IT Department! And if you work for corporate IT department, then MockupScreens avoids misunderstandings and expensive development projects that result in the wrong system being developed.
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Take a second. Let it sink in. The first impression might be disorienting. There are very few interface elements on the screen. Start exploring however, and you'll find out that Mockups is filled with powerful yet only-visible-when-you-need-them features.

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Mockups Home
Using Wireframes to Bring Your Site Together Wireframes are the blue prints that define and allocate a Web sites content and behavior. They are not bound by colors, fonts, and anything that may surface on the site as part of any content. Wireframing compliments good web development and offers a visual of where the content will be laid out within the sites design. Using Wireframes to Bring Your Site Together
••• hello | HotGloo - The Online Wireframe App •••

••• hello | HotGloo - The Online Wireframe App •••

Easy-to-use Good software doesn’t need to be complex. That's why HotGloo is really intuitive and easy to use.
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Version 1.0.6 - Fix all image related issues including: pasting, embedding- Remove dependency on pImageLoader.js- Cleanup code in processing embedded image- Add impl for exporting the selection to PNG- Temp. disabled the position/dimension toolbar for debuging- Fix rasterizing issues that depends on timeout This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox because of the following: Not available for Firefox 17.0 See complete version history Pencil Pencil
What is ForeUI? ForeUI is a powerful tool to create static or interactive prototype for software/website in your mind. Many organizations and individuals are using ForeUI as their UI/UX/interaction design tool. Powerful UI Design Tool

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Less than two years ago introduced to the public the first release of its popular mobile app protyping platform. Today, introduces the 5th and most powerful release 5. The new release promises to help designers and developers to unleash their creative freedom and create unique user experiences even faster than before. Among various enhancements, 5 takes prototyping a step further by adding animation states, timelines, draggable functionality and variables.
Les outils online de conception de wireframes (3/5) : utiliser B Ce billet, le 3ème d’une série consacrée aux outils online de conception de wireframes, concerne Balsamiq Mockups. Balsamiq est une entreprise fondée en Mars 2008 par Giacomo Guilizzoni, un ancien ingénieur senior de chez Adobe. Balsamiq est une Micro-ISV (l’équivalent d’une micro-entreprise en France) et vend des applications online de bureau et c’est Giacomo Guilizzoni lui seul qui a crée, développé et lancé Balsamiq Mockup (chapeau bas Monsieur !), qui permet de réaliser des wireframes avec un style "dessiné à la main".
“Good design must necessarily, in my opinion, have an impact on people’s lives, no matter how seemingly small. Good design changes things.”Garr Reynolds Designing wireframes the right way the first time costs no more than doing it the wrong way. Creating a paper prototype adds no cost either; simply print out the wireframe diagrams for the pages a visitor will use to complete the tasks most closely related to achieving his goals and meeting the site's business objectives. Web Prototyping saves costs of any marketing communication that may be necessary to undo brand damage resulting from a poorly functioning web site and a frustrating user experience.

The Importance Of Wireframes In Web Design And 9 Tools To Create

Les outils online de conception de wireframes : introduction - S Après avoir consacré quelques posts à la création de wireframes / storyboards avec Powerpoint, Visio, Axure RP Pro ou encore Acrobat, je prépare une série de billets qui concerne les outils online de conception de wireframes. Je vais donc tester et présenter : Contrairement aux précédents posts sur les logiciels de conception de wireframes, je vais essayer cette fois-ci de mettre en place des critères d’évaluation pour les outils online (ex : travail collaboratif, interactivité des éléments, formats d’export...) Ainsi, ces différents articles fourniront un panorama non exhaustif mais déjà conséquent des différents outils disponibles pour les concepteurs multimédia. Premier billet de la série : "Les outils online de conception de storyboards (1/5) : Gliffy"
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