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Runö folkhögskola - Folkhö Runö folkhögskola är en inspirerande mötesplats mitt i Stockholm.

Runö folkhögskola - Folkhö

Vi vill förena lokalt och globalt engagemang för en levande demokrati, stärka gemenskapen i en skola där olika människor möts, idéer prövas och nya kunskaper växer fram. Våra kurser ger dig kunskap genom att studierna kopplas till det samhälle vi lever i. Tiden på vår skola ger möjlighet till nya insikter och personlig utveckling i samarbete med andra. Vi tar vara på din erfarenhet och möter dig där du står nu. Runö Folkhögskola har 5 allmänna kurser och en särskild kurs och en SMF-kurs i samarbete med Arbetsförmedlingen Vår uppgift är att ge dig kunskap genom både studier och upplevelser i en kreativ bildningsmiljö med rika möjligheter till lärande och personlig utveckling.

Stay Calm Bodymodification AB - Piercing and Modification. Urban Jewelry: Lace Street Art by NeSpoon. Warsaw-based artist NeSpoon uses ornate lace patterns in her unique brand of street art that translates into ceramics, stencils, paintings, and crocheted webbing installed in public spaces.

Urban Jewelry: Lace Street Art by NeSpoon

NeSpoon refers to her art as “public jewelry,” specifically as an act of beautification by turning abandoned and unadorned spaces into something aesthetically pleasing. You can see much more over on Behance. (via My Modern Met, Unurth) Frilans Finans. Lediga jobb. Faktablad nystartsjobb på franska - nystartsjobb+Franska+OK.pdf. 4146E.pdf. Faktablad om instegsjobb för arbetssökande på franska - insteg_franska.pdf. Tandläkare i Stockholm - City Dental. Homeopatica - Norrtullsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden (Homeopathic Practitioners) Ugglan Boule & Bar. About Fylkingen. WHAT IS FYLKINGEN?

About Fylkingen

Fylkingen is a venue and artists' society for new and experimental work in music, performance, video, film, dance, sound-text composition and intermedia. Since its establishment in the 1930s, Fylkingen has been committed to experimental work in the contemporary performing arts. The organisation is made up of over 250 member artists from many disciplines who use the venue to develop and present new work. 80 YEARS OF PRESENTING NEW AND EXPERIMENTAL WORK Fylkingen was founded in 1933, and originally presented chamber music concerts of both new works by contemporary composers of the time and traditional repertoire in various venues in Stockholm.

Most concerts took place at the Konserthuset. In 1971, Fylkingen opened its own venue near Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. Photography: Per Åhlund Today Fylkingen presents over a hundred events of electro-acoustic music, dance, film, video, performance art and installations each year. Lycée Français Saint Louis de Stockholm.

Alliance Française Hem. INSTITUT FRANCAIS DE SUÈDE. INSTITUT FRANCAIS DE SUÈDE. CANDYLAND Stockholm. Tensta konsthall. Konsthall C. Saturday to Sunday 21.9 - 22.9, 2013 from 12.00 noon to 12.00 noon Welcome to DUBBELRADIO, a 24-hour radio broadcast at Konsthall C, where the public are welcome to come and listen or participate in the broadcast.

Konsthall C

Live programmes mixed with specially composed two-channel works, starting on Saturday September 21st at 12.00 midday and ending at 12.00 midday on Sunday September 22. DUBBELRADIO broadcasts on two frequencies simultaneously: 95.3 FM and 101.1 FM. Come to Konsthall C and share this unique possibility with us! Mobile Radio (Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington) together with Konsthall C have created an open studio situation for the broadcast. The following artists are taking part in the 24-hour radio broadcast DUBBELRADIO on the 21st - 22nd of September from 12.00 noon to 12.00 noon (more to be announced): Metro Line 18 runs all night. PROGRAM (for more details, please scroll down): —PROGRAM with details:Saturday 21.9. Stockholm Makerspace. KKV. Sparvnästet. Kafé 44 - oberoende kafé, scen och boklåda. Cyklopen - En plats. Ett äventyr. En rörelse.

Hemliga Trädgården. The Royal Swedish Roller Derby. Stockholm Roller Derby - Scandinavias first roller derby league. Armenian community in Sweden - Home. Press ReleaseStockholm, February 14, 2014Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden The following letter has been sent to the European Court of Human Rights.

Armenian community in Sweden - Home

A PDF version can be dowloaded here. To: The European Court of Human Rights February 14, 2014 To Whom It May Concern, It was with great regret and amazement that we found out about the European Court of Human Rights’ verdict in the case of Perinçek vs Switzerland. The Court doubted that there could be a general consensus as to events such as those at issue, given that historical research was by definition open to discussion and a matter of debate, without necessarily giving rise to final conclusions or to the assertion of objective and absolute truths.[1] The nature of the Armenian massacres and deportation during WWI in the Ottoman Empire is nowadays widely considered as the most studied case of genocide, second only to the Holocaust. The Nazi aberration has unfortunately not been the only case of genocide in the twentieth century.