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Thinking React

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Building Your First React.js App — Learning New Stuff. Building Your First React.js App The easiest way to get started with the popular Javascript library This article will take you through every step of building the simplest React app possible.

Building Your First React.js App — Learning New Stuff

Even simpler than a to-do list. Why so simple? Because I’ve found that when I’m trying to learn a new technology, even the simplest features can add unnecessary complexity. Building Your Second React.js App — Learning New Stuff. Building Your Second React.js App Getting into more advanced features This is the second post in a series of tutorials on React.js.

Building Your Second React.js App — Learning New Stuff

The first one took you through building a very simple profile page with the popular Javascript library: Intro to Meteor with React. In this tutorial, we’re going to build a Todo app using Meteor and React.

Intro to Meteor with React

We'll be taking a somewhat different approach from the official Meteor React tutorial and adding a few more bells and whistles along the way. Prerequisites Basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and use of a command line terminal.A laptop with a code editor of your choice. We’ll be using Sublime Text.Be sure to install Meteor. We’ll be using Mac OSX. Introduction. Thinking in Navigation. Thinking in React is a featured post on Facebook's React website.

Thinking in Navigation

Step by step, it takes you through the thought process of building a searchable product data table in React. It's a great post but the thought process is flawed. I'll explain the flaw and how you can use the Navigation router to correct it. The flaw appears in step 3 when the author identifies what data belongs in React state. Thinking in React. Edit on GitHub React is, in our opinion, the premier way to build big, fast Web apps with JavaScript.

Thinking in React

It has scaled very well for us at Facebook and Instagram. One of the many great parts of React is how it makes you think about apps as you build them. Thinking in react. We build a sample app in the Facebook view library, following along with their 'Thinking in React' guide Hendrik Swanepoel Hendrik lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Thinking in react

He likes coding, designing, teaching and learning. @hendrikswan Setting up the environment. Thinking-in-react-meteor-example/product_row.cjsx at master · chemuto/thinking-in-react-meteor-example.