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Servir les plats imaginés par une intelligence artificielle. Scent-ography: a post-visual past time - Amy Radcliffe. Scent-ography: a post-visual past time & The MADELEINE... Click here to take survey A SPECULATIVE scenario for domestic odour capture and synthesis based on an existing technology - not a fully functioning service Scent-ography: A post-visual past time Our sense of smell is believed to have a direct link to our emotional memory.

How to succeed with your MADELEINE... The Madeleine is, to all intents and purposes, an analogue odour camera. Bücher | KOREFE - Kolle Rebbe Form und Entwicklung - Agentur für Markeninnovation. The first and only Cookbook you can actually read, cook and eat. Made out of 100% fresh pasta it can be opened, filled with ingredients and finally be cooked. Packaged as classic lasagna. The Cookbook was designed as a special project for a large publishing house. Bücher | Packaging | Produktentwicklung Composition and design of a textbook for inlingua, in which a Christmas tale goes on a linguistic world tour. Accompanied by a translating robot, it travels from language to language, slowly becoming more and more unrecognisable. Bücher | Markeninnovation Design of the fairy tale book for children and adults “Borkebjs. Bücher The Kolle Rebbe Book of Inspiration was a campaign for the pre-Christmas holiday of Nicholas with a particularly high buzz factor: a book with 100 gifts from the fields of culture, arts, technology and design, where each employee could select one. Bücher | Corporate Publishing The book is split into an English and a German version.

Yamamoto "Salt Installation, Artist". Category Fashion ・ Cults. Cults ・ Download free or paid 3D models for 3D printer. Skull ・ Cults. WOLF SCULPTURE. Canis MajorDigital Art, Fine Arts, Sculpting2014 ArtemisFine Arts, Sculpting, DIgital2014 THE BLACK SACK MANPerforming Arts, Photography, Photojournalism2014 Visceral VirtualExhibition Design, Painting, Sculpting2014 Antlers (Hurn) 300 Micron Grey Card, PVA, expanding foam 930mm x 850 mm x 390 mm Mark and Paul Cummings 2014Digital Art, Fine Arts, Sculpting2014 Crow Apollo Rising I Width 516 mm Height 410 mm Length 593mm 300 micron Grey Card, PVA, Polyurethane Resin Coat. Mark and Paul Cummings 2014Crafts, Digital Art, Sculpting2014 Goat Sculpture, modelling paper craft, fine artDigital Art, Fine Arts, Sculpting2014 A foray into GIFF animations, a study of the continuous loop.

Depiciting mineral, vegetable and possibly animal. Zeitgeist paradigm... Various illustrations... 11 Food 3D Printers from the Future. Rirkrit Tiravanija: Cooking Up an Art Experience. In 1992, Rirkrit Tiravanija created an exhibition entitled Untitled (Free) at 303 Gallery in New York. This landmark piece, in which the artist converted a gallery into a kitchen where he served rice and Thai curry for free, has been recreated at MoMA as part of the installation Contemporary Galleries: 1980–Now on view on the second floor. This back office curry kitchen has been replicated to scale, and the artist worked with MoMA to recreate the experience, with curry prepared and served by the Museum’s restaurant staff daily from noon—3:00 p.m.

In this deceptively simple conceptual piece, the artist invites the visitor to interact with contemporary art in a more sociable way, and blurs the distance between artist and viewer. You aren’t looking at the art, but are part of it—and are, in fact, making the art as you eat curry and talk with friends or new acquaintances. Gallery | the sugar lab. Nectar and stone. Sweet Paper Installation. Basée à Londres, l’artiste Victoria Bee a conçu « Une petite gâterie pour vous », une sculpture typographique avec des lettres aux couleurs et aux contours différents agrémentés de papier découpé, de collages et de supports en mousse. Un superbe travail de composition graphique réalisé à la main et rappelant les oeuvres de Tyrsa. À découvrir avec le making-of. Gateau-typographie. TourDeFork | Culinary Creative Consultancy. The Bold Bakery on Behance. The Shoe Bakery, des chaussures inspirées de pâtisseries | Le gourmands 2.0.

The Shoe Bakery est un magasin de vente de chaussures qui devrait plaire à nos lectrices gourmandes. Basé à Orlando en Floride, cette boutique lancée par Chris Campbell propose de délicieuses chaussures que l’on voudrait presque manger ! Deux collections sont proposées, avec des paires de chaussures inspirées de pâtisseries ou bien de glaces. Si vous craquez pour une de ces paires qui ne vous feront prendre aucun gramme, il faudra tout de même compter entre 200 et 400$, ainsi qu’être un petit peu patient puisqu’il y a entre 3 et 6 semaines de délai de livraison.

Cliquez ici pour vous rendre sur The Shoe Bakery. Nuna™ - Out of this World.