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Smooth-On, Inc. - Mold Making & Casting Materials Rubber, Plastic, Lifecasting, and More. Blind Squirrel Props. Volpin Props. Making Foam Armor. Over the last two years there has been an explosion of projects using EVA foam pads to create armor.

Making Foam Armor

It's a cheap, readily available material that's easy to work with and a skilled artist can create a finished product with an unbelievably high level of finish. This tutorial from Allen Hopps is a good introduction to some of the basic techniques, while some truly incredible work is on display at the Bioweapons blog. Steampunk Steampipe lavalamp. Evil FX / Costume Arrow Tutorial. It seems impossible to find the perfect arrows for your costume at the store, even if you pay a fortune.

Costume Arrow Tutorial

And nothing wows people out like real, handmade arrows. Arrows have a mystique about them that seems to scare people from trying to make them, but they're incredibly simple and cheap to make. They look so impressive when you finish them, and you never have to tell anyone how easy they were! This tutorial is focused on making costume-safe arrows, so we are tipping them with soft, safe foam. Apart from that, though, these arrows are the real thing - if you tipped them with real tips, you'd have functional arrows (though admittedly not particularly durable or accurate ones - if you're really planning to shoot your arrows, PLEASE find a different tutorial).

Tom Banwell—Leather and Resin Projects.