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Projects for Wood Carving and Pyrography by L S Irish.

Woodshop supplies

Autumn Leaves Coasters - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts. Layered inlay coasters made with angled cuts By Gary MacKay The beauty of these attractive inlay coasters is that each one requires only three cuts.

Autumn Leaves Coasters - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts

You can create an entire set in an afternoon. They make great gifts or craft show items. Living near the woods, I have raked my share of leaves in the fall. The technique is easy and the simplicity of the project makes the coasters extremely versatile. The coasters are cut in two separate layers. Make several copies of the coaster, test inlay, and leaf patterns. Making the Autumn Leaves Coasters Materials: Scrap wood: 2 each 1/4″ x 11/2″ x 11/2″ (test inlay)Poplar: 2 each 1/4″ x 41/2″ x 41/2″ (coaster rim and bottom)Walnut: 1/4″ x 41/2″ x 41/2″ (leaf inlay)Wood glueSpray adhesive, temporary bondTape, double sidedPackaging tape, clear (optional)Sandpaper, assorted gritsClear finish of choice (I use interior/exterior spray lacquer) Tools: CLICK HERE to download the Leaf Inlay Patterns.

CLICK HERE to download the Coaster Pattern. Autumn Leaves Coasters - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts. Full Moon Nightlight - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts. Enjoy the harvest moon year ’round By Deb Nicholson This nightlight, which combines basic woodworking with fretwork accents, makes a nice accent piece for the evening.

Full Moon Nightlight - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts

The frosted spray and black paint on the acrylic plastic diffuse the light and give the full moon a subtle glow. If you would like more light, skip the black and just apply the frosted spray to the plastic and mount the light at the bottom of the box. Many spray paint and spray finish manufacturers, including Krylon and Rustoleum, offer a spray frosting finish for glass. Getting Started Cut the pieces to size. Full Moon Nightlight - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts. Inlaid boxes - Woodworking Crafts Magazine -;

Extract from Box Making by GMC (£14.99, available from

Inlaid boxes - Woodworking Crafts Magazine -;

What you need Timber of your choice (see cutting list) Scrollsaw and blades No. 7 and No. 3 Pillar drill with 1/8in (3mm) and 1⁄32in (1mm) bits Paper for patterns Masking tape Digital gauge (optional) Sandpaper, 180–320 grit Sanding block Clamps and/or weights Acrylic paints (optional) Artists’ brushes Wood glue Glue stick Wax stick to match the colour of the box lid Craft knife Acrylic matt varnish Clear wax polish Cutting list Square box. Inlaid boxes - Woodworking Crafts Magazine -;

Inlaid boxes - Woodworking Crafts Magazine -; Make a Lily Pad Box. Make a Lily Pad Box Photos by Rob Brown I started by selecting quarter-cut material I could dress down to a blank 1-1/4" thick, 4" wide and about 15" long.

Make a Lily Pad Box

I was able to get three boxes out of this one blank. I wouldn’t suggest starting with a shorter blank, as cutting on the table saw will get dangerous. Use a blank no larger than twice the height that your table saw blade protrudes above its surface, as the lid and bottom are removed using the table saw. Overall Shape – With the lid, main and bottom layers temporarily fixed together, cut the shape of the boxes out on a scrollsaw. Create the Walls – After marking the walls at 3/16" thick, Brown drilled a pair of insertion holes in the main section of the box and cut the cavity.Start to re-assemble Align the lid with the center section of the box and wrap masking tape around the outer edges, to keep the two parts firmly, and temporarily, together.

DIY Wooden Topography Artwork - Reality Daydream. Nick loves learning about the history of things.

DIY Wooden Topography Artwork - Reality Daydream

He loves old maps. He loves nature and land. Art Deco Shadow Box - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts. Create intriguing depth and shadows by cutting and layering seven fretwork designs By Gabriel Schama This design may remind you of a rising or setting sun, flowers, snowflakes, or New York City’s Chrysler Building.

Art Deco Shadow Box - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts

Create it by cutting layers of fretwork and gluing them together to form one piece. Making the Project Cut the blanks to size. To assemble the project, align two bricks or thick scraps of wood to form a right angle. Jigsaw Puzzle Tray Downloadable Plan. We proudly stand behind all of our products We are proud of the quality of our products, and we stand behind them 100%.

Jigsaw Puzzle Tray Downloadable Plan

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the merchandise you ordered, just return it within 90 days to receive a refund in the manner of original payment. Manufacturer guarantees/warranties for power tools, CNC and laser products will supersede the Rockler Guarantee if these items are damaged or defective. Micro-Adjustable Shooting Board. Fine-tuning the joinery on your projects is a cinch with this must-have, precision bench accessory.

Micro-Adjustable Shooting Board

Shooting boards used to be a staple in most woodworking shops — there's no better tool for trimming workpieces for gap-free joinery. All you need is a sharp hand plane. With this shooting board, you gain the ability to "tweak" the angle of the workpiece with the two micro-adjusters. Drill Press Edge Sander. Use the power of your drill press to smooth out the rough edges on your project workpieces.

Drill Press Edge Sander

A full-size, dedicated edge sander is one of those tools that would be nice to have — if you have the space. As an alternative, we built the portable edge sander you see above. It’s a scaled-down version of a big, commercial unit with several advantages. First, it’s powered by your drill press. Drill Press Sharpening Station. Powered by a drill press, this sandpaper sharpening system guarantees a keen edge on your tools.

Drill Press Sharpening Station

This sharpening system is powered by your drill press, so there’s no expense for an extra motor. The simple belt-drive mechanism means smooth, vibration-free operation. And with your drill press set at its lowest speed, you won’t generate excessive heat and ruin an edge. The platen and sharpening disks are made from flat and stable MDF. This, combined with commonly available adhesive-backed abrasive disks, offers the ultimate razor-sharp edge and easily repeatable results. What You Get: Drill Press Belt Sander. Shop Projects / Jigs & Fixtures No space for a full-size edge sander? No Problem! This this shop-built accessory transforms your ordinary drill press into a belt sander with all the features of a full-size machine. Sanding is one of those tasks that few people enjoy. So any time you can speed up the job, so much the better. What You Get: Preventing Color Changes in Exotic Woods.

Destined for brown And again, in my usual state of delusions, I reckoned that these colors would last forever. They had to. They looked so good. It had already been, like… three whole weeks, and no noticeable change in color had occurred, so what could any further ravages of time possibly do to my wood creations? As it turns out, plenty. Michael J King. Kits for Planes, Spokeshaves and Shoulder Planes. I received my kit on Thursday. After about 5 hours (which included sharpening the iron) I was finished. It took me about three small adjustments to the iron, and I was making the nicest 2/1000" shavings I had ever seen. The quality of the cut is as good or better that my #4 Veritas plane, and the feel of the wood on wood is unbelievable. Hand Tool Class – WoodSkills. – Hand Tool Class can be Downloaded or Streamed – over 3.5 hrs + extra $24.00 plans– 24 video lessons (workshop basics to critical hand tool skills)– lessons can be followed in any order, stopped and repeated - Shooting Board Plan + Tutorial ($12 value) included- Dovetail Jig Plan + Tutorial ($12 value) included The video lessons include step by step hand tool sequences.

Each lesson guides you through the learning process to develop the hand tool skills you are seeking. This Hand Tool Class is derived from twenty years of woodworking and furniture making expertise. The class is based on skills developed and used in a fully functioning furniture making studio. Separate modules on the following topics: Jarrah Veneer: Australian Wood Exotic Veneers Sheets. Woodworking Information at WOODWEB. Full-service veneer merchants since 1983. Veneer equipment and supplies shipped worldwide. Wood Essence. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. 25-Piece Copper Veneer Sample Pack 4" x 4" - Product Description. Woodworking machinery. Affordable Folk Instruments and DIY Kits. Primitives Craft Plans and Patterns Sitemap at

The RunnerDuck Gizzie (Sun Tracker), step by step instructions. This project appeared in our June 27th, 2003 Newsletter. Free Stencil Maker. If you have a Rapid Resizer account, please log in before contacting us. : Projects. Scroll Saw Workshop Catalog. Scroll Saw Name Plaques - Jaime Costiglio. Scrolling on the scroll saw is truly addicting, if you haven’t tried it yet I highly suggest it. Because I can’t stop myself I made these pretty scroll saw name plaques as a gift for a friend with a new baby girl. One for the new baby and one for the older sister to coordinate. The best part about this kind of scroll saw wall art is the dimension. How to Make a Personalized Name Puzzle. The Saw Guy – Power Tool Reviews, DIY Projects, Woodworking Inspiration.

Craftsmanspace - woodworking plans, patterns, 3D models, books... My Tools. DIY Projects. Woodworking Plans Archives - VerySuperCool Tools. Scrap wood business card holder - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts - Everything for the scroll saw enthusiast, from tips and techniques and tool reviews to patterns and instructions for amazing projects including fretwork, intarsia, portraits, puzzles, and much more! Scroll Saw Goodies. Sometimes I get questions regarding which tool I use.

Here is a list of tools that I use on a regular basis. It includes shop tools, video equipment, software, and online services I use to bring you all of these great projects. Rick's Scrollsaw. Woodworking for Mere Mortals. WoodWorkWeb - Woodworking Community. Homemade Tools. Sloan's Woodshop - " The Scroll Saw Store " Scrollsaw Workshop. Downloadable Plan Store. 8 Drawer Tall Dresser The 8 drawer tall dresser plan includes all the measurements, cut list, and detailed diagrams in your choice of a downloadable PDF file, a stand alone Sketchup Drawing* or a combo version containing both the how-to PDF file AND the Sketchup Drawing.

Click on the images below for a sneak preview of the plan. Regardless of which version you choose, you’ll have all the details at your fingertips to build this classic piece of furniture at the heart of the recent project build featured here on Matt’s Basement Workshop. The project plans and detailed drawings provided by Brian Benham of Benham Design Concepts. While building the Tall Dresser I covered a lot of details to make it easy to follow along with its construction. From my thoughts on the design process, to selecting and milling rough stock, assembling the components, and then eventually to finishing it all with milk paint, there was a lot of information to share. Platform Bed. Scroll Saw Village - Scroll Saw Forum. Woodworking Machinery Brettwood. Steam box/wood bending. 1. Hooked up the second Earlex steamer at the end of the box today and finally got the internal temperature up to about 208-212 and it held that temp for about +2 hours. Both steamers were on a single 20 amp circuit and I fried the 14 gauge extension cord connectors but didn't trip the breaker. ???

Shakerovalbox. ShopNotes 1992-2007. How To Build A Wooden Desk Lamp. Today I am going to show you how to make this gorgeous looking wooden desk lamp using simple hand tools. Here are the materials I used: Wood Chisel Buyer's Guide for Woodworking. 59-1/4 Band Saw Blades to fit 9 inch Ryobi, 9 inch B&D, 9 inch Craftsman, 9 inch Tradesman, 9 inch Pro-Tech, 9 inch Collins, B&D 3 Wheel.

Universal Ruler Stop - Garrett Wade. Bedside Box. Tangrams. The Humble Hammer. HNT Gordon Block Plane. Krenov Style Hand Plane. Make a Wood Hand Plane in an Afternoon. Make A Door Harp. How to Make a Router Sled/Slab Flattening Mill - MWA Woodworks. Canadian Woodworker. How To Bend Wood At Home Using Steam With A Simple DIY Steam Box. Mark's Machinery - Welcome to Mark's Machinery.

Society of Canadian Woodworkers. Society of Canadian Woodworkers. Tools Online Canada. Canadian Woodworker. Fine woodworking school Rosewood Studio. PS Wood Machines. Woodworking Shows, Intarsia Classes. How to Make a Sapele and Birch Trivet. Intarsia Patterns, Judy Gale Roberts, Scroll Saw Blades, Wonder Wheel. Scroll Saw Blades - Original Intarsia Patterns and Plans with a Down Under Theme.

Original Intarsia Patterns and Plans with a Down Under Theme. We sell Woodworking Plans and Special Hardware Kits at WoodworkersWorkshop® Wise Intarsia Resourse links. Kathy Wise Intarsia Patterns for the Woodworking Artist. Intarsia by Garnet Hall - NIQUA Scroll Saw Blades, Woodworking Tools. Interesting DIY plans from other websites. Tangrams. Disc Sander Build. Box joints. Free Scroll Saw Patterns, Scroll Saw Plans, by Sue Mey. Scrollsaw Workshop. Maker Patterns. Top 50 Free Scroll Saw Patterns - Welcome to

Make puzzles for kids with the Scroll Saw - Patterns by Mike Holden. Puzzle Patterns. Free Patterns Page.