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Facilitating PLCs

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Battling Fake News in the Classroom. In this post-election period, there has been a lot of discussion about fake news, particularly about how it is spread and shared online, and whether it influenced the recent presidential election.

Battling Fake News in the Classroom

On November 22, Stanford University released an influential study showing that middle and high school students—and even some in college—have trouble distinguishing which online resources are credible. The inescapable fact is that young people need to be prepared for the Wild West of information that they live in and will grow up in. It is also imperative that we, as educators, prepare young people for the important job of responsible and informed citizenship. Media Literacy and “Crap Detection” Teaching media literacy is not new, but with the explosion of social media and the lightning speeds at which information is shared, critical evaluation skills have never been more important.

How PLC's support Students. Robert John Meehan. PLC and Professional Meetings. Professional Learning. Solution Tree: Rebecca DuFour, 3 Big Ideas of a PLC. Professional Learning Communities Still Work (If Done Right) Implementing effective professional learning communities. Professional Learning Communities: The Key to Improved Teaching and Learning. Wonderful news has emerged for those seeking to improve student achievement.

Professional Learning Communities: The Key to Improved Teaching and Learning

Two different comprehensive syntheses of research on the factors impacting student learning have come to the same conclusion: the most important variable in the achievement of students is the quality of instruction they receive on a daily basis (Marzano, 2003; Hattie, 2009). To ensure students learn at higher levels, simply improve teaching.

Best Practices for Professional Learning Communities. You’ve no doubt heard the term professional learning community (PLC) used in educator circles.

Best Practices for Professional Learning Communities

Every school serious about improvement should have one, say experts. So what is a PLC? Educational Leadership:Schools as Learning Communities:What Is a Professional Learning Community? Are you using your school's PLC to its fullest eSchool News.