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Education Website CUP Logo by Source, Fair use, search All Things Topics With printable worksheets! RelaxBeing a student or a teacher can be stressful sometimes. What do these idioms mean? NOTE! Hey! ​ Explore More Links and Free Downloadable Resourcesby allthingstopics​Click on the images below. Tubequizard. Cinematic: "Safe Haven" World of Warcraft Grammar for listenersFilm & animation14 items Simple tenses.


Watch this World of Warcraft cinematic and practice catching expressions in present simple, past simple and future simple. Black Mirror: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix Netflix Grammar for listenersFilm & animation12 items. Spelling & Reading Comprehension. Making Teaching and Learning interesting with Audio-Visual Tools.

Exam English - Free Practice for IELTS,the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests and the Cambridge English exams. Cool english interactive english learning material, esl or efl. nyelvoktató portál. Coolenglish. British English Vocabulary -

ENGLISH TIME WITH ANA. - Interactive worksheets maker for all languages and subjects. Easy English. English Exercises Online. EngVid. ENGLISH ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers (x83856) BBC Learning English - BBC Learning English - homepage. Telling Time - Free Printable - Worksheets PDF. ESL Printables: English worksheets, lesson plans and other resources. 13 Fun Classroom Activities Using Technology. Times have changed.

13 Fun Classroom Activities Using Technology

Gone were the days when teachers deliver the same old lectures day after day. Now, everyone expects teachers to integrate engaging, educational and fun classroom activities using technology. Why not, technology has become the best learning tool in the classroom making more students engaged in the lesson, improving collaboration and making learning more fun! The good thing is that the Internet is loaded with tools that can enable teachers to bring a sense of fun and engagement to their lessons. However, it is important to seamlessly incorporate these activities into the lesson and not force yourself to use them only for the sake of using technology. Here are some ideas for leveraging technology to kick those lessons up a notch! Write Illustrated Stories Let your students create their very own personalized stories using a variety of colorful and vibrant Illustrations that ignite creativity.

Create their Own Quiz Produce Book Trailers Photo Scavenger Hunt Web Quest Web Quest. Resources to enhance your instruction. Zero preparation activities for ESL teachers #9: Digital running dictations. Growth Mindset Posters to Bring More Positivity to Your Classroom. It’s easy to promote positive thinking and a can-do attitude in your classroom with these growth mindset posters.

Growth Mindset Posters to Bring More Positivity to Your Classroom

Each poster has an awesome message, reminding your students that mistakes are OK and hard work pays off. These posters are perfect for your school hallways or classroom. Get the full set of six posters right here. I can learn from my mistakes. We all make mistakes, and we can always be reminded that they are a learning opportunity. I can do hard things. Yes you can! First attempt in learning. You have to start somewhere. Mistakes are expected & respected. Remind your students that you want them to make mistakes.

It’s not failure because I haven’t given up yet. Keep reminding your students that every attempt is worthwhile. I can’t do it…YET. The message of yet is one that resonates with so many of us. 10 Easy ESL/EFL Activities with No Preparation​​ - Teacher's Pit Stop. Level: B2 and above Setup: Arrange the desks and chairs so that your students sit in a circle (either around the combined tables or an empty space).Explain that you’re going to play the game of Mafia where some of them will be apart of a secret Mafia group that kills the others.

10 Easy ESL/EFL Activities with No Preparation​​ - Teacher's Pit Stop

The goal of the game is for Mafia to get rid of all the regular members, or townsfolk, and for the townsfolk to discover and exile Mafia members. Note: For this game to work best the Narrator or God should act flamboyantly, creating backstories for characters and really imaginative ways in which characters die. Not necessary but students get super engaged then. Beginner A1 listening. Primary Resources - KS2, KS1, Early Years (EYFS) KS3, KS4, Twinkl. When do children learn to tell lies? Narrator: Who can resist an unmanned chocolate cake?

When do children learn to tell lies?

Boy 1: Shall we lick the top? Boy 2: Yummy scrummy! Boy 3: (laughs) Narrator: But how best to cover your tracks? Boy 1: Someone mysterious sneaked in when we were … Male adult: Someone mysterious sneaked in? Boy 4: Yeah! Female psychologist: (laughs) Lying is a really important developmental skill. Boy 1: A thief came in and took that. Boy 2: They flew down, ate it and then flew back! Male adult: So, an elephant and a giant bird came and smudged the cake?

Boy 3: Yeah! Narrator: To test the children's lying skills at different ages, we left them alone with a rigged gumball machine and told them not to touch it. Elie: I want a sweet now. Hands-on Activities to Enhance Students Engagement in Classroom Learning. Four speaking activities. In this post, I would like to share four speaking activities that worked very well in my classes.

Four speaking activities

There are two games to practise comparatives and superlatives and two activities to practise describing people. Four speaking activities – Superlatives and comparatives The first two activities help your students practise the usage of comparatives and superlatives. The first one is a simple board game. Print the following board game. Ask your students to find something that will serve as their counter. Superlatives and comparatives – board game pdf If a group of students finishes early, ask them to play again.