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Ctrl+Alt+Del Motherfucking Banner Saga, man. I've been anxiously awaiting this game for the better part of a year, and it's finally arrived. I was up until the wee hours of the morning playing, and I can't wait to finish my other stuff today to get back to it. Everything you need to know about the combat and the artwork can be found in my original post about Banner Saga: Factions, the free-to-play multiplayer component, and all of it still rings true. The combat is deep and engaging, and the game's art and animation continue to be stunningly gorgeous. Ctrl+Alt+Del
Giant In the Playground Games Giant In the Playground Games Things have not been going too well for the process of actually getting the calendars printed, as shown by this image, but they are definitely now en route to the Ookoodook warehouse. That does mean that it's highly unlikely that they will arrive in any customer's hands in time for Christmas, however, for which I apologize. If you were planning on giving the calendar as a gift to someone, I've whipped up a quick printable card for you to give them explaining the situation. Just download it from that link, print it, fold it in quarters, and give it to the intended recipient. In other (bad) news, those who have been following my Twitter feed know that my longtime computing companion has decided to pursue a new career direction as an extremely heavy metal box.
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Lisa: Hey guys, I know we were planning on trying the D&DNext playtest, but I thought we should try "Adventurer Conqueror King System". It's supposed to be like D&D, but without the reality-warping, mass halluciinations. So go ahead and roll up your stats, 3d6 in order, and choose a good character class. | 6/7/2010 - Keep the minis hidden | 6/7/2010 - Keep the minis hidden