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Parenting Styles

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Are you having challenges with your children? Looking for ways to understand your children better? Do you want to raise amazing children?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you're in the right place!

4 Styles in a Glance. 4 Types of Parenting Styles in 4 minutes. The four parenting styles, defined. One of the most robust approaches to this area is the study of what has been called “parenting style.”

The four parenting styles, defined

Here, find out about the four primary types of parenting, as well as their potential impact on kids. Parenting styles defined Parenting is a complex activity that includes many specific behaviors that work individually and together to impact the life of a child. Although specific parenting behaviors — such as spanking or reading aloud — may influence child development, looking at any specific behavior in isolation may be misleading. Many writers have noted that specific parenting practices are less important in predicting child well-being than is the broad pattern of parenting.

Two points are critical in understanding this definition. Second, Baumrind assumes that normal parenting revolves around issues of control. Which Parenting Style Do You Follow? If there’s one thing we know about parenting, it’s that there’s a lot of coloring outside the lines—not just for kids, but for adults, too.

Which Parenting Style Do You Follow?

A perfect example: Parenting styles. The term parenting style was actually coined by child development psychologist Diana Baumrind in the 1960s, when she determined that there were four distinct (and quite different) approaches to raising kids after observing preschoolers and conducting research at the University of California, Berkeley. 4 Types Of Parents In Action.


Authoritative. Permissive. Uninvolved. 4 different types of parenting styles and how do they effect your kid? Introduction: Recently I was taking a walk in a park and I happen to notice a kid of four or five years with his maid.

4 different types of parenting styles and how do they effect your kid?

He was very enthusiastically relating to an incident that happened in his school to the maid. But the maid was not interested. She was not even making eye contact with the child. I felt sorry for the child for not being able to share one of his happiest moment with his parents. Parenting styles evolving with changing times: When it comes to parenting, we go by the style which our parents had adopted while parenting us. Sometimes it is the other way around. In today’s times, parenting is all the more important since the future of the child depends on it and there are many distractions to avoid. 4 Types of Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Kids. Your parenting style can affect everything from how much your child weighs to how she feels about herself.

It's important to ensure your parenting style is supporting healthy growth and development because the way you interact with your child and how you discipline her will influence her for the rest of her life. Researchers have identified four types of parenting styles:1 AuthoritarianAuthoritativePermissiveUninvolved Each style takes a different approach to raising children and can be identified by a number of different characteristics.

How Different Parenting Styles Affect Children. In my previous blog post, I shared some traits of four different parenting styles.

How Different Parenting Styles Affect Children

Based on my years as a researcher and educator, with a Ph.D. in Psychology and Doctorate of Education, I've learned that each parenting style has the possibility of affecting children in different ways. Children of Authoritarian Parents. Snapshot of Effects from the 4 Parenting Styles. Warmth and Control. Support (Warmth) vs Control: The 4 Classic Parenting Styles. Your parenting style is determined by how much control you assert on your children, and how supportive you are to their needs.

Support (Warmth) vs Control: The 4 Classic Parenting Styles

Ultimately there is no single “best” parenting style. Some parents are more nurturing, open, and warm. Some are more strict, demanding, and assertive. Parenting Styles Chart. Authoritative vs Authoritarian Parenting Styles. Authoritative vs Authoritarian Snapshot. Authoritarian vs Permissive Parenting. "Mark Wood and Laura Kaye with Trans-Siberian orchestra" by Mimi Stuart © Parenting Approaches Many couples struggle with their different parenting styles, one being generally strict and one laissez faire.

Authoritarian vs Permissive Parenting

We also struggle within ourselves-if we are too permissive and things become chaotic, we may explode with anger. If we are overly strict and that doesn’t work, we may give up completely. Permissive vs Authoritative Parenting. Which is the best Parenting Style? What is Your Parenting Style? The other day I was listening to my grandchildren play with their friends, and they were discussing whose parents were the easiest, and whose were the most strict.

What is Your Parenting Style?

It took me back to my own childhood, when my friends and I would compare our parents' parenting styles. Why Parenting Styles Matter When Raising Children. Developmental psychologists have long been interested in how parents affect child development.

Why Parenting Styles Matter When Raising Children

However, finding actual cause-and-effect links between specific actions of parents and later behavior of children is very difficult. Some children raised in dramatically different environments can later grow up to have remarkably similar personalities. Conversely, children who share a home and are raised in the same environment can grow up to have very different personalities. When Parents Clash: Managing Differences in Parenting Style. Many aspects of a person’s life can influence their parenting style.

When Parents Clash: Managing Differences in Parenting Style

The way an adult was parented, as well as parenting books and other guides, are a few factors. A parent’s unique fears and hopes for their child are another major influence. Cultural factors, such as gender roles, the community in which the family lives, religion, politics, socioeconomic status, and ethnic norms also play a role. When parenting styles clash, children get inconsistent messages from their parents. This can cause confusion in children about how to act and what to expect in response to their behavior. It is possible for parents to get along and send a consistent message to children even when their styles conflict. Watch: Which kind of parent are you?

Watch: Parenting Documentary. 5 Parent Support Groups In Singapore For First-Time Parents. Image adapted from Masterfile Forging friendships during adulthood isn’t as effortless as it was to buddy up with whoever you went to school with.

5 Parent Support Groups In Singapore For First-Time Parents

Don’t even get us started on maintaining your position in a clique once you become a parent, and can no longer be jio-ed for last-minute hangout sessions and spontaneous supper at ungodly hours. Good news is, there are loads of parents on the same boat. Here are 5 online resources which serve to link them up and pave the way for positive discussions, sharing of parenting knowledge and even some goodies for the whole fam like giveaways and activity ideas. 1. Parents know the feeling of burnout all too well, and constantly having to brainstorm new and interesting bonding activities for the family can grow to be quite a challenge.

Image adapted from Smove For Parents Smove For Parents is a platform that puts the fun back into planning, and we guarantee your lineups for family day out will be action-packed for ages to come. 2. 3. 4. 5.