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Highlights from the Mechanical Curator. Paris Photo : 30 tirages de rêve. Witness to war: five photographers discuss their images from Syria. GORAN TOMASEVIC A Free Syrian Army sniper fires from a house in Aleppo, August 14 2012 ’To me, the picture shows that in war personal belongings don’t exist.

Witness to war: five photographers discuss their images from Syria

There is destruction, and with the sniper looking out of the window there is no mercy. 40 Must-See Photos From The Past. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” was coined by American newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane in 1911.

40 Must-See Photos From The Past

It’s a simple notion that applies to many aspects of our lives, but especially to historical photography. Sometimes, one simple picture can tell you more about history than any story you might read or any document you might analyze. Photos: Everyday objects that look like solar system planets. Simon Wright is a graphic designer in Australia*.

Photos: Everyday objects that look like solar system planets.

He decided he needed to challenge himself to give his brain a workout, so he created what he calls his “Solar System Challenge”: without using Photoshop or any additional after-effects (with the exception of Instagram), create a set of pictures of everyday objects that look like the planets in the solar system. The results are pretty cool: Image credit: Simon Wright. The Manhattan Project: un superbe time-lapse de New York. Froid comme un hiver russe. The Brink of Oblivion: Inside Nazi-Occupied Poland, 1939-1940. In the late 1930s and early 1940s, a German photographer and ardent Nazi named Hugo Jaeger enjoyed unprecedented access to the Third Reich’s upper echelon, traveling with Adolf Hitler to massive rallies and photographing him at intimate parties and in quieter, private moments.

The Brink of Oblivion: Inside Nazi-Occupied Poland, 1939-1940

The photos made such an impression on the Führer that Hitler famously declared, upon first seeing Jaeger’s work: “The future belongs to color photography.” But beyond merely chronicling Hitler’s ceaseless travels, Jaeger also documented the brute machinery of the Reich, including the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939. Here, presents a series of photos from Warsaw and from the town of Kutno, 75 miles west of the Polish capital, in 1939 and 1940. Why would Hugo Jaeger, a photographer dedicated to lionizing Adolf Hitler and the “triumphs” of the Third Reich, choose to immortalize conquered Jews in Warsaw and Kutno (in central Poland) in such an uncharacteristic, intimate manner?

Rijksmuseum. The Amazing Photo Manipulation Art of Erik Johansson. Here’s an awesome TED lecture in which digital artist Erik Johansson discusses creating realistic “photographs” of impossible scenes.

The Amazing Photo Manipulation Art of Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson creates realistic photos of impossible scenes — capturing ideas, not moments. In this witty how-to, the Photoshop wizard describes the principles he uses to make these fantastical scenarios come to life, while keeping them visually plausible. Here’s a sampling of his work: Clever Photo Manipulations That Show Scenes You’ll Never See. “Out of Place” is a clever series of photo manipulations by German photographer Robert Rickhoff, who starts with somewhat mundane photographs taken around town and then adds in elements that don’t belong.

Clever Photo Manipulations That Show Scenes You’ll Never See

A residential scene shows a “speed jump”, streets are turned into skateboard ramps, and highways are transformed into volleyball courts. LIFE Inside a ‘Genius School,’ 1948. The phrase “genius school” has been tossed around quite a bit over the past year or so, after Cornell University won an international contest to create a high-tech mecca in New York City.

LIFE Inside a ‘Genius School,’ 1948

Slated to open in 2017 on Roosevelt Island, a narrow, 150-acre slab of land smack in the middle of the East River, the campus is expected to attract thousands of top-flight students, teachers and researchers from all over the world to work on green technology, computer programming and urban planning (among other disciplines) while pumping billions of dollars back into the New York economy. Other New York-based schools where some of the world’s finests chefs train lost out on the big prize but — with financial help from the city — are planning their own counterparts to Cornell’s mid-river crown jewel. In Gotham, it seems, geniuses will soon be as thick on the ground as pigeons, tourists and out-of-work actors.

But this is not the first time New York has played host to a “genius school.” Les travestis burlesques avant et après maquillage par le photographe Leland Bobbe. Les travestis burlesques avant et après maquillage par le photographe Leland Bobbe Le projet “Half-Drag” du photographe Leland Bobbé nous montre la face cachée des travestis burlesques à travers une série de photographies étonnantes et impressionnantes des travestis avant et après maquillage. Recorrido Virtual Machu Picchu. Despite common belief, the Easter Island statues have complete torsos, including hands! - History - Oct 30, 2011 - Interesting Facts and Fun Facts. Galerie de portraits en forme de patates. Des élèves russes trouvent un nouveau moyen de poser pour leur photo de classe. Fini les photos de classes studieuses.

Des élèves russes trouvent un nouveau moyen de poser pour leur photo de classe

Des élèves russes ont trouvé une nouvelle façon de poser, en ajoutant une touche de créativité dans leur photo scolaire. Chaque élève s’est mis en scène dans un dessin reflétant sa personnalité, et qu’il avait au préalable reproduit sur le tableau noir.


10 Photographs That Changed the World. Photography can take us places, we’ve never been before, perhaps never dreamed of.

10 Photographs That Changed the World

There are some photographs that will make you stop and think. These 10 photographs stopped the world and people hold their breaths for a few seconds to take it all in. The Photograph That Raised the Photojournalistic Stakes:“Omaha Beach, Normandy, France” Robert Capa, 1944. The Hottest Trends in Senior Portrait Photography. Portraits génétiques – Superbes photographies sur les ressemblances génétiques. Minimiam, un monde gourmand habité par de minuscules personnages. Small Worlds. New Miniature Scenes by Slinkachu (15 pics) World War II in Photos - Alan Taylor - In Focus. National Geographic Magazine’s annual photo contest is still open, but the deadline for submissions coming up on November 16, 2015.

World War II in Photos - Alan Taylor - In Focus

Photojournalist Louie Palu spent five years covering the war in Afghanistan, from 2006 to 2010, and has released a new documentary film titled Kandahar Journals, based on his writings and experience as a combat photographer. “Tilbakeblikk” is the name of a joint project between the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute and Norsk Folkemuseum. The project uses photographs taken of the same places separated by long periods of time to illustrate landscape changes in Norway.

Images of people parading, trick-or-treating, partying, or getting scared silly in haunted houses, dressed in spooky or whimsical costumes—from the U.S., China, Germany, Spain, Japan, France, and more. Photographer Karen Marshall began photographing a group of girls in 1985—and hasn’t stopped. Extraordinary x-ray images show flowers as they have never been seen before. By Mail Online Reporter Updated: 11:57 GMT, 1 August 2010 They say beauty is only skin deep - but these x-rays photographs of flowers show they are captivating through and through.

The pioneering photographic technique shows blooms as they have never been seen before. Using incredibly intricate x-ray techniques, artist Hugh Turvey lets the viewer see right through his subjects, which over the years have ranged from motorbikes to suitcases, stiletto-clad feet and now flowers. 'It's about making the world transparent to reveal its true structure and form,' he said. Reportage by Gettyimages - emerging talent - Claire Martin - portfolio - 2. Represented Photographers Reportage 2013 Roundup Slideshow Mexico's Citizen PolicePhotographs & Text by Katie Orlinsky Venezuela UnrestPhotographs by Alvaro Ybarra Zavala Shadows Of WarPhotographs by Tom Stoddart. Highly Creative Self-Portraits (16 photos) Don't call Pierre Beteille an artist or photographer. Why? Because he doesn't believe he's either one of those things.

As an art director for the last eight years, Beteille (aka Monkeyman) sees his self-portraits as a way to creatively express himself, a way to make the ideas in his head come to life. Shape Collage - Free Automatic Photo Collage Maker. Top 50 des erreurs de retouche photoshop dans les pubs ou magazines. C'est l'été, Topito revisite ses classiques. La retouche photo, ça peut être un art, mais c'est d'abord un métier. 20 Amazing Photos That Are Not Photoshopped. Top Home » Inspiration • photography » 20 Amazing Photos That Are Not Photoshopped In this post we have showcased some brilliant photographs that look like they’re Photo-shopped but are not.

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