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Untitled 1. Useful Reading Campbell, Biology 6th Ed - Chapters 32 & 33, pgs 633-655, 661-662 Campbell, Biology 7th Ed - Chapter 32 & 33, pgs 626-650, 655-626 Vocabulary Symmetry – general, structured body plan.

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See radial and bilateral symmetry below. Encyclopedia of Life. Taxonomy Phylogeny. Natural Perspective: Animal Kingdom. The Animal Kingdom is at once the Kingdom most and least familiar to us.

Natural Perspective: Animal Kingdom

Almost all of the animals we commonly think of -- mammals, fish, and birds -- belong to a single subgroup within one of the 33 Phyla comprising the Animal Kingdom. On the other hand, over 100,000 species in some 25 animal phyla -- mostly small worms -- are so unfamiliar that they are virtually unknown to non-scientists. The same goes for several hundred thousand tiny insect-like species populating the Arthropoda phylum.

Animalia: Classification. Systematik der Vielzelligen Tiere. Integrated Taxonomic Information System. SysTax - database query.