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Urbanisme & Architecture. On Grid’s Birthday, Beautiful Manhattan Maps - Metropolis. Prinzessinnengarten Berlin. Khjndtsj Shared by CITEQUANON. Kanarinka projects » Public space. iSkyTViSkyTV is a networked art project that detects the user’s location and animates the Google Street View sky above their heads.

kanarinka projects » Public space

The project is a reimagining of SkyTV, Yoko Ono’s famed video work from 1966.… The World’s Largest Potluck EverThe World’s Largest Potluck Ever would stage a mile-long potluck dinner on the Cambridge Street Corridor in Cambridge, MA, in an attempt to break the Guinness record, showcase the diversity of the businesses and residents, build community, publish a recipe … The City Formerly Known As CambridgeWhat would the city look like if we could rename all of our public spaces, right now?

Funerals for a MomentPeople from around the world uploaded passed moments to In May 2004, we staged funerals for the moments that had passed at the location where they originally occurred in New York City. Part of Conflux 2004. Urbain, trop urbain. Transit City. REP - Réussir l'Espace Public.