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The Frustration Barrier - The Key Obstacle to Being Good at Anything - Scott H Young. Perfectionism Isn't Bad (In the Long-Term) - Scott H Young. How to Think For Yourself - Scott H Young. Living Longer by Stretching Psychological Time - Scott H Young. Why You’re Exhausted But Not Improving - Scott H Young. How to Stay Focused (Without Extra Caffeine) - Scott H Young. Using Arete to Make Practical Decisions - Scott H Young. What if Luck Matters More than Effort? - Scott H Young. Seven Questions For When You Are Failing Miserably - Scott H Young. Waiting for an Epiphany - Scott H Young. Exercise Every Day - Scott H Young. Control Emotions by Pretending - Scott H Young. The Importance of Being Likable - Scott H Young. Dodging Bullets: 7 Strategies to Handle Conflict - Scott H Young. The Psychological Benefits of Optimism - Scott H Young. Profound Wisdom - Scott H Young. How to Change Your Beliefs - Scott H Young. How much of happiness is in your genes? Happiness, or subjective well-being, was measured on a birth-record-based sample of several thousand middle-aged twins using the Well-Being (WB) scale of the Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire Neither socioeconomic status, educational attainment, family income, marital status, nor an indicant of religious commitment could account for more than about 3% of the variance in WB From 44% to 52% of the variance in WB, however, is associated with genetic variation Based on the retest of smaller samples of twins after intervals of 4 5 and 10 years, we estimate that the heriability of the stable component of subjective well-being approaches 80% Source: “Happiness Is a Stochastic Phenomenon” from Psychological Science Join over 320,000 readers.

How much of happiness is in your genes?

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