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LEARN TO SPEAK YORUBA LANGUAGE FREE HERE! - LEARN YORUBA LANGUAGE FREE. Lagos to London - Britain's New Super-Rich. Opinion: I might have been born in Lagos, but I was definitely made in Dublin. First Date Stories that will make you laugh till you cry. I purposely gave this post the title because I literally laughed off my seat at work on the day I stumbled upon this post on Facebook.

First Date Stories that will make you laugh till you cry

It was such a memorable day that got me spending almost half of my time at work reading comments and laughing uncontrollably. I am sure this post will have the same effect on you by the time you read the hilarious first date stories that we have featured. This thread trended on Facebook for a few days after it was originally posted, and it featured some of the big social media influencers sharing their hilarious first date stories as well. The fire was set of by Eketi Edima Ete who shared her first date experience, and soon enough, Facebook caught the bug and everyone from different nooks and cranny joined the conversation, sharing in the fun and laughter.

Look ma. I'm in the Diaspora now! I have been away from Nigeria for 30years.

Look ma. I'm in the Diaspora now!

Now before you automatically file me away as a geriatric ( I no get pipe, rocking chair or slippers oh). Hmm except the slippers wey the children give me for XMAS. Wait a minute, are they trying to tell me something? Me. Mi Sa’bo!! (My Yoruba language journey) Just before my 1st birthday, my folks left the UK to return to Nigeria.

Mi Sa’bo!! (My Yoruba language journey)

However because of work/setting up a new business, my mum shuttled between the UK and Nigeria. My parents decided my 6 yr old sister was old enough to be with my dad (ably assisted by female relatives), while was I placed in the loving care of my grandmother in Ibadan, Mama ‘badan. Mama 'badan (now sadly deceased) was the greatest grandma in the world (well she loved me totally and unreservedly so how can that be bettered? LOL). A fierce church-going woman, she didn’t speak English, so between 1 – 2.5yrs, I grew up speaking nothing but fluent ‘Ijinle’ Yoruba; I spoke a ‘conk’ Ibadan dialect with the accent to match. At a point, it seems I decided that both speaking English and being in Lagos were anathema, and I fought & sulked like crazy when my parents took me to Lagos for a few days.


Music. Art. Naija. Beginner’s guide to Nigerian pidgin English - Matador Network. All photos by author.

Beginner’s guide to Nigerian pidgin English - Matador Network

Try these phrases on your Nigerian friends to gain quicker access into their world. I’ll admit. Whenever a foreigner spews a few words of Yòrubá to me, regardless of delivery quality, I instantly warm up, throwing them a cheesy grin of approval. This gesture shows they’ve made an effort to learn my tribal tongue, one of 521 estimated Nigerian languages they could have chosen from. If they open up with Pidgin English instead, I instantly perk up. Pidgin English is extremely popular in most parts of Africa, particularly West Africa, and has been accepted as the de-facto language of blue collar trade and merchants. TEXT TO TEXT TRANSLATION OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE TO YORÙBÁ LANGUAGE. Brockbaker / Yoruba: Symbols and Icons. Yoruba is a tribe in Africa.

brockbaker / Yoruba: Symbols and Icons

Within their tribe they have their traditional religion, that is Yoruba, and Islamic and Christianity. Only about 20% of the Yoruba people still follow the traditional religion, the rest of them converted to Christianity or Islam. Symbols: Yams: Yams are used in festivals and are considered sacred. There are cultural and religious festivals for the yams. Twins: Twins are significant to the Yoruba religion. Art: Yoruba Symbols of Communication in the Middle Ages – theyoruba. Yoruba of old used the Aroko system of symbols.

Yoruba Symbols of Communication in the Middle Ages – theyoruba

Physical objects were used as symbols and their meaning was shared among people in communication with each other through a messenger. The response to the message was also sent back through a messenger. Love Letter Written In Yoruba Language! - Romance. Y dearest, sweetest, fondest, fantastic, extra-ordinary, paragon of beauty, I hope this letter meets you in a fabulos state of metabolism, if so dixology Time and ability plus double capacity has forced my pen to dance automatically on this benedicted sheet of paper.

Love Letter Written In Yoruba Language! - Romance

My principal aim of writing this letter to you is to gravitate your mind towards a matter of global and universal importance, which has been troubling my soul. The matter is so important. Even as i am writing, my adrenaline is100 percent on the Richer scale, my temperature is rising; the wind vane of my mind is pointing North, South and East at the same time, the mirrior in my eyes has only your divine image. Yoruba Legends - Index. Sacred-Texts African Yoruba Legends by M.

Yoruba Legends - Index

I. Ogumefu, B.A. [London, 1929] Title Page PREFACE CONTENTS I THE KINGDOM OF THE YORUBAS II HOW TRIBAL MARKS CAME TO BE USED III AKITI THE HUNTER IV SONS OF STICKS V WHY WOMEN HAVE LONG HAIR VI WHY PEOPLE CRY “LONG LIVE THE KING!” I Don't Feel Nigerian - Culture. Hey guys and girls, I was born and raised in London, England by a single parent Mother.

I Don't Feel Nigerian - Culture

Learn Nigerian Languages Online. African Tales (ijapa ologbon ewe) Editor’s Picks. I slept happily that night after talking to Darasimi.

Editor’s Picks

We didn’t have much to talk about but it looked like we talked for a very long time, meanwhile our call duration was just a minute and 22 seconds. I went to work the next day feeling very excited. I couldn’t hide the feeling. Precolonial African Diplomacy: The Example of Asante on JSTOR. Yoruba Creativity: Fiction, Language, Life and Songs - Toyin Falola, Ann Genova. The Adinkra Symbols: The Language of Fashion – House of Aama. We wear clothes to express ourselves through the language of fashion. We communicate through our use of patterns, symbols, and embellishments every time we strut down the street in our favorite ensemble. If you speak the language of fashion let us introduce you to the West African Adinkra symbols.

Style staples garnishing clothes, fabrics, accessories and more long before polka dots and peace signs plagued the fashion industry and preteen back to school gear. The Andikra symbols are far more than just your average popular print outs.