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jPageFlipper. PC Item Codes. CWE/SANS TOP 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors. What Errors Are Included in the Top 25 Software Errors?

CWE/SANS TOP 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors

Version 3.0 Updated June 27, 2011 The Top 25 Software Errors are listed below in three categories: The New 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors The Scoring System The Risk Management System Click on the CWE ID in any of the listings and you will be directed to the relevant spot in the MITRE CWE site where you will find the following: Ranking of each Top 25 entry, Links to the full CWE entry data, Data fields for weakness prevalence and consequences, Remediation cost, Ease of detection, Code examples, Detection Methods, Attack frequency and attacker awareness Related CWE entries, and Related patterns of attack for this weakness.

Each entry at the Top 25 Software Errors site also includes fairly extensive prevention and remediation steps that developers can take to mitigate or eliminate the weakness. Archive Insecure Interaction Between Components Risky Resource Management Porous Defenses Mark J. Wix Free Website Builder. Free Graphic Design Software free 3d software digital art computer programs download. Graphic/Web Design. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. A expansão dos Formatos Abertos. Na última quinta-feira, 11 de agosto, o Jornal da Ciência divulgou a notícia de que a UNESP havia aderido ao Protocolo de Brasília, tornando-se assim a primeira Universidade a aderir ao documento que trata sobre a utilização do ODF (Open Document Format).

A expansão dos Formatos Abertos

Le nom de domaine. Qu'est-ce qu'un nom de domaine ?

Le nom de domaine

Chaque ordinateur connecté à Internet possède une adresse réseau, appelée adresse IP, permettant d'échanger des données avec d'autres ordinateurs (emails, pages web, images, vidéos etc). Ces adresses IP sont composées de 4 séries de 3 caractères variant entre 000 et 256. Unicode smileys emoticons. Faceting with Freebase Gridworks. The Cloth Simulation. A little more detail: What makes this simulation special is the speed at which everything is computed.

The Cloth Simulation

Javascript (the language this is written in) is not exactly the most efficient language for this type of computation. This being said, much time was spent squeezing out every little detail that slows things down. The most computationally expensive part is trying to satisfy the constraints. To do this requires the calculation of distance between two points. "Boring! " No. Instant Screen Sharing. A Data Analysis Framework. SPF: Project Overview. HWLibre. User Interface Inspiration. 10 Futuristic UI's. Advertisement Good user interfaces are crucial for good user experience.

10 Futuristic UI's

It doesn’t matter how good a technology is — if we, designers, don’t manage to make user interface as intuitive and attractive as possible, the technology will hardly reach a breakthrough. To gain the interest in a new product or technology, users need to understand its advantages or find themselves impressed or involved. And here is where creative ideas and unusual interface approaches become important. Innovative doesn’t mean usable and usable hardly means innovative. Below we present 10 recent developments in the field of user experience design. Programming. OS's. Programming. MAGIX Online World. Web cloud storage & online backup. Webdesign. Website design examples. Jackadam.

We are a full-service design and development outfit.


Our focus is on making beautiful, easy to use, and surprising things … by any means necessary. While many jobs require completely original approaches, a typical gig can be broken up into the following four stages: Act I In which we are told a great many things, and we learn who you are In order to communicate your message effectively online, we'll need to know who you are offline.

We'll ask you all sorts of questions to get to know you better, almost certainly including the following: How to Create Your First Web Page. Note: If you know anything at all about HTML and CSS, don’t bother reading this, it’s a guide for the uninitiated, technophobes, luddites, computer-illiterates, anyone who is more comfortable with a pen and paper than a keyboard and mouse.

How to Create Your First Web Page

If making a web page seems like brain surgery to you, then this is the article for you. Conception de templates Joomla! (modèles) Smashing Magazine. Learning the Interface. SitePoint » Web Design, Web Development, Freelancing, Tech News and more. The Best Icon Sets for Portfolio Sites - Web Design Blog – Desig. Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now Icons are an important part of web design.

The Best Icon Sets for Portfolio Sites - Web Design Blog – Desig

While there are a lot of quality free icon sets out there, finding the right ones for your portfolio site can be a challenge. In this post we’ll feature the best sets that include icons suitable for portfolio sites. As always when you’re dealing with freebies, be sure to check the license details before using. Web Design Process. Interaction Design Pattern Library - Suggest a pattern Have you seen new examples of patterns out there that have not been described on this site?

Interaction Design Pattern Library -

Send me a link to an example and I'll add it to my to-do list. Suggest a pattern Latest comments Form (Lucas Gwadana) Sometimes the ERROR handling is not explicit enough because when a user makes an... Map Navigator (Marcus) User interface design. Expertly Crafted Interface Design.