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Art Round May 2012 Part 1. Art Round is a selection of websites, artworks, and spotlight interviews that have been featured throughout the last couple of weeks on our Facebook and Twitter accounts… enjoy our personal highlights below!

Art Round May 2012 Part 1

Featured Website: Anna O’Neill. Digital Art / Culture / Technology. Mysterious paper sculptures - Central Station Blog post. Those of you who don’t keep up with Edinburgh’s literary world through Twitter may have missed the recent spate of mysterious paper sculptures appearing around the city.

Mysterious paper sculptures - Central Station Blog post

Guardian article, 3rd March 2011. One day in March, staff at the Scottish Poetry Library came across a wonderful creation, left anonymously on a table in the library. Blog of an Art Admirer. Artists talking. Alexia Guggémos. Cafe com Canela: Poesia, Musica, Vida, Fotografia e Humanos - UOL Blog. CORNER. Artodyssey.

Creativity Fuse. Detritus. Critical Art Ensemble. Art Crimes - The Writing on the Wall - graffiti art worldwide. Here comes the sun. Visual Notations. Sean Kernick BlogStand. Open 24 hours. 20/20. STREET ART UTOPIA - We declare the world as our canvas. Street Art, Graffiti, Urbanism. Z.L. Feng International Award Winning Artist - Home. B E R L I N E R   K U N S T K O N T A K T E R   -   ART TV from GERMANY. RELIC. Nota de prensa: "Precipitados" de Pablo Genovés se expone en la galería Estiarte de Madrid, desde el 5 de noviembre hasta el 16 de diciembre.