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Art Crimes - The Writing on the Wall - graffiti art worldwide

Art Crimes - The Writing on the Wall - graffiti art worldwide

Last Gasp 40th Anniversary Lowbrow Art Show How are Last Gasp and Earth Day connected? Glad you asked. Legendary local purveyors of underground books and comics, Last Gasp, published its premiere comic, Slow Death Funnies #1, on the first Earth Day: April 15, 1970. This year, they celebrate their 40th anniversary with a showcase of “the haut monde of lowbrow” at 111 Minna Gallery . KAWS (artist) Kaws exhibition 2010 in Hong Kong. The large gray sculpture is "Companion." Brian Donnelly (born 1974), professionally known as KAWS, is a New York-based artist and designer of limited edition toys and clothing. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

IN L.A.: Sage Vaughn Envelope Paintings I recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Los Angeles-based artist Sage Vaughn as he is preparing for his solo exhibition this upcoming May at Lazarides Gallery in London. Among the many things that Vaughn shared with me during our visit were his envelope paintings/collages. I instantly fell in love with these pieces. These are small paintings and collages on manila envelopes that are basically studies and/or inspiration for larger pieces of work. Studies, sketchbooks, and the like are some of my favorite works, because I feel like they are so personal, impulsive, like little secrets not usually intended to be seen by anyone other than the artist, or as Vaughn put it “much closer to the original impulse”.

Barry McGee Murals, LACMA parking garage (now torn down) by Barry McGee (Twist). Barry McGee (born 1966 in San Francisco) is a painter and graffiti artist. He is also known by monikers such as Ray Fong, Lydia Fong, Bernon Vernon, P.Kin, Ray Virgil, Twist and further variations of Twist, such as Twister, Twisty, Twisto and others. Life and career[edit] 106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2010 More info. More info. More Banksy on Street Art Utopia. More info. More 3D on Street Art Utopia.

graffiti 101: andrew ZEPHYR witten Andrew Witten began spray painting in New York City in 1975, he chose the moniker Zephyr in 1977 and began to spray paint MTA Trains. As one of the first major graffiti artists he is responsible for many of the styles that are standard among graffiti today, one in particular is the use of sharp contrast in the edges of lettering. Zephyr was featured in the Hip Hop movie Wild Style and was the artist who designed and painted the logo. Because most of his early work was on MTA trains it has been lost, however, Zephyr was among the first generation of graffiti artist to take their art from the street into galleries. 20 awesome examples of street art If you still need a proof that art can be found anywhere, those awesome examples of great street art should convince you.

Hirotoshi Itoh Floral + Anatomy by okmarzo April 16, 2014 These beautiful floral, anatomical themed collages are designed by Moscow-based artist known as ‘FFO’. FFO composes classic, vintage illustrations that organically blend and mold together. The artist has also created all the alphabets in a herbaceous fashion. We declare the world as our canvas More info. Let us begin with this words that come as a response to the photo above: “There´s tools and colours for all of us, to lend from nature to make the world more understandable and beautiful”. Exit through the Gift Shop - Anders Mikkelsen People often have the mistaken impression that technology is all about invention and not about marketing.— Jeff Tucker What applies to technology also applies to art. As books like Literature and the Economics of Liberty and Worldly Goods have shown, the creation of many classic works of art and literature must be understood in the context of commercial society's spontaneous order.

DONDI Donald Joseph White, "DONDI" (April 7, 1961 — October 2, 1998) is considered one of the most influential graffiti artists in the history of the movement. Biography[edit] Early life[edit] Graffiti[edit] He became a member of TOP crew (The Odd Partners) in 1977. sidewalk chalk guy sidewalk chalk guy «« back to all material copyrighted by its original creator |

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