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The Kind You Don't Take Home to Mother
GamOvr - Pix for game geeks
50 - A Fox by Any Other Name - StupidFox
Comic Lifestyle of the Modern Earwig I don't know how it feels to read this but while writing it I discovered a new mixture of sympathy and revulsion. Transcript: Comic 'Lifestyle of the Modern Earwig' What are those pincers for? Comic Lifestyle of the Modern Earwig
Verbal Vomit: YOU'S GONNA DIE NOW Verbal Vomit: YOU'S GONNA DIE NOW This story is about a year old now, but I'll never forget it. It was Monday, and the group I was with was planning on meeting at Y Mochyn Du pub later that night. I found internet, looked up the directions, and decided to split off from the group to go to an internet cafe to write my family. I had only been in Cardiff a few days, and had already gotten lost enough to feel confident with my surroundings. The internet cafe was a whole new brand of creepy.
Stuff No One Told Me ( but I learned anyway ): June 2010
June 2010
Jan 2003
So I had a comic in mind for today, but apparently over the weekend I completely lost the ability to produce these strips, resulting in me scrapping said comic altogether. Not the best feeling, but with some luck I should be able to relearn it all in time for the next update. Hopefully? In any case, here are some other comics I’ve been reading lately. Maybe you’ll like them too? Optipess



December 24th, 2013 Erotic garden gnomes are fairly similar to regular ones! The differences are subtle, and you may miss them at first glance. Pro tip: erotic gnomes are the ones with their genitals showing. Back… WITH A VENGEANCE Antics
Extra Ordinary