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Tight Vagina Shop. Hymen Shop - Artificial Hymen for only $29.95 with FREE Worldwide Delivery! Barrister Barbara Hewson: Why Can't We Discuss 'Moral Responsibility' Of Rape Victims? The "moral responsibility" of rape victims should be a topic up for discussion, with the debate over sex offences dominated by a rhetoric of weak, vulnerable, fallen women, a barrister has said.

Barrister Barbara Hewson: Why Can't We Discuss 'Moral Responsibility' Of Rape Victims?

Barbara Hewson, a human rights barrister at Hardwicke Chambers, told a debate at LSE, entitled "Is Rape Different? " that the age-old debates over the sex trade and sex offences used Christian language - that there are "vulnerable women in danger" that "freedom was dangerous" and that women are "inherently fragile and vulnerable". Hewson, who has previously called for the age of consent to be lowered to 13, said: “The law does not attribute any responsibility now to the victim of rape whereas traditionally we know the judge would say when they came to sentence ‘well she was contributorally negligent’ or something like that.” "It seems to me, simply factually, we all know if you’re drunk you are more likely to have accidents.

Share your vote on Facebook so your friends can take this poll. What the law says about “haunted houses” Author and investigator Diane Diamond has a piece on selling a “stigmatized house”.

What the law says about “haunted houses”

A Spooky House, the Law and You. Anyone out there live in a haunted house? It might seem like a silly question but as home sales pick up you should know there are laws against selling a house without full disclosure.A seller is required to reveal a number of things about their home. Creation Museum Adds Zip Lines And Other Secular Fare, As Ticket Sales Decline. Reports surfaced today of a vast, secular outdoor complex in the works at Kentucky's controversial Creation Museum.

Creation Museum Adds Zip Lines And Other Secular Fare, As Ticket Sales Decline

The network of 20 zip lines and 10 sky bridges opens June 20, and is set to be the largest of its kind in the Midwest. The hope is to attract “people who might not be interested in the [museum] but...have zip lines on their bucket lists,” the museum's vice president Mike Zovath told an ABC affiliate. In an email to the Huffington Post, Zovath elaborated on the logic behind the expansion: It is a good reason for youth groups and corporate groups to meet and use the museum for their outings. We will do some nature trail teaching from the actual trails, and identify tree species, and other flora in the area as well as some fauna making them very educational.

The museum aims to tell the story of creation according to biblical scripture rather than evolutionary or other scientific theory. Visitors will be able to choose whether to see the museum, the outdoor complex, or both. Nissim Yeshaya, Israeli Judge, Says 'Some Girls Enjoy Being Raped,' Resigns Amid Outcry. By Linda Gradstein/The Media Line An Israeli judge sparked an outcry during the hearing of a 19-year-old Israeli woman who was raped by four Palestinians when she was 13.

Nissim Yeshaya, Israeli Judge, Says 'Some Girls Enjoy Being Raped,' Resigns Amid Outcry

The woman was petitioning the court for the rape to be considered “an act of terror” which would make her eligible for government compensation. “Some girls enjoy being raped,” Judge Nissim Yeshaya of the District Court in Tel Aviv said, according to Army Radio. The rape victim was not in the room for the hearing. Orgasmic Birth: Orgasms During Childbirth Are Real, Study Suggests.

By: Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer Published: 06/01/2013 10:57 AM EDT on LiveScience When Elena Skoko gave birth to her daughter three years ago, she felt pain. Throat cancer 'caused by oral sex' says Michael Douglas. Publicity surrounding Hollywood actor Michael Douglas has highlighted that there is a link between oral sex and throat cancer.

Throat cancer 'caused by oral sex' says Michael Douglas

Douglas, diagnosed with cancer three years ago, was quoted as telling The Guardian newspaper his strain of cancer had been caused by HPV (human papillomavirus). Cardinal: Abortion is bigger sin than priest abuse. Bee rustlers add to misery of struggling hive owners. 25 May 2013 Last updated at 07:39 ET Elaine Spence said the bee rustlers must have expert knowledge of hives Bees have been battling bad weather, loss of habitat and possible pesticide effects but now keepers are facing a new threat - bee-rustling.

Cardiff beekeeper Elaine Spence found one her hives stripped of its honey bee colony in March. She said she knows of 10 other hives being stolen in the past year by people who need expert knowledge to do it. BBC Wales' Eye on Wales programme has found a number of hive theft cases although no officials figures are kept. Ms Spence estimates a colony of bees could sell for more than £200. World’s worst science quiz raised money for Christian school. It’s difficult to forget about the world’s most pathetic science quiz . We have an update. Christian school: ‘atheist controversy’ over creationist quiz may keep academy open . The school, Blue Ridge Christian Academy in Landrum, S.C., put out a press release saying that the publicity from the quiz caused an influx of donations that will help the school stay open.

The controversy comes in the midst of major financial struggles that BRCA is experiencing. The academy is endeavoring to raise $200,000 in order to maintain a budget that allows the school to move forward into the 2013-14 school year. Spain's S-81 Isaac Peral Submarine Cost $680 Million To Build... And Can't Float. Malaysian Man Accused Of Rape Marries 13-Year-Old Victim; Attorney General Vows To Pursue Charges. In an unfortunate turn of events in a Malaysian rape case, a 40-year-old man accused of rape has married the teenage victim . Riduan Masmud was charged with raping a 13-year-old girl last February. On Monday, his counsel Loretto Padua revealed to the court that Masmud is now married to the young girl he was accused of assaulting. As The Daily Express notes, Padua had previously told the court that Masmud was in the process of seeking a lawful marriage to the teen in Syariah Court -- a separate court system that has jurisdiction over matters pertaining to Islamic law.

While the prosecution must make a decision by June 6 on whether to pursue the statutory rape charge in light of the news, on Wednesday, Malaysian Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail vowed to press on in the case , Ntv7 News reports. Malaysia's Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development is also advocating that Masmud be prosecuted. Eton College's Exam Asks Boys To Justify The Army Shooting Protesters Dead. Eton College asked 13-year-old boys competing for a scholarship to pretend to be Prime Minister and justify the army shooting dead 25 protesters as a "necessary and moral" decision, it has emerged. The public school set the question as part of an exam to win one of 14 King's Scholarships, which is worth one tenth of Eton's £10,689 termly fees. Eton College, which charges more than £30,000 a year in fees. The Supreme Court Agreed To Hear A Case Today That Will Probably Nuke Separation Of Church And State.

Eight years ago, in an opinion warning of the “violent consequences of the assumption of religious authority by government,” retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor offered a challenge to her fellow conservative justices eager to weaken the wall of separation between church and state: “[t]hose who would renegotiate the boundaries between church and state must therefore answer a difficult question: Why would we trade a system that has served us so well for one that has served others so poorly ?” The Inside Story Of The Harvard Dissertation That Became Too Racist For Heritage. The idea that some racial groups are, on average, smarter than others is without a doubt among the most discussed (and debunked) “taboos” in American intellectual history.

It is an argument that has been advanced since the days of slavery, one that helped push through the draconian Immigration Act of 1924, and one that set off a scientific firestorm in the late 60s that’s hardly flagged since. Yet every time the race and IQ hypothesis reclaims the public spotlight, we are caught slackjaw, always returning to the same basic debates on the same basic concepts. The recent fracas sparked by Dr.

Jason Richwine’s doctoral dissertation is a case in point. The paper is a dry thing, written for an academic audience, yet its core claim, that Latino immigrants to the United States are and will likely remain less intelligent than “native whites,” has proved proper tinder for a public firestorm. A popular answer among Richwine’s defenders is that, quite simply, it was exemplary work. 7 Inventors You Didn't Know You Wanted to Punch In the Face. Throughout the course of an average day, you're probably faced with 10 to 20 different things that make you say, "Man, if I knew who came up with that idea, I'd punch them clean in the face.

" But where do you place that absolutely understandable rage? Here’s Brick Stone Trolling the Westboro Baptist Church Across the. Amy's Baking Company Freaks Out Online After Epic Meltdown On Gordon Ramsay's 'Kitchen Nightmares' [UPDATED] Japan WWII 'comfort women' were 'necessary' - Hashimoto. 14 May 2013Last updated at 12:21 ET Toru Hashimoto said former comfort women should be offered "kind words"

Japan WWII 'comfort women' were 'necessary' - Hashimoto

Nazi-themed Wagner opera cancelled in Dusseldorf. 9 May 2013Last updated at 05:03 ET.

Nazi-themed Wagner opera cancelled in Dusseldorf

Age of consent should be 13 says a prominent barrister. 9 May 2013Last updated at 06:12 ET.

Age of consent should be 13 says a prominent barrister