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Langues lycée. Lesson 37: Let's Agree to Disagree. Download Lesson 37 Speaking Pronunciation Conversation Anna: You know, I am from the country and sometimes I miss it.

Lesson 37: Let's Agree to Disagree

But I really like life in the city! Dr. Anna: Excuse me. Sarah: No. Anna: Thank you. Phil: Yes, that's mine. Anna: Are you okay? Phil: Well, this is my first visit to Washington, D.C. Anna: I am from the country too! Phil: So, do you like living in the country or in the city? Anna: I like to live in the city. Unit 1 Exercise 1: Agreeing and disagreeing.

Classroom English: Vocabulary & Expressions for Students. English Test on Simple Present 1. Simple Past. Exercises on Simple Past The simple past expresses an action in the past taking place once, never, several times.

Simple Past

It can also be used for actions taking place one after another or in the middle of another action. Form of Simple Past For irregular verbs, use the past form (see list of irregular verbs, 2nd column). For regular verbs, just add “ed”. Exceptions in Spelling when Adding ‘ed’ Speaking English - Classroom vocabulary and expressions. Learn English ESL Irregular Verbs Grammar Rap Song! StickStuckStuck with Fluency MC! Two Wonderful Visual Lists of Educational iPad Apps for Teachers and Students. In their attempts to establish a 1:1 program for the year 6 class, St Oliver Plunket has recently held a series of workshops in order to develop their students skills before they were officially given management of their very own devices.

Two Wonderful Visual Lists of Educational iPad Apps for Teachers and Students

The workshops were particularly centered around teaching students about some tips and tricks for managing their iPad, email etiquette, successful searching and copyright and creative commons. I personally was thrilled by the efforts these people from St Oliver are putting into making their 1:1 program a success and I hope other schools would do the same. What attracts my attention more than anything else in this program are the two lists of core apps curated for both teachers and students. As soon as I saw the titles included in these lists I knew from my own experience in reviewing educational apps that these could be a very good start for anyone of you out there trying to incorporate iPad in your teaching.

Source: Resourcelink. Creative writing tips for teachers: ideas and activities to inspire your class. Engaging children and encouraging them to write has become increasingly difficult in the classroom.

Creative writing tips for teachers: ideas and activities to inspire your class

My children are bombarded with interactive and visual images constantly through the media and the internet and, as their teacher, it has become much harder for me to compete. Who wants to read or write an emotional descriptive piece when they can be fully immersed in this feeling through interactive game play? This challenge has led me to look at how I can use these media, and more dynamic approaches, to engage children in wanting to use their literacy skills and to hook them into becoming creative and thoughtful writers. Using video One way which is sure to engage children is through the use of video, in particular TV and film. For example, with my year 3 class I used the Jason and the Argonauts films to help them to explore the key features of the myths and legends genre.

Non-fiction can be dealt with equally as well. Real life experience Cross curricular writing Adding drama. Vocabulary, grammar. New Free Resources A1+-B1 – Speakeasy News. ETLV anglais. ETLV. ETLV. ETLV. ETLV. ETLV. Veille ETLV. Sources ETLV. Grammar. Ressources lycée. BBC Learning English. Learning English Pearltrees. LEARNING ENGLISH. The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. News from California, the nation and world. National & World Updates. The Telegraph - Telegraph Online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph.

Vanity Fair - Entertainment, Politics, and Fashion News.


History Teachers. Crash Course litterature. Crash Course. The Art Assignment. National Geographic kids. Minute earth. TED-Ed. A kid explains history. English with Lucy. British council Learnenglish teens. BBC learning english. The Guardian. : manuels numériques pour le collège et le lycée. Tour. Anglais. The economist. Today in class #6, le magazine 100% gratuit et digital. Le sixième numéro de Today in class, le magazine des professeurs d’anglais, est paru !

Today in class #6, le magazine 100% gratuit et digital

100 % gratuite et numérique, la revue Today in class vous tient informé(e) de l’actualité de votre discipline au collège comme au lycée ! Vous pouvez feuilleter en ligne le sixième numéro ou le télécharger directement sur votre ordinateur, mobile ou tablette ! Au sommaire de ce numéro : le Super Bowl aux États-Unis, l’histoire de la Saint-Valentin, un quiz sur les parcs nationaux américains, la cérémonie des Oscars, le site Wordart pour créer des nuages de mots. Le dossier de ce mois est rédigé par M. Joël Réard, inspecteur de l’Éducation nationale second degré en allemand-lettres dans l’académie de Nancy-Metz et est consacré aux nouvelles initiatives pédagogiques en langues vivantes.

Lire la revue Télécharger la revue Vous souhaitez lire les autres numéros ? ESL links. Portail éduscol - Home. BBC Learning English - BBC Learning English - homepage.